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Monday, February 28, 2022

Wilma Circus in February 2022

Losing the count of the number of things that 
I thought were impossible.
Слава Україні

1st of February
I am perfect for decorating the bed:

2nd of February
The Sexy Moms Club:

3rd of February
My January was so gloomy and sad,
so in February I faked it until I made it:

4th of February

5th of February
Heating up the room temperature:

6th of February
Pebbles' legs are made for walking
and one of these days she will buy boots
that are gonna walk all over you:

7th of February
(read with Prisma jingle tone):

8th of February
Greatest learning during my adulthood = curtains are fucking expensive:

9th of February
Moms and Daughters:

10th of February

11th of February
In the USA there's IVY league,
but the IVF league is way cooler:

12th of February
My back hurts from all the gym memberships that I did not buy:

13th of February
After January's faux pas, I tried my hardest to dress up, use professional camera in February.
But here I am, phone camera, shitty mirror and morning robe:

14th of February
The International Hetero Cringe Day:

15th of February
Maternity leave kills my skills,
so I started to learn levitation:

16th of February
276 days in, 276 days out:

17th of February
The battery is dead, please give it an electric shock:

18th of February
EMO parents and happy baby:

19th of February
Mamma Bear 75 jubilee:

20th of February
The hair-clips are not a fashion statement,
I'm just on the verge of big decision "Should I grow my fringe out?"

21st of February
I'm bringing sexy back:

22nd of February
These pants are maternity pants.
I'm not pregnant, just unhappy:

23rd of February
Sometimes I look at my husband and think "Damn, he is a lucky man":

24th of February
The day of Independence. The day of Слава Україні.
The day of dark dark dark deeds and thoughts: 

25th of February
Losing the count of the number of things that I thought were impossible: 

26th of February
First cuddles and then to largest demonstration in the modern history of Estonia:

27th of February
Questioning if creating a new human into this ruthless world was a rightful thing to do.
But I'm sure Pebbles will be a future leader, the new generation will say
"Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй" even clearer:

28th of February
"I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower
So I can fuck the world for seventy-two hours"