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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Rasmus support group a.k.a Vilja's baby shower

My dear deskmate from highschool is was pregnant! I have to use the past tense, since I am so terribly late with this post that Rasmus has already entered this world. 

However last month Vilja was heavily pregnant and
 I flew to Stockholm to see it with my own eyes.

Kairi, Piret and I decided to make a diaper cake
and I wish I could say that we knew what we were doing...:

Next day we woke up early to head to Vilja's place. 
She was taken to IKEA to have breakfast (how very Swedish), 
so we had time to set up the party:

That moment when you love balloons, but cannot handle another one 
without passing away from lack of oxygen:

It took 4 ladies and a baby to figure our how to extend the table
(we didn't live there, so we had some trouble):

It was also a brilliant plan to include the calmest baby in the world into the celebrations, 
so Vilja would think all the babies are like that:

Baby shower rule number one = have good food and lots of it:

Ladies and gentlemen, this cake can handle baby poop for 9 (!) days.
On the 10th you are on your own:

Vilja's stomach was ridiculously small,
can you even spot it?:

It looks like poop, 
but this is what you get when you do baby food tasting:

Hello, Rasmus!:

The baby in the trolley had milk coma:

Vilja is now prepared for the poop storm:

Estonian beauties living around the world:

"Wait, I'll just suck this cat while you explain how magnets work":

Two babies and Vilja:

It is not photoshopped, she was actually pregnant:

The moment you realise that soon you can be called MILF:

The moment you hear that Estonian-Swedish school in Stockholm is haunted:

We had to examine Vilja and guess how big is her tummy...

...and we failed miserably:

Welcome Rasmus! Sov några nätter för mammas skull.

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