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Saturday, March 30, 2013


I am back in Estonia. Maybe it is female hormones talking inside me, but I feel so sentimental. Being away 8 months slaps you in the face like a big black boot. Everyday problems are so far away from me, I could not care less what is happening outside, because my bed is soooo warm and fluffy. Suspicious African kid would be truly suspicious after seeing my fridge. 
Today is a bank holiday and I went to the store to buy a good bottle of wine. I did not even want one, but after being used to with Swedish restricted alcohol policy it was a pure joy. And the prices! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

I won concert tickets, but hurt my leg. Cannot be lucky all the time.

Here comes a little recap from my last days in Sweden, before I left to Estonia (it is really nice to be here after 8 months of absence, but I will come back to that later). On Friday I managed to win two concert tickets at Berns. I was beyond happy, because never have I won anything and to get in to Berns is truly expensive. Never mind that the concert turned up to be a bit of a disappointment (being polite here).

Berns never fails to impress me:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Casual Thursday on the 6th floor - Charlie's Angels

We had an usual Thursday on the 6th floor, which meant that Charlie and his angels were dancing on the chairs and tables. 
Stockholm - mixing European cultures since 2012 August.

My headband caused such a furore that night.
"Sistah - sister for niggas":

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My first ever St.Patrick's day celebration

*Warning! Following post might promote intoxicating substances and overly cheerful life*

Now I have come to a point in my life, where I am not able to say "Never have I ever celebrated St.Patrick's day" anymore. I have no regrets, because Sunday never has been so bright and pleasant. Sadly Monday has never felt so grey and dull, but that is another story.
On Sunday Charlie of Scotland (I gave him rather royal name) found a Irish pop playlist on Spotify and invited friends over. Wearing green and/or comedy headwear was a must.

The demoiselle on the left was the guest of honour, because she was Irish and the only one at that party. Plausibly the demoiselle on the right also has some Irish roots, but I have not have the opportunity to confirm it. 
Nevertheless the fact how they knew the songs by heart and moved like Riverdance on tour, suggests their nationality/roots:

Superficial preparations do not go together with St.Patrick's day:

Some of us have their exam period and should have been in their rooms studying.
If it is hard to resist, stop resisting it:

While exploring the house, we found Sean's spaceship that supposedly is an oven. 
"Aliens, man!":

Group picture vs. "No time to explain, must drink this cup...":

His parents heard, that he had some difficulties with Estonians and their alcohol consumption, therefore his father suggested him not to date one. "Charlie, never date an Estonian girl, they all have big scary brothers".
So true (love you, bruv)!:

Little did they know, I enjoy being in the closet.
I love my boyfriend, but I love Narnia more:

It must mean something different in Scotland:

After I found out that the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn!:

We were constantly on the watch for the northern lights, 
because of the magnet storm that were happening around us (spoiler alert: we saw them)

Mix and match 
(I should get an award every time I am drinking on the picture):

Icelandic women are no joke (In Estonian: ei ole mingi ih-ah-haa-ah-ah-haa),
 because they can lift you up without using their hands:

Amused people from France and Germany, 
who were not acquainted with the St. Patrick's day customs:  

"Five drinks for everyone":

Gentleman are evaluating the evening:

Keep those friends close, who are able to carry you home:

I have no idea, why are we examining the passport of 
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (that is a loooooong name).
Which reminds me that I should apply for a passport, I have not had one since I was 16:

Bonnie and Clyde:

Even though my underwear is trying to escape the scene, it is still a good friend-photo:

On our way to the roof to see the northern lights:

Thank you all and I will end this post with a photo taken in Tallinn that evening.

Moderna and overall life

Were it not for Ott, I would consistently waste my days. I felt obliged to join him on Friday for free-entrance-museum-tour.

The Royal family is the ultimate bling lover:

The architecture museum - thinking about Harri:

Now thinking about Melissa:

Night falls and people turn naughty:

Finnish people are not "prosta":

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Friday - the so called boat party

I spent my Friday rather haphazardly. Since I did not have any money, then £25 Boddika ticket at Berns was unreachable. This did not stop me taking the elevator (why walk?) three floors down. Neighbours. Drinks. Music. Usual.
Then we had a plan to go out to a boat party. Well, that did not work out, nevertheless I had a enjoyable night.

You know, that it has been a good night, when you wake up the next day and this greets you on FB:

Now back to the night before, the famous drink that I made for Charlie. Little gin, little wine, little whiskey, little coke - I called it "I'll-make-this-but-you-shouldn't-drink it"cocktail:

In this male dominant world, it is difficult for a girl to be noticed:

 Hmm, something suspicious is going on here:

Drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney.
The last minutes before the bus, you try to fill your lungs and stomach with intoxicating things:

How a Frenchman is trying to teach Estonian language to a Scot.
"Mu tussu ei ole su tussu":

Even though the kitchen is 1m x 1m, there party is still always there:

Lean mean commuter (also some asses are checked out here):

Standing on next day newspapers:

Even though she had some dark moments before getting on the nightbus, she manage to regain her power.
This pedo guy was trying to come home with us, but we were like NO! NO! NO!:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stockholm. Still-life.

The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognise you as a tourist.
My father came to visit me and "Bam!" now I have tonnes of Stockholm pictures. Finally, I did it.

The City Hall - Stadshuset:

The Old Town + little bit of Södermalm and Kungsholmen:

The Baltic sea and somewhere out there is Estonia:

The Vasa museum - my most visited place in Stockholm. I opened the account in year 2000
I have no idea what I am talking about:


Kungliga Slottet - The Royal Castle. 
The Royal family does not live here, but tourists do not care:

Endless escalator:

Pool ükskõik:

My love, Gröna Lund waits me silently. We will meet each other on my birthday:

The Kastellet:

The sea is blue, the seaweed has not taken over:

Basically this indicates the beginning of summer:


When a tree branch fascinates you, then it is Ok: 

Lidingö, my home: