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Saturday, February 27, 2010

You're only young once

Drink up baby and look at the stars. We'll meet again on the way to Levikas:

Tallinn, he kisses me windy:

Where are your Friday red lips, hon? I have my Friday lashes on, love:

She is not lost, she is here:

Peek a boo seems right thing to do:

Up all night. Got him and his Delphic beats to fight:

No fear, I'm absolutely clear:

Hands up those, who have been meaning to eat more vegetables:

Hello, I'm the front seat monster:

Hello, I'm the back seat monster:

A lot of dumb in those little bottles/girls:

Gravity released her and will not hold her down. Now her feet will never touch the ground:

Look, TV says that Stalin is back. Happy ending:

puss puss

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10.c+11.c+12.c går på disco

I bought a house and called a friend over to crash it down:

We couldn't finish the job, so he came - the rebel Party Machine:

We had a company, but we needed a crowd:

Damn, those young Swedish class hippies:

"Yes, YOU take down the wall and YOU start running with an axe" - still trying to crash down the place:

Trying to put this zoo into one picture :

and finally "Hej, vi kommer från C-klass. PUSS! PUSS!":

I'm getting old, that party-house still remains.
...but long live all Swedish classes!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last week there, this week here

Not in Sweden anymore, but Tallinn has also much to offer.

Always buy your drink before 10PM:

Hate Valentine's day but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:

Party up and have it you way:

Calculator lovers having a good time:

We got some male action:

This has gone too far. Yes, I'm ready to go out:

Jag hittade en jättevacker kille:

Jag är hans groupie x 2:

I'd rather dance than talk with you:

In Tallinn, we're all friends tonight:

Only town in the world, where you can hear: "Next stop: Kosmos":

If I die before I wake, praise the lord my soul to take:

head ööd või siis tere hommikust.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Homecoming queens and king

We're back in Tallinn.
How we got here?

we went past Stockholm:

we followed those stupid signs:

we cried a little:

we went high:

we made some last happy pictures:

Then we arrived. We cried more. Luckily we have them:

Who cares that there's no tunnelbana. We have this:

and we're off

Been there done that:


tic tac packing

No sleep tonight. Self respect is whatever it takes to get all that we bought into that bag:

Noorusega vabandame välja lollid vead. Have it your way:

This silly billy dosen't want to come home:

vi ses i jul.