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Saturday, November 28, 2015

For new beginnings

A very memorable week is now behind me, so much cray-cray. 
Otherwise to put this: "Mom, I'm doing well."
Also I met Sandra Beijer at work - we talked, we hugged, basically we are BFFs now.

A lot of new doors opened here in Stockholm, 
of course I had to invest into the new &Other Stories store:

But even better treats awaited me at work:

Finally our baby was done and ready for opening.
Here we enjoy the result:

The jaw dropped to the floor when we found out that the slush had alcohol inside.
The young and restless:

The mood after the slushie fill up:

Me at a Silja Line/Viking Line cruise karaoke competition:

No time to talk, slush is melting:

When Queen Bee looks more cute than should be allowed:

Blondes do have more fun:


I opened a Monki character zoo at home.
To be updated constantly:

"Oni! Oni! Oni!"


 Tormund Giantsbane is that you?! 
(clearly I cannot wait for the Game of Thrones next season)

Little Ginger Jinder.
Very Swedish music. Electro. Naive. Dreamy.:

The roof is tripping balls:


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 47 in pictures.

This week was all about work, altogether I spent 46h of my week there. We are building a new store which is hard work yet utterly enjoyable. I am among the few who can say: "Been there, done that", like first time ever I am experience and skilled. GROWING UP! 

Fred is coming to Estonia, yet again. Not jealous at all, let him have his cheap booze, fair dose of friends and moments of talking the mother tongue Irony (which we both miss so so much). Don't worry, I will get my fair share in December, we just bought the tickets home for Christmas.

We are moving in, so you better make room for us.
(Even paradise has its rainy days, like when Sweden went on high terror alert the first time in history. Stockholm was filled with police and we were advised to stay in and avoid T-Centralen. Years from now pupils at school have to learn these events in history class. Like "First there was Franz Ferdinand...")

New stores are springing up like mushrooms after rain, finally a second store is arriving to Stockholm.
(this is so not a paid advertisement, my love is free of charge)

Since our kitchen at work is not fully functioning,
 so we had a great excuse to spend our money on delicious food:

Also the winter came, suddenly it is so cold.
However I read today that Finland is experiencing major snow storms and trains are suspended, 
well, I cannot complain really.:


The most annoying perk of Sweden - everyone is using hands-free, 
which means a lot of people look you in the eye and start talking with you on the bus, at store, on the streets etc. It freaks me the fuck out. I don't get when they are talking to me or when are they on a phone.

The loveliest thing here - the high amount of dogs.
 They are everywhere! They are allowed everywhere! And they are so well behaved.
"Please, Sir, would you not photograph me. I have had a long day at work and my butt look chubby today. 
Thank you":

No pic, no proof,
had some great Indonesian food and loved it:

And we're playing more computer games than usually.
I could be naked for that matter, they still wouldn't care: 

Eat, sleep and Paradise Hotel:

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The God of tits and wine

 Finally I am so glad that I could easily use CAPS LOCK to describe my feelings. Bloody hell, it is so good to be back in Stockholm. Although I do miss my partners in crime from the Crazy International Students Era 2012 - 2013 (never forget!) Especially I miss them when I walk into a Lappis (massive student housing block) party. Just a flashback to the year 2013 when I only had a shitty camera that worked upside-down (click). 

I do feel the most powerful while waiting metro at 4AM.
That's when I truly embrace my roots and try to show my fellow Dutch and Australian how to do a slavic squat (the Australian is too zen for the squat):

I absolutely enjoy starting my Friday night with a proper LAN party.
Age of Empires, do you remember? 
The awkward moment when you play that game more than your boyfriend does...:

Like LAN party is not enough, a Game of Thrones board game was in order. 
I do not know how the characters in the Game of Thrones drink so much wine 
and still manage to function and win wars. 
We were intoxicated enough to think that we were Gods of Tits and Wine.
Chaos. Laughter. Tears.:

The intrigues and drama:

In Game of Thrones you either win...

...or lose. There no other way:

Hello, Lappis party.
Hello, hot people that make my glasses go foggy:

The guy who drank from the jam jar:

"Press Start" t-shirt covering a legend:

Sleeping Estonian and flying Dutchman:

Since drinking is borrowing happiness from the next day,
then the day after I did not have so much smiles to give:

Luckily Catalan dinner was the best cure for the massive hangover:

When I lived in Lidingö, we had a legendary 6th floor crew. Dance all night and laugh all day.
We all had different music taste, yet we manage to make a collaborative playlist with music that connects people. Still using it:

Sunday, November 08, 2015

A lot more smiles to give

I apologise for the last post. Like there's not enough depression in the world, I just had to add some more. Life really sucked for a second there. Mind the past tense in the last sentence, since after the sadness dripping post a lot of my friends sent me some good vibes (even one kind stranger! so-so-so surprising). Thank you. 
Really, I mean it, thank you. Who ever you are and whatever you said, it helped.
I stopped being sad and started being awesome instead:

Also it really helped that Fred came back to Sweden.
He thought his woman needed some Gustav cake straight from Estonia, 
which she so did:

It's a miracle, I can walk again!
The boiling water did some serious damage, but next stop Recovery street:

kunagi peekonit supi sisse pole panna hilja.
(a.k.a. well needed girls night):

The ultimate dynamic duo - my high school desk-mate.
I could easily rip my high-school degree into half and give it to her:

but I have this cool Lion King piggybank to keep me going:

They see me rollin' into Systembolaget (government owned alcohol monopoly store) every Friday:

For the Christmas I want a poo-poo and a pee-pee:

When you're going to hell, 
take the escalator and keep on going:

Sugar rush and Casper:

We went cray-cray when Eero got the Swedish citizenship:

So Estonians, Germans, a Spaniard and an Indian sat in a bar...(anecdote writes itself):

You cannot feel sad if you take the one and a half hour bus-trip to the islands
and enjoy some quality time with your family: 

I'm on my way to feeling like Beyoncé again.