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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Me and royal wedding

This is how I wish my grandchildren would see these pictures:

Bank holiday:

The front of the Buckingham palace:

...and loads of babies:

Watching the screens in Hyde Park:

A little princess:

Piccadilly street was for pedestrians:

Souvenir sellers were owning the day:

Houses were like greeting cards:

Trying to find Harry:

Look children, mummy was there:

Animal instinct:

When they kissed:

I hate Tesco. It hunts you everywhere:

Us and the Tesco lad:

The royal family call upon people to wear hats:

Biggest festival:

The whole city/country/world was in Union Jack:

The Mall - road to Buckingham palace:

Married with the country:

When they kissed it felt like I was having my first kiss:

Hamley's - joy anno 1760

Zenit and me:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The End

The trip is over and we are home again. Great news is that ministry of culture gave us money so we can buy fabulous unbelievable super irresistible marvellous Macbook . Hurray! Happy even if it means very tight budget next months. No - no - no birthday for me. BUT APPLE! wowow wowee wow
Good bless Tele2:

I love SWEDEN oh-too-much.

Friday, April 22, 2011

House of Holland

After saying goodbye to Sweden we flew to Eindhoven. Ryanair I love you till I die. We took the train to Amsterdam. The Netherlands is really small, as it takes only an hour from one end to the other, hurray-hurray. If we have double decker buses then they have double decker trains. Vau-vau-vii-vau.
Proper tourist fun: channel, bicycles and us:

I have been loving Holland since I was little, but really didn't have the reason to go there. Luckily my Miss Castle of Fashion studies there. WIN!:
I am amazed how Reggie has managed to stay thin when "Eat your pain away with extra fat" is a national sport there:
Too much. Too high. Too Gaga:
We met Reggie's friends from school.
Claudia, Cigdem, Jake and Reggie are like the Golden Girls:
I suck at being Vogue. This images needs less clothes, more make-up and a vacant face:
Why make just pictures, when you can make pictures from reflection. How deep can you go?
This Castle does not have knights, armour nor weapons. Only CLOTHES! CLOTHES! CLOTHES!:
FOAM museum. Disguise yourself - make a smart face even when you don't get it:
Mirror is better than timer:
Everybody's there, everybody! Big names, you know. Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Gaultier, Regina Sepp, darling. Names, names, names.
She has future so bright it burns my eyes:
Sprite - made in Holland. Exclusive stuff!
Channels are everywhere and they are like highways:
Bicycle.It replaces underground, tram, bus, train and every other vehicle:
Nice picture but one British lad is blocking the view:
Amsterdam has a lack of clothing stores. Only H&M and that's it. So proper shopping = market:
How do you like it? MORE-MORE-MORE:
I need an outfit for my line-dance festival:
Kaur promised to hit me if I buy any more bags (I have 64 of them):
6€ earring:
Hi there:
Mirror, mirror on the wall:
The one and ONLY thing we bought from The Netherlands:
I hate that bitch for liking the same things that I do:
My Redšaina:
U go GIRLZ!:
We had a lova-lova moment. Excuse us:
My ass hurts from cycling. Never have I ever seen so many bikes!:
Best travel-buddy 2011:
Love was everywhere. All the birds and dogs were having sex:
I hate water:
Like a proper hipster would do - I took my Zenit camera with me. More pictures to come:
OOOO nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom--nom-nom-nom
Everyday +24 or more. Hotttttt:
Wilma Circus in circus. This is how life works:
We had a romantic picnic with Euroshopper ( we love ES):
We couldn't pay with card there. They accept only Maestro, but VISA is for beautiful people:
Proper Dutchman carries his 8 children, has a phone-call, smokes a joint and still manages to cycle at the same time:
Coffeshop is the national sport:
We had a party on a rooftop with a beautiful view:
Voodoo people, magic people, Amsterdam Fashion Institute people:
The tallest
The smallest:
A little drinky before we cycle home:
Once you go Regina, you never go back:
First we cuddled and then I said No. Such a tease:

Let's cycle home. More fun than should be allowed:
Hands up those, who had a great time in Holland:
Such a pedobear face:
Our Belgium and France stories are yet to come.