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Monday, January 31, 2022

Wilma Circus in January 2022

First time in two years, in 731 days, I felt like quitting the One picture a day segment. It has been a dark month, not like powerful colour black but, even worse, emotionless grey. 
Cried, lost motivation, lost my temper. 

However, I pushed through and luckily 31st of January has been brightest of them all.

1st of January
My n+1 time without a hungover on International Hangover Day.
Also, Šarik has spun 11 (maybe? not sure) times around the Sun:

2nd of January
The day of Eat-Christmas-leftovers:

3rd of January
The day of Castle of Fashion and Wilma Circus:

4th of January
The TV show "Müürivahe Kitchen rules":

5th of January
This couch is a rocket that is heading straight to a dark hole:

6th of January
Fake ass yoga class: 

7th of January
I went to a restaurant and the main course was breastmilk: 

8th of January
This sofa has my ass print,
it's the property of Wilma:

9th of January
Little My vibes and mood:

10th of January
The moment of weakness and power at the same time:

11th of January
I might be 30, 
but I still pretend that cold-weather breath is me smoking:

12th of January
Look, Mom, I took my ass out to Tartu:

Orders Kolm Tilli via Wolt n+1 times:  

13th of January
I see your Thailand pictures and raise my southern state vibes:

14th of January
Jacksons & Co five star hotel at Otepää.
10/10 would recommend: 

15th of January
"Frozen lake, frozen buttcheeks" – the new Disney cartoon headline:

16th of January
Tikupoiss gourmet and a kid that does not give a fuck:

17th of January
My hairdresser says "It will grow back":

18th of January
I tried to form a gang, but it turned into a book club:

19th of January 
My mental wellbeing is dropping like a broken airplane,
thus this is me wondering if the dark hole is back to get me:

20th of January
Almost realistic picture of me giving birth:

21st of January
My fashion choice is low self-esteem and bag covering my face: 

22nd of January
The hand-warmers are less hairy than my legs:

23rd of January
Buy one, get two:

24th of January
My office is in Narnia:

25th of January
We want cake, we go eat cake:

26th of January
Our farts smells like fashion week:

27th of January
Don't want food. Don't want friends. Don't want a kid.

28th of January
Tunke-gang, tunke-gang, tunke-gang:

29th of January
How soon is too soon?

30th of January
My life is upside-down. On Sundays I escape from home to work at a café:

31st of January
Pebbles moved out to her own room and I AM SO RELIEVED: