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Monday, July 29, 2019

Bandcamp 2.0

My friends and I, we have a hobby – we come together and make brilliant music. Slowly, but surely we produce one song every year. In 2018 it was all about fish sticks (listen below). This year something amazing is in the making...

Our official band picture (the cover of our biography chapter "Before they were famous"):

Summer time jammin':

We loaded the car with n+1 electronic music gadgets and 1 dog.
Next stop = bandcamp 2019:

Bitches scream "STAAAPH", so boyfriends can have a heart attack and hit the brake.
Unplanned photoshoots at it's finest:

It is know that average lifespan in Estonia is 73,7 years for males and 82,3 years for females.
Scientist are trying desperately find the reason between the noticeable age gap:

We will never be famous musicians or professional athletes,
but we're having fun, God dammit!

I like our artsy with a glimpse of fartsy:

We blurp out something and Fred makes us sound heavenly
(dog just wants to go back to the shelter):

"Hoomans, you sing really bad. Please invest in autotune":

Amazing tune soon playing on radio...

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Chloé & Wilma

With graduation my having-designer-bags-under-my-eyes days came to an end. To celebrate this excessive weight falling off from my shoulders, my friends gave me money to buy return tickets to Tokyo. My polite self should say: "They shouldn't have" – but hell with that! I LOVE GIFTS! That is why I found it weird that Fred had not given me anything for my graduation (noup, his damaged brain cells and selfless love during my studies was not enough). Always when I doubt in him, it comes and bites me in the ass, because he gave me authentic Chloé bag! *flat line*

I have dreamt about this day since I was 15. My bag is perfect, my husband is perfect and I only poop rainbows.

Here I am in 2006, the 15 year old me looking at Net-a-Porter and hoping to own a Chloé item. 
During these thirteen years awful lot has changed – foremost my taste in men, clothes and alcohol,
but Chloé has stayed with me. True love!

Hello, perfection:

I continue to live my champagne lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget:

Some might say that when you're labelled, you're disabled,
but I would even tattoo Chloé on my buttcheeks: 

What's on the menu today? Hot and spicy bag that costs more than your rent:

Fred, you are surely winning the "Husband of the year" award this year.
Birthday photoshoot, graduation Chloé bag...I'm so getting dirty socks for Christmas.

Yes, I love clothes and bags and shoes. Yes, it would be much better to love socially more acceptable and useful things, but my happiness is worth something as well.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Woke up at 2AM to celebrate Midsummer at Kakerdaja bog

Two years in a row I have conducted witty videos during Midsummer (here & here) and had one drink too many or had a hangover too big. This year I was more boring than should be allowed: slept in a hammock three day is a row and woke up at 2AM to drive with Fred and Erik to Kakerdaja bog. It was something completely out of ordinary, but so worth it.

Looking back to the days when sea was vodka and I was a duck
and I tried to drink my way up:

Hammock, strawberries and Michelle Obama's book –
the art of doing nothing during Midsummer's weekend:

On Midsummer's day I paused my busy-busy schedule
and woke up at 2am to take my sleepy ass to Kakerdaja bog.


It is my favourite time of the year when it does not get dark at all.
The shortest night needed some proper celebration, so it was worth waking up crazy early:

Hot tea with milk tasted way better than usual:

Luxurious breakfast at 4am:

Those two boys have supported many of my crazy ideas.
Thank you for always being there for me when I can't afford therapist:

Wild kakerdaja suddenly appeared:

Erik Šarik is looking back to days when he had testicles and tonnes of bitches:

Sunrise shenanigans:

Sending our love to the whole Estonian population 
who was entering their blackout drunk or horrifying hangover stage at the very moment:

Dog dislikes water. We put him into lake. He hates it. He wants to go back to the shelter.
Best dog owner of 2019:

Sleepy people, happy people...:

...horny people?

One morning bloody well spent:

Now nights get darker and winter is coming...

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Birthday and graduation party

May for me was fully cancelled, which meant that I postponed my birthday celebrations until June. Also, my graduation gave another reason for partying – such much happy after that bad sad time!

Slowly but surely I am trying to reintroduce myself to my friends and family to really show them how miserable life without me is:

I enjoy the most when it's just 1 minute to new year, 
1 day before my birthday 
or 1 second before guests arrive and everything is set:

The first ones to arrive, of course, are moms and dads:

It's his first party and he cries if he wants to:

The whole evening so many special people came by. I am just humbly grateful that I have more friends than I have furniture, so it is difficult to offer them proper seating. 
I love them all from the bottom of my heart *something went into my eye just now*

MY FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR = it's time for the quiz "How well do you know Wilma?".
Long live the ultimate champion Ott!

Started from Lithuania and worked his way to the party.
4AM sergeant Little Brother arrived straight from duty: 

These amazing people properly invested in getting rid of me,
because their presents included enough money to buy return tickets for me and Fred to Tokyo!

Next big party with such sea of flowers will be my funeral, grown up life rules!: