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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Höstfärger. Autumn in Stockholm

It's time to bitch about the weather again.

Fred's uni was giving out free bang-bangs:

Stop, we didn't even take our vinyl players with:

Enjoy the colours before it turns into black and white drama:


The coolest friends are those who work on a Tallink ferry:

The longboard adds ten times more coolness:

They rollin', they lovin':

The wall is blushing:

Under the Bridge - RHCP:

Btw, Stockholm is paradise of Second Hand:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Eternal third wheel

Last week from Monday until Sunday it was never-ending fun day, 
because Mr.O came to visit.
Three weeks apart is no joke, we missed our eternal third wheel:

"Fuck work, fuck warm countries, I'll spend my vacation in Sweden":

Very happy boys at a bar:

COS had a Men Autumn season launch,
of course we went there and drooled all over the place:

Free drinks and food might have had a huge reason why we went there:

The more the merrier.
On Thursday evA joined the Estonian band wagon in Stockholm, yo:

Not so primitive culture trip to Moderna Museet.
It was nuts!:

For Ott eleven cups a day
keep doctor away:

Embrace yourselves, the autumn is coming:

Beautiful smiles
(however it was so windy and chilly that they were shivering like broken vibrators):

Blocking the stairs at metro is all that we do.
Stand on the right?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!

Life is so much happier in a pixelated world:

"Friday, Friday.
Gotta get down on Friday":

Show with your fingers how many drinks you have had
(I'm so confused 1-4-20?!):

Cucumber drink makes you cuck-oo: 

Am I drunk or is this Lord of the Rings movie?

Tžanel A/W 2015:

Michael Gorš A/W 2015:

Self-portrait after 1AM:

Teaching "Ossi Kükk for Dummies"...:

...a.k.a. "Squat A-B-C":

Then we waited 1h in the queue. Learned some Spanish. Laughed at each others silly ID pictures.
 Talked with strangers. Aaaaaand got in to see balloons and hairy DJ:

Next day was tough and quiet, 
since being drunk means borrowing happiness from the next day :

Waiting for evA to give out kanelbullar.
The ultimate hangover cure:

Is it just me or does the longboard make him even more sexy?:

Dark nights:

Too cool
for school:

Mad man:

Fun week over, dull one ahead: 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Foals live at København

In June we spontaneously bought tickets to see a Foals concert in Copenhagen
which was such a great excuse to take the train to the neighbouring DANSKJÄVLAR.

I was sixteen, when my ex-boyfriend introduced me to Foals' first album Antidotes. It suited well into my teenage years, which were full of "firsts" and "quantity over quality".
2010 when their second album Total Life Forever came out I had just graduated high school and newly in love again. Both the record and I were completely different from the past years. We were ready to conquer the world.
Their third album Holy Fire came out in 2013. The period "quality over quantity" began. It was the year I moved back to Estonia and started working for reals, professional life started to lead the way. 
Finally What went down 2015 is yet to do big deeds (hopefully the same with me).

How very deep although Foals is something very special to me:

On Thursday we took the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen. 
Like in February, while in Copenhagen, I went to a concert at Vega and met up Aleksandra. 
Never kill the routine!:

We headed to Vega and warmed ourselves up with the band Formation:

And then it was time!
 I came like three times, there were butterflies in my stomach:

It was more beautiful than should be allowed:

In the beginning I was quite in the front, 
however a small girl like me doesn't survive in the middle of the sea of mosh:

But I was part of the mosh pit! 
It was so much fun and everybody were super friendly, when someone fell or at one point the whole audience started to search for someone's glasses that had fallen on the floor. Btw we found them! 
And then we jumped, oh how we jumped!:

Yes, I will marry you!:

First it starts from your hands and it slowly builds up to your head 
until you cannot hold your body still and your legs have the life on their own:

When Yannis wants to crowd surf he jumps onto the balcony and greets all the people there:

A little retro moment:

After the concert Fred and I were glowing and had a satisfactory smirk on.
Bloody hell, how good it was! Another dream done on the bucket list.

Thanks to Paula we got to stay the night at a lovely super lux suite, 
better than Scandic Palace hotel could ever offer:

Brand loyalty at its finest:

Hot chocolate with a hot gentleman:

Scouting for the real Danish danish:

He tried to read Danish signs pronouncing the first, third and the last letter.
It sounded super lols yet legit:

Blending in:

Hej från Köpenhamn:

Since it was Fred's first visit to Copenhagen
 the Freetown Christiania and Green Light District was a must.


Here be dragons:

Bye-bye Copenhagen!

I just have to add that it is such a privilege to travel freely and have a possibilities to enjoy life. It saddened me to see refugees camping at the Copenhagen central station until they have a chance to enter Sweden. Denmark had just announced that they are xenophobic and proud of it. The rail service between Germany and Denmark had been cancelled and nobody's welcome. Our train stopped for a fair amount of time at Malmö while authorities searched the train. And did it again before Stockholm. SJ the train company gives free rides for people in need and Red Cross welcomes them in Stockholm Central. What a messy time we have right now.