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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kendrick Lamar at Stockholm

Few weeks ago I had this casual meet-up with Kedrick Lamar in Stockholm. 
It was a magical date!
Where the black is darkest, 
the glow will shine brightest

Stockholm and I had a steady relationship until I started cheating her with Tallinn.
We had not seen for over a year:

I had the joy to take another IKEA virginity while teaching "Sweden for beginners" course:

Like literally straight from the airport to IKEA.
At the background there's a sign "Because sometimes you regret things", 
however during that day NO REGRETS!:

Our AirBnb was top notch, 
also Erik & Laura even had time to drop by Riga and buy cheap booze:

During the first night we ended up at the BackDoor
and the "Sweden for beginner" course continued fully:

Staying alive in the creepy yet stylish elevator built in 1927:

 Waking up early to go to the Kendrick Lamar pop-up store,
however the queue was crazy long and we decided that we were too old for this shit:

Of course & Other Stories was just around the corner
to ease the pop-up store pain:

Bags full of pleasure:

Then we went to Günters Korv, which serves the best hotdogs in the world. 
The hype is real and one hour queue is worth it
(Erik is dreaming about sausages):

Also, I had missed Sweden so much, even all the fishy bits:

Estonian-Swedish cultural exchange just before Kung-Fu Kenny showed up:

After James Blake (whom I love deeply)
the king arrived:

I jumped. They jumped. I sang. They sang. 
100 points out of 10:

The singalong was insane:

Stockhome at its finest:

We took the boat back to Tallinn, since it was cheap and cheerful.
It was more fun than should be allowed:

Also, about eight years ago on that exact ferry, at Fast Food 25h to be precise,
our love story began. 
The Love boat:

After seeing Kendrick Lamar live
his life changed:

The happy faces BEFORE the all you can eat buffet,
some food babies were born later on:

It was my pleasure:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ottomar moved to Berlin

Nevermind that I am so late with this post that Ottomar has managed to visit Estonia twice after he moved away. Let's just casually move back to that point, when Ottomar thought it was a great idea to leave us behind and move to Germany. 
It seems that we were pretty happy to get rid of him:

Ottomar has his own religion, he strongly believes that 
we should be drummin'
and we should be jammin'
at all cost (if possible then buy a shirt with the exact words on it):

We all have a shirt that has a story to tell:

His cocktail brings all the girls to the yard,
damn right, it's better than yours:

Forget Estrella and Lays,
the king has returned, bow down to Piraat:

That moment when Ottomar's girlfriend replied to his
"SEND NUDES" message:

Outside it's Alaska,
inside there's Hawaii:

After he lived in Austria for five months
his moustache became Austrian: 

When someone says that they have discovered something basic at later age. 
Like barberry is not rhubarb or 
one side of the street there's even and on opposite side there's uneven numbers.
While listening this you try to make I-knew-it-before-but-carry-on face, 
however on the inside you are mind-blown:

The sun is like "HAAA-HAAA-HAAA"

Fred, why the long face?

The bang came out bigger than expected:

When you shit your pants, but have a great support system:

Trying to convince him that threesome is a great idea:

Wide trousers are must-have trend this season!
We lead, we do not follow:

Long and cheerful party behind,
it finally hit us that Ottomar was moving away:

And now something completely different...
blast from the past.

We do everything that normal people do, 
but sometimes we celebrate birthdays at Megazone and drink nice cocktails afterwards:

When you are so happy that you are grown-up and 
do not have to buy the cheapest booze there is:

Nice drinks, good company and questions like 
"Would you rather tattoo your ex's name or some random politician's name on your arm?"
Of course Helis Valdor Seeder is a winner:

We do everything that normal people do, 
but sometimes we celebrate birthdays by playing computer games all together:

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.
If you wanna be my friend, you have to put up with group pictures: