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Friday, March 31, 2023

Wilma Circus in March 2023 – Cut my hair into pieces & Fred's birthday

 Elections, lovely old ladies at Ringvaade and older & wiser Fred – that is it about March.

Tea for three after long cycling trip:

Pebbles meeting new friends at the theatre:

The Queen and the heir to the throne:

Staged kiss:

Team Adidas at Fred's birthday:

Can I have more slits?

One is puzzle fan, the other one is just puzzled:

The closest I get to Sweden:

Random woof moment at work:

Penises and I:

Spring and ending work at 2PM = *high five*

Questioning my hairstyle and thinking about hairdresser appointments:

Too cartoonish?

Once again I went to a hairdresser and didn't like the outcome:

I should have photoshopped some hidden goods to sell:

Do not disturb, we are thinking: