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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Wilma Circus in October 2023 – social gatherings

October full of Nukuteater, date nights and Tallinn Trashion Week.

After date night, home alone.
This means we can take pictures in the kiddo's room after midnight:

Whisper Sister:

Good boob day:

During dull autumn Norman decided to start hosting coffee mornings with friends.
Social little gatherings for the pregnant and unemployed:

Looking at the dust bunnies:

Reading "Tõde ja õigus":

Cargo bike makes family time so much fun
and daddy becomes so slim:

The carriage for princesses:

Another day at the theatre:

Getting her vibe on:

Chiquita Banana:

Another date night and adults are having fun:

Marleen birthday cocktail:

The album of the year,
the concert of the year – Anett & Fredi:

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Tallinn Fashion Week – the shipwreck

 Currently Tallinn Fashion Week in dead corpse that is carried around in denial that it's dead. Very controversial, but we didn't car,our business was personal. Our model friend lifted (literally) the cover from her pregnancy and we went to see one hot mama.

We have seen ANTM,
we know what we are doing:

A little wine helped us to be more Vogue:


She stops wearing black, when a darker colour is invented:

I took my inspiration from Christmas tree:

Now I took inspiration from Big Momma's house:

Looks like the two of us are pregnant, 
not the skinny bitch: