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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Diva by the Queen B

When Ian comes back from London for a brief week, you just clear your schedule and put on your dance shoes. No questions asked.

The magic cap that makes you feel like a Independent Woman, 
check :

Keep-the-rules-out-but-wisdom-in evening 
(spoiler alert, I managed to lose both by 4AM)

It's inconvenient to carry with a disco ball,
better wear shiny pants instead. #Fridaynightwin

Probably making a quick Skype call with granny:

Trying to touch her ass, but still too shy:


Maybe we found the self-timer button on the camera
and totally over abused it.
So embrace yourselves...:

Ian and ze ladies:

He is now strong enough to lift me.

*khm* we're not actually blood relatives:

The perfect eyebrows trolleybus girl:

Connecting people:

London has done him justice.
He has lost extra weight and gained so much swag:

Perhaps we listened few Queen B tunes.

I love him despite the farts and ambulances:

More hotness than should be allowed:

Time to go out.
"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who's the first one to fall on the dance floor?"

"Mom, I'm ueufejlaisfupa9ufoe":

While out we met some pretty cool people.
(when did Ian's chin got so hairy?):



Then I matched on Tinder with this handsome guy,
however going home with him did not seem an option:

"Promise not to have too much fun without me":

And the finding myself tucked in bed,
the cab ride, the memory gone from my head.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Laughs and giggles with the Tooth Fairy and the Frenchie. a.k.a Best friends.

Triin had returned to Motherland from Paris, Karl had a brief week off from school and I had a day off from work - too perfect to be true! 
We don't meet often, but when we do then AIAIAIIAIAAAJUHUUHUIII!

All laughs and giggles. 
Especially when Karl told us he swallowed his tooth the day before:

They two have come a long way. 
The bitch met him before I did, whatever. Not jelly:

So sweet. So funny. So loving. So tall. So handsome.:

Few months ago Karl agreed to star in a movie, in which the sound engineer happened to be my Mister 
and he was nice enough to show us the film. 
We acted accordingly and almost rolled out the red carpet.

Living our champange lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget:

The artwork.
*the moment when the toilet potty broke and Karl's nipples could cut the wall*
Sense? it makes none:

The balcony was the main station for discussions,
"Karl's acting on screen. Does he have a weird voice?"
"First time we are all in relationships. How's the ship rockin'?"
"Alcohol. What else could we mix in this drink?"
"People we hate."
"People we love."
"Paris. Vigala. "
"Let's get a drink."
"Who get's the next round?"

The older you get the better you get, unless you're a banana.
I baked a cheesecake (like Golden Girls do), my Mister cooked us delicious fish 
and I opened my oldest and most expensive wine I had. This event calls the finest celebrations!
"Oh, the Irony":

Friends will comfort you when you screw up.
Best friends will laugh uncontrollably and point fingers at your boo-boo:

Instantly when I see their faces I get a craving for alcohol.
Pavlov reflex at its finest:

The moment when you think you are the sexiest beast alive, 
but actually you look like this:

Individually we are pretty lively,
but together we are like "Hide ya wives and hide ya children" crazy:

Also big thanks to my Mister, who still wants to be together with me
and welcomes my friends the best possible way.
Stay strong, my love:


Monday, June 15, 2015

Almost summer but not quite yet.

Shitty ski weather everyday. 
Sorry, I just have to bitch about this cold summer weather:

Only thing hinting that it's summer is the bloom of allergies:

Although it's cold for us, the Finns enjoy their southern getaway to Estonia.
This time Eero visited me and I welcomed him the most primitive way I could - with cheap beer and cigarettes. Hõissa!

Picnic and natural smile:

The day after another Finn JuuuHuuuu came to Estonia.
After two hours silent walk he said "Moi!".
Two hours later he melted completely and came us the biggest smile he could.
(Erasmus was one of the greatest experiences. Go and apply. Get Finnish friends):

It's too cold outside but luckily Ott got a big bowl that is best for making hot human soup:

The smell of lilacs - the best there is:

Also Karl started a riot:

Ester was as sweet as always:

A little duck shower before we go-go

Sunday, June 07, 2015

The last one

This week was my last day at work, or as I like to think of it: my three month hiatus has begun. It is so easy to quit, when your job sucks donkey balls, however I truly madly deeply (Savage Garden rules) fell in love with my work. Before stepping out I cried like a little girl cutting onions. Hey, don't roll your eyes like that! It's really true. H&M makes you feel like a Simba, you feel like you could be the king of world. 

How lucky was I that my last day at work happened to be a press day/open house at the Showroom.
If you're going away, leave with a bang (here I am awkwardly standing just minutes before it began):

As I cannot take pictures at the store, I show you what I do in the Showroom.
A week or days before I rearrange the layout and mannequins. 

While doing my job I'm thinking "I want that and that and that and that...":

Maybe I could fit that dress into my closet 
(actually I just conquer my Misters drawers one by one until he moves out to the garage)

On the press day I steam, I scream, I fear.
I'm always ready to clear the last minute emergencies:

We already have Autumn collection in, since most of the magazines shoot their issues before 
going on summer holiday. This time ladies collection is accompanied by the "Mini-Me" garments.
(My ovaries exploded from the cuteness)

Everything is always aesthetically pleasing.
(Glasuur on kõige nämmum alati)

H&M Home fits in perfectly: 

It's not only clothes and accessories it is so much more.
When Mister Wang wants a foosball table he must has it. 
If we need mysterious mist, then we go to AGA and buy frozen nitrogen which creates this.
It's all about freaky details:

My co-workers seem to think I'm funny.

A rocket bag which is a must-have-this-season:

Also pink big hats are very in this autumn:

Well, sad that it's over. 
New adventures bring it on!!

Also my boss is the inspiration for the Destiny's Child song "Independent Woman". 
Paula, you are the best and your jam is jamming hard!