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Sunday, September 30, 2012

When the ceiling is falling and the Earth is moving

Sweden has some weird effects on me. I tend to be happy and I am not at all into academic work. The last clause is not completely my fault, I just haven't had any lectures yet (can't wait though!). I know, I know - as a result everybody's teasing me and my idle weeks. What I am being up to, you ask? Actually I don't have a good answer for you, I just enjoy every second here.
Posts here, sadly, reflect only my weekends. I like to party, I like to drink, but actually I'm a sweet girl, who likes unicorns and rainbows. Trust!

 Let's start with Thursday and me going out to my friend's place. I have to say that I'm not picky when it comes to alcohol, but some things are just better than others. And here is one example of "NII ILUS!":

The day after that my neighbour was holding my hand and helped me to come back from the dead. 
We look energetic and happy:

As I still had a hangover on Friday night, I just knew that there's only one thing that helps - you have to fight fire with fire. So I did. We ended up having a sauna party that included us running around naked (almost) outside:

The next day was so much easier for my body. Daniele had a friend visiting from London, so we went sight-seeing. Walking really slowly, taking a lot of pictures, annoying other people - we didn't care, we were tourists:

Daniele's posh camera had an empty battery, so we used my wasted upside-down camera that never fails to serve me:

Photographer had a shaky hand that day:

I need this to be in my apartment, just to freak people out:

Saturday night we went to Strand and it was a big disappointment. So we went to Marie Laveau, which tends to be our rebound. Don't get me wrong, we like it there, but we really need to find new places:

I think Daniele is trying to ask if his friend would like to have a threesome:

My muscles are hurting today. That means I worked(!) hard on the dance-floor:

"We're the only ones here! Wohoo!":

"Stooooop! Oh, you!"

Sexy hair move:

My party ninjas:

Karolina is the master of dance-floor:

Me trying to rescue my friends "Ruuuuuuuuuuun for your lives, the ceiling is falling down. I will hold it until you all are safe!":

"Aiiiaiaiaiaiaiiaiaiiii" - he likes it:

bus can swim!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Of Monsters and Men at Debaser Slussen

On Friday I went to Of Monsters and Men live at Debaser Slussen. Never mind the long queue or space shortage, it was still oh-so-good.

Look at these eyes, they were completely sober all night through. Pretty good for an Eastern European:

We got there fifteen minutes after they had opened the doors and luckily for us, we got in after waiting 20 minutes. The queue was so long I heard people saying that they waited two and a half hours just to get in:

Would have been a great compliment to my vinyl collection, but poor student is poor:

Never have I ever arrived to a party that early, it was like half past seven:

Meet my friend, who just got back from Lapland. He is into moose now:

He is like truly interested what she is saying:

I have never seen the sun contrary to the Italian guy:

My neighbour Marie is 19 and she didn't get in the first time, so one of us gave her a driving-license and Marie covered her head with a scarf, so she got in on the second attempt. And her she is, under-aged and seems like she totally pissed:

Oh, wait, she's alive:

Me with tanned people, again:

Met this guy from America, who's studying in Sweden. Let me just say, I was impressed that he understood the metric system and said it's so much easier than what they have back home:

Good music made people loco:

Discoball - it means good party:

If you see it, you are witnessing a photo-bomb:

Hands up, I was having a good time. I even had good time, when the couple in front of me was having concert sex:

Our Anna supporting the Icelandic music from the heights:

They are enjoying the night:

Unfortunately Sven's mobile phone got stolen. That was a bit of a setback:

Happily almost home:

Their last song and then I just felt like wowza (heaven is so overrated):

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I could make up tonnes of excuses why I haven't uploaded anything - my hands fell of, or something like that. Actually I've been just living low-key, visiting my grandfather, which was like a spa visit - relaxing moments with good food and sweet company. And it was all free! I'm so spending my October money already, that's not good.

All I have to offer you, again, is these scenery pictures. Maybe, I'll get tired of them? No, I don't think so:

There's a possibility to take a boat to the town centre from Lidingö:

This boat on reverse = me thinking I'm going to die:

Bro is on the edge:

Even the building sites are cute in Sweden:

At my grandfather's place, though I had loads of fun, I missed the police visit at Lidingö. DAMN!:

The top of the tops Djurö special - prinsesstårta:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kids having fun.

Now I'm a bit sad, because I sent my Mister back to England and my good friend Daniele to Lapland. It's really quiet around here, surely you can't even tell that this is a student house. Actually there's a great opportunity to kill the silence today- Spanish people are testing their loudspeakers. Let's be prepared.
Let's now sum up the previous days.

If you buy a longer period ticket, there's not only metro, bus, tram and train you can use, but also boats. Despite the fact that I can't swim and I'm scared of boats, it actually is a pretty nice opportunity:

Södermalm and its vintage clothes stores. Please forgive me that I have captured only this retro madness. I'm hipster enough not to be that mainstream:

Usual Sunday - me taking a walk and choosing the house I would like to live in:

Or this one?

My room here is utterly girly and just female to the max. SO it really needed a boy balance:

British cuisine booth:

French cuisine booth:

Air here is not polluted at all, so my lungs feel sick. It's so green and clean everywhere, fuh:

I was brave enough to make a myspace angle:


More houses, important houses:

Afterwards we went to this bakery and did something truly Swedish:

We bought a cake and had a picnic in the woods:

Milk and yummy;

Feels like home:

Also we picked some mushrooms and I'm going to eat them today. What a saving!