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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bros before hoes. Hoes before bros.

Fred came back from Austria and we agreed on a new tradition - we'll do this 'taking break' from each other next year again. Fred needs some 'Bros before hoes' and I have to visit my hoes, who are scattered around the world.

Skiing and snowboarding are not my cup of tea,
yet this view is bitchin':

I guess they are talking about girls, cars and beer:

A little cigarette break, before they go-go:

Bros before hoes:

Meanwhile back home I was taking pictures with mah biatch, yo:

Also I went to see Carlovich and his course mates.

I love trains and planes:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's day

Back in Tallinn, but our Misters got lost somewhere in Europe.
No cookie for us on Valentine's day.

Great females think alike - 
first let's watch Eurovision and then...emm...get ready to go out on a town:

We are straight forward and give out clear message
 "The clock is ticking."

Luckily we found the Gentleman of Highest Quality, 
thus the cold night got heated up:

We left clocks and gentlemen behind a continued with our anthropology thesis,
"Searching primitive love in the Jungle": 

Did not find love there,
so we tried the next chapter "Does sniffing hair on the dance floor give you pleasure?":

Got home 5AM, drunk in love.
Happy that my Mister was coming back from Austria the day after. 
(50 shades of shitty bathroom mirror):

groove is in my heart:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jessie Ware

During my trip to Copenhagen we went to see Jessie Ware at Vega. 
Alex's friends asked me if I was her fan and I understood that, damn, yes I  am.
And you know what? I honestly can say the most hipster sentence of all time: "I knew her before she was cool." LATFH.

Year 2011 my friends and I went to Boiler Room Valentine takeover near Elephant and Castle. 
There she was, singing with Sampha:

I have a very embarrassing coverage about it on my blog. Small shitty pictures for the win.
The blast from past -  www.wilmacircus.com/piinlikboilerroom

So glad I found out that she existed and I still have the vinyl from the last picture.
Heart shaped, awww, how very female of me.

Next time in 2013 I knowingly went to her concert. 
Jessie had come out from the closet and finally released her first LP Devotion.

The concert was in Berns Röda Rummet (Stockholm),
as seen on the picture it is a proper place for a diva like Jessie:

Another blast from past, bigger yet still shitty pictures.

Now year 2015 she's still my guilty pleasure. 
Copenhagen at Vega:

Oestrogen, wippiii:

Monday, February 09, 2015

Circus in Berlin

From Paris Copenhagen to Berlin 
and every disco I get in.

Bye, bye Copenhagen and the wind turbines lined up so neatly:

The closest I have ever been to Malmö,
*sings Swedish anthem*:

Hallo, Berlin!
U-bahn has the same vibe as Budapest has - glazed tile heaven:

Baggage dropped off, keys received and 
quickly to Potsdam Platz, where Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival) is held...

...to meet up my partner in crime Dréinu!!! (moar !!!! needed !!!) 

Beer is served from big flower vase, 
life's pretty awesome:

As Dréinu found balls to move to Paris thus meeting her is a luxury. 
So where else should we meet if not in Berlin?!

The night escalated quickly, when we stepped in a five star hotel to enjoy few drinks. 
The best alcohol is free alcohol:

I was very into our girl talk so I didn't notice the picture was taken.
Honestly, I swear. #nopose #nomakeup #nolie:

Red light makes us prettier:

Even though we were completely tipsy and cheerful on our way home, 
the grimness of Berlin was always there:

Next day a slight headache accompanied me, so I went to this amazing apartment 
to meet up my (also) hangover friends. Together we were stronger:

Actually I felt much better after I had eaten 160g ghetto:

I gave the professionals a mission to find interesting tunes for my Mister.
Probably returning from Berlin without a vinyl, 
would have meant sleeping in the living room for a month:

Berlin wall and strangely happy kid:

"My God, help me to survive this deadly love":

Oberhaum bridge, 
the boundary between East and West Berlin:

At home Renca showed me some seriously interesting publications from the Nazi era.
The historian inside me had a true orgasm.

Breakfast is happy and colourful, when you live together with a vegetarian:

Berlin = old together with construction sites:

Embrace yourselves, the tourist pictures are coming:

Reichstag building:

18th of March = the date of 1848 revolution + 1990 first and last free elections in East Germany:

Better beats than Berghain could ever offer:

Memorial of Murdered Jews in Europe:

Extremely sombre:

Berlin with its dark side really hits you.
The only cheerful detail from the East-Berlin that has stayed 
is the quirky Ampelmännchen on the pedestrian traffic lights:

Berlin TV tower:

Like said, I plan my travels according to & Other Stories 'store locator'.
Again some € were spent and a lot of joy gained:

I bow down to this Gentleman, danke schön! : 

The sound of Berlin:

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Kopp-kopp København

The viking inside of me wishes to conquer every little part of Scandinavia. 
Now it's time for Denmark.

How do I plan my trips?
Visit & Other Stories homepage, click on store locator and buy plane tickets to named countries:

Some DKK were spent and some pleasant emotions were gained:

Lights are shinier on the other side:

Late night walk at Nyhavn:

Cat Fluffy is thinking about Miley Cyrus and licking his wrecking balls,
what a beautiful morning:

I'd like to be rollin', to see them hatin':

It was freezing outside and our muscles were tired of being tense,
thus warm botanic garden was the best solution: 

We played Tarzan and Jane:

Remember how green looked like? It has been a long time...

A random  unknown Japanese tourist:

Emm...large cone penises?:

A daytime Nyhavn and a tourist postcard:

Copenhagen is the little brother of Amsterdam, so a lot of people commute by bicycle. 
I had to take the metro all the time and Alex cycled.
She always won:

Craving for a kiss on a cheek:

The local girl:

Proper hot chocolate that did not hold back with cream + Danish salmon sandwich = Heaven on Earth 
(also Jessica Biel had eaten in the same café, omgggg)

Welcome to the Freetown of Christiania.
A place of the hippie movementthe squatter movementcollectivism, anarchism and many yoga lessons.

There's no photography rule at the 'Green Light district', where soft drugs are sold.
We were quite happy that we didn't buy anything, because on our way our we encountered a police raid.  
Two cute girls just started walking faster:

Fascinating place:

The true Danish experience, as H.C. Andersen wrote it.
An ugly duckling jumped on our way: 

The slogan of Christiania - Graffiti walls, drugs and hugs:

Wilma Circus loves these places:

and now off to Jessie Ware at Vega.