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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Nummi 30

Thanks to optimistic feel of excitement and romantic nights during the year 1989, considerable amount of Estonian population is turning 30 this year. One of them is the amazing superwoman Nummi. 

She and I, we go waaayyy back to prehistoric era, when Estonia was not even part of European Union, but under legal age Nummi and Wilma were drinking vodka and kissing boys on rooftops. We met through my classmate, with whom I am not in contact anymore, but Nummi and I, we have managed to find each other time after time despite the hectic pace of life. 

This weekend we went to Tartu to celebrate this lovely human being turning 30. The highly signified three and nil, the number which made randomly met 11th graders grasping for breath. Little did they know, there's no "best before age" in life. Long live Nummi!

The older you get, the better you get,
unless you are a banana (luckily Nummi is more like wine):

There were times when Tartu was all about getting drunk quickly and always leaving with walk of shame. 
Fred had a little flashback that was completely blank:

Tartu is the lucky town where Johannes, Alma, Krissu and Laine all live in one house:

Turning 30 means renting a lot of chairs and tables from the local church:

The moment you calculate your current € salary into EEK:

I have not had alcohol since October 2018,
but that evening I drank 40 cl of cider and it was loco poco sugar loops cray-cray:

Nummi can't bake bread.
Nummi can't cook meat well.
I know significant amount of information about Nummi's cooking skills and habits, 
thanks to 4 hour quiz that she made.

How do you know that we are not 15 anymore?
One of your guest and dear friend is in early labour phase and her after party will be in the hospital:

Her distinctive sense of smell recognises high level of quality friendships in that garden:  

Donald and Daisy:

We had to write down our toasts, put them in a envelope
and after shuffling we read out someone else's kind words:

20 toasts in 20 minutes...
Thank god that our glasses did not have vodka in them;

Before the chair tradition was few second lasting activity,
now it takes some time:

But it's nevertheless a joyful event;

The luckiest Nummi has won computers, bicycles, watches.
Bitch be rich, when she would try playing the lottery:

Nights are getting longer and colder,
but hearts are still warm:

Nummi made a music quiz and I failed to name that Foals song.
This disgraceful event will hunt me a long time:

The 4 hour long quiz was such a Nummi thing to do.
Also, evening ended with educational walk with Jaak Juske on the streets of Tartu.
Where did all the primitive stuff go, when did we become so cultural?

Actually evening ended on the roof of Viru Centre like it was 2005:

Next day was all about Kolm Tilli and ridiculous amount of pancakes:

My friends really enjoy my company
and I really love pancakes;

I have a tradition to visit ERM only with Pärna:

We usually do not show our bedlife, because it is too wild!:

Kissing students and a guy that dropped out from university:

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Two divorce-free years

Dirty socks on the floor? DIVORCE!
Not enough cuddle time? DIVORCE!
Empty cartons in the fridge? DIVORCE!
Yes, I have managed to use that word a lot, but somehow today marks the two year anniversary of no divorces. Being married to Fred has been pretty amazing – the only regret I have is that we should have filmed the moment when we told our friends about our secret wedding.

Today is husband appreciation day sponsored by Ampler electric bicycles:

I do not believe in soulmates and I do not believe love at first sight,
but I feel that I want to respect, love and cherish Fred until the end and beyond: 

THANK GOD, that we don't not need to keep the fart in anymore: