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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Let me tell you a story about how my friend invited me to see him performing in a play, where he wanked a little. Literally wanked, but hey, Karl always likes to spice it up a little and enjoys every second of it:

Wanking was not all he did, he was also a priest. The irony of life:

Afterwards it was unacceptable to go home, that's why we met up in the old town. While performing our "special run" his shoe broke, but luckily everywhere Karl goes, he has a Superglue with him:

"Wait a sec, I'm mending my disco shoe":

Done with fixing, we headed to a house party, where Karl lasted about three minutes and then was ready to sleep. The lights are on, but nobody's home:

 Notice the type of alcohol we are now drinking; very fancy!:

When Karl was deep in sleep, I called for a taxi and took him home. On our way I was rather disappointed that the evening ended so fast. As we arrived, his parent greeted us at the doorway. The lovely couple celebrated their 25 years of marriage, which meant that the evening had just begun. Even Karl made a comeback:

The Queen of the Castle dancing:

The fact that me and Karl were drinking from a glass proves the point - it was a very special occasion :

All you need is this:

The King of the castle:

Nose kiss: 

Me and him together, it's something like this:

You can't really tell, but I have a sign "Laumets" on my chest. The face is like this, because Anne Veski gives me a blowjob mouth:

That tall boy can shake and bend:

I felt like flying away and circle around the orbit:

Just wondering how my 25 years of marriage anniversary would look like. I wanna be as happy as Karl's parents:

Estonian 1960's pop songs by heart - NO PROBLEM!:

Nice night and morning we had. Then I went to the countryside to recover. Soon again!
I'm truly blessed to have such goofy and lovable friend like Karl. There's no other family like Laumets, you can bet on it.
All there is now is to wait my birthday. I BLOODY LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

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