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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Stormy Night.

My best friend Carlovizch attends The Magical Theatre School. Together with his course mates they had their first "Hello, we are now open for business" play. Of course Dréinu and I couldn't miss it for a world. 
We clapped like we have never clapped before. 
Afterwards the night took some unexpected turns and it was more fun than should be allowed.

First of all I must say I'm truly satisfied that I didn't get into The Magical Theatre School, even though my grandmother still thinks I'm in denial and should apply for a secretary job at *insert random theatre here*. Just yesterday I went to see a play with the actors from the course I tried to be a part of. And you know what? A girl there was completely naked. I saw her tootoo and hoohoo!!!
But this is me. I've made peace with it. I like clothes:

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who's the tallest of them all:

Waiting anxiously behind the door for 30 minutes to meet the actor, to meet the star:

"Now passport pictures!":

Oh, and the big news. Dréinu and I aren't the most important girls in Carlovizch life anymore.
Noah's arc is ready, all aboard!:

The Golden Girls relationship advice - Think less, do more!:

Sending material to Dréinu's boymanfriend in Paris.
"Imm ok, me fwith friejnds!":

*Knock-knock on the Drama Theatre door*
"I'm Carlovizch. The sky is not the limit! There's no limits"

Then we arrived to a birthday party of birthday parties. 
I still get a warm feeling inside when I think about it. Long table at the living room. Music from the golden era. Vodka rivers and potato salad valleys. Oh...:

Mom and dad with an angry dog (probably a bitch):

Hands up, baby hands up!
Gimme your heart, gimme-gimme your heart:

Liquid dinner:

Long live the birthday girl:

Wondering about all the embarrassing tales I know about Carlovizch.
New girlfriends need to hear it all!:


Feeling good together with the colourful girls:

"Happening with a vodka bottle, iPhone, shovel and broom" 2014:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

PREview is so overrater, AFTERview is all that matters. 
Especially when all the AW x H&M has sold out in stores. 
Such. Crazy. Time. At. Work. 

Mannequins = heartless b****es with fabulous clothes 
(yes, I use now asterisks. big changes in my life):

Never mind the wrong kind of film roll I had in my camera, 
yet another reason for Fred to push me towards digital one: 

Alexander Wang - gives you the confidence to wear crop tops.
The Siberia weather - the reason why to put a hoodie over it:

Food is best on top of each other: 

Some are more suitable to wear Wang than others:

A(W) - team:

Two moms took their kids to the playground: 

DAMN, IT WAS SO GREAT! Thank you, Alexander for making me use caps lock:

Turning back to music I was listening few years back.
These James Blake tracks blew my mind in 2012, since they are meant to be played at the same time. 
Mixing on youtube is all I do nowadays:

Thursday, November 06, 2014


Two weeks ago I was working at Tallinn Fashion Week, which is a bit smaller than her sister in Paris yet definitely more quirky. My role there was to make it a bit more homey, 
like "Yo, this my crib, come sit with me:"

Our home department is now in Tallinn. 
Bye, bye Jysk and...emm...I guess there's no other home decor stores here. Oh, the opportunities! 

Our Miss PR & Communications with enviable hair:

Our corner had the most charming scent, 
which was rather pleasant among fashion which might or might not stank: 

Marit Ilison at Hõbenõel. 
 Tough woman, longing for sleep:

The soundtrack for this catwalk still gives me the goosebumps. 
*insert random war noises here*:

Kriss Soonik did not only demonstrate fashion, but also the show. 
She won the Kuldnõel. A bit of nudity never hurt no one:

I'm still not sure if I'm photoshopped here of not:

EKA 100 = Decent Old Lady:

After it all I arrived home to Chinese food, cold beer, 
loving boyfriend and episode of Orange is the New Black.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Posing for Lowi Vi and having friends over.

First of all a little glimpse of the Lowi Vi photo-shoot with the fabulous behind the scenes. 
+ Ending it with few moments in our new room. 

Happily doing the "Suck it in":

The championships of Standing in Different Ways:

The usual "Running for the bus" pose:

One of our Rottweilers went to the doggy heaven a year ago, the second one followed last week.
They are hopefully happy together. 
Yet our new family member is rescued chihuahua Upsi Tupsi Coco Chanel (!?):

What boys do on Fridays?
They play bigger than life games:

Or watch porn?:

What girls do on Fridays?
They think hard together with their girlfriends:

Eventually ending up better looking than ever: