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Thursday, March 29, 2012


 My face is not my best feature, so I give you loads of shit (lovely shit) I bought on eBay instead. Also I'll give you some other random shit around me.
Gladly I'm finally getting my glasses on Monday, which means I can see soon (!). No more mocking the blind.
 Other great news is that my boyfriend is at home (we only see each other twice a year, we like to keep it fresh).So I finally have this situation at home again (Buttons, he likes to push and wires he uses for hopscotch) :

No sleep without expensive candles:

He brought me boob-shelters:

And he is a very special man in his organisation: 

I realized that I look like eight years old, but finally I've made peace with it, so whatevz. These are the items I bought on eBay. I AM ADDICTED, eBay is like cocaine to me:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Balls. Disco balls.

This Saturday I went to this birthday party and I must say I haven't seen that much food since my friends stopped having their b-days at McDonalds.
Chocolate fondue, native american clothes, Alias -you name it, we had it. Ps. Mister and Miss had a disco ball in their bedroom (quite a party, wink-wink).

Today I'm just sleepy and instead of studying, I have a special urge to read about the Middle-East. Ever had that problem? No? 

Second of all I'm having a total LOL moment today, because one of my dearest friend has a sure plan to become the voice for the Transport of Tallinn, you know "Next stop: *something cryptic*",  and he sent me the demo versions of it. I wet my pants twice!

Weather is shitty and I'm eager to recieve my wellies that I ordered from eBay.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Costume party

 I'm doing a serious comeback to the blog-world. Actually I don't have anything big to show you, but still taking into consideration my limited camera usage, two post in a one week is huge, amazing, marvellous, excellent, splendid and other big words. 
As the only pictures I've taken until today are the naked ones I sent as a birthday gift to my boyfriend (don't want to turn this page into xxx), I have  a serious shortage of what to show you.

Luckily Sam's Miss has a birthday coming up on Saturday and the theme is "Native Amercans". And let me just say I take dressing up oh-so-seriously , that's way I'm usually the only one at a party with a stupid costume, but it's SO MUCH fun. I think my "theatre past" has something to do with it. 

I love (xPÄEV!) costume storages! And I can't stop thinking about the theme of my this year's birthday party (last year it was "Royal Circus")

I tried on different headpieces. My blond hair is ruining the "indian" look for sure.

I wish my wardrobe was so strictly organised:  

порнофилм u зтриртпза - ето классика:

I guess this would have been too much of a tribal piece (and it would be really difficult to drink during the birthday party):

Some wear it every day, others call it a costume:

"Little House on the Prairie" meets Monroe: 

Sexy bunny:

Ella's hair:

So many clothes that you can't move - I call it a paradise:

Normal clothes for me and my friends, no biggie:

Bloody beautiful dresser:

This is the selection of native american clothes, the ones I picked are not seen ( you have to wait until Saturday. HUGE! I say.)

Ladybugs should be the theme for my birthday...

Just saying: 

I bought this crappy tie for 1€ and while I was sitting in the car I realized Statoil  has pretty good light for taking a picture. Random gas station pit stop is random:

Monday, March 19, 2012


I guess some of you are wondering where I am. The answer is quite simple: I'm not dead, unfortunately I don't have a functioning camera to prove it. Maybe I should open a bank account, where you all can send me a little something to help me to buy an inspiring Nikon or an iPhone, because these days we all know that Instagram beats professional photography.

Meanwhile, I'll try to keep myself busy at university, I'm enjoying the examination week right now. My biggest hope is to start studying in Stockholms Universitet this autumn. I've filed an application and now I just have to wait (they said that my marks are a bit low, really?). Sadly I'm not going to the UK anytime soon, because luckily my Mister is coming home next week and staying until May. I guess it's kind of weird to be together that long. Who am I kidding, it's going to be fucking great.

In April we have a plan to go to Amsterdam. Reggie is there and she might move to London this autumn. So I need to see her ( görlfrieeend!).We were there same time last year, a great tradition I might say. 

Most of the people around me are giving birth, so I don't understand why are they constantly saying that the birth rate is too low. Don't worry, I'm not pregnant nor anywhere near it (sex is not my best friend), but I became an aunt! Lovely new title. 

I've managed to cut down drinking (I haven't seen Karl a long time)- my health is not even funny anymore. Occasionally I drink, but if it's not vodka, there's no effect, apart from I pee hundred times more often. The other day me and Sam went out to KuKu klubi. It was the first time I was there sober, nice place I have to say. 
Maybe I'll start thinking about owning a driving license. Before in my life I was too drunk to need them. 

Never have I ever wrote this long. I thought that maybe some of you are interested. I guess I'm making big changes in my life: theatre is drifting away and international relations are kicking in. Really? I'm not sure. Thinking about it? Yes. (I do love history, but Tallinn University sucks donkey balls)

Now to the business. I've been spending a lot of time and money on eBay. Today I got a parcel from England - I order all my stuff to my home in UK and my boyfriend sends them to me. He also added extra something, so do not think that if you buy a dress from eBay you get an extra vinyl, pencils and candy.


My perfect collection consists now three vinyls. A long way to go:

To wake-up my artsy self:

Sainsbury's! - I have weird favourites:

This is the joy from eBay. A lot more to come:


Sunday, March 04, 2012

My Mister's birthday

My Mister is back in town. Besides being stupidly happy about it, I'm truly relaxed because of the Spa treatment we had the other day. Imagine me floating in the pool like a retard with swimming help kit - pure joy.
He also had the chance to play records on Friday at Hoov. He is completely in his own element right now.
Yesterday we had a celebration on behalf of  my Mister turning 21. He will be in England on the actual date, which is rather wrong, so we had a earlybird party. Last year I arrange a surprise party for him 

HAPPY BIRTYDAY, you bloody loveable boy:

A bunch of really good people came by, too bad that some of them are away right now (You all were greatly missed):

As it was the Eurovision night and we had friends there preforming, it was essential for us to watch it. Let me say, it was an utter disappointment. Liis, August and Rabbit - you had our votes, but now we have to "Listen" Ott. 
The lyric-writing skills:

Eurovision is serious sports. No joke;

Sometimes you need a little boost:

Aside from a birthday party we also had laundry day:

He was thinking about how bothersome it is to know me, everything he does ends up in this blog. So sorry:

Yes, I cared to take a little drink after a long time. As you can see I'm surprised myself:

It feels great to have an older beau. I've cut back my dating a jailbait fetiš:

Me and Rando were playing the I Have Never game and others were quite amused:

Of course a proper party needs proper shoes:

Let this stay between you and me - my Mister had a Beyonce's record on his computer. Wicked tunes, innit:

Sometimes it needs to be checked:

Sven looks like a pretty decent boy here:

Triin came by, but she left to have an all-nigher at EKA. Oh, those fashion students:

A friend in need, is a friend indeed;

Girls are judging something with their cruel eyes. It seems that they aren't easily impressed:

"The food is gone...

....oh, wait. There are some cookies left":

Keep calm and carry on, Harri is still single (I think);

Mount Kimbie - Maybes 

I'm glad I've found my spot:

The true patriot:

Sometimes you need to filter it down:

She had to catch an early flight back to Stockholm. See you soon, Melissa.


One drunk fruit:

Sam's haircut makes him fierce:

We were all safe:

Oh, well:

Kaur is a serious listener:

The sweetie pie:


 Fred and Wilma showing the guest out after a good party:

Our hyperkid:

He is sensual even without his kitten (who is totes cute btw):

I love birthdays. I can't wait mine:

Thank you all for coming. And thank you Mikk for the cool pictures.