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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Wilma Circus in June 2022

I had a vacation in Haapsalu and that's all that matters.
Summer is my jam.

1st of June
Post-Corona body doing its best:

2nd of June
Jumped too high the day before,
switched to more horizontal lines:

3rd of June
After Pebbles bedtime, 7PM
all the chips, cheese and cocktails come out:

4th of June
Cuddling with my kid and empty bottles:

5th of June
Picnic with Liis Lemsalu:

6th of June
Of course our favourite playground is the one that is farthest from our house:

7th of June
8 feet out and about:

8th of June
My body is not a temple it's a trashcan
(I try to fill the MAX gap with Hesburger and it's always disappointing):

9th of June
Feeling like those dead flowers in the vase:

10th of June
Biggest Formula 1 fan in Estonia:

11th of June
New detail in life – sand, sand everywhere:

12th of June
Family business:

13th of June
Found myself another Little My hairstyle trendsetter:

14th of June
Love him, respect him, adore him:

15th of June
If I was a chameleon I would suck at my job:

16th of June
Washed my duckface sins away:

17th of June
Team onsies
so much fun until you have to pee:

18th of June
Fred went to Pöörirando and I was all alone with the kid.
Not enjoying these situations:

19th of June
Boho chic messy mess:

20th of June
Cousins reunion:

21st of June
Hello Haapsalu, we have arrived:

22nd of June
The closest Fred has been to smoking:

23rd of June
Midsummer celebrations:

25th of June
Pillow-faces doing morning selfies:

26th of June
Heatwave airflow:

27th of June
Heatwave desperation:

28th of June
Heathwave hair: 

29th of June
Heatwave sweat:

30th of June
Losing more and more clothes to survive,
in July I'm naked:

Friday, June 24, 2022

Midsommar Blomma i Haapsalu

The old saying goes "Sleep with 9 different guys on Midsummer's Eve and your favourite flower appears in your dreams".  Almost there, but not quite yet, instead Wilma Circus cuddled with Fred and had a proper good night's sleep at the dream place – Haapsalu.
(Müürivahe Fam spreading their love 2000 km away)

Pebbles goes to sleep at 7PM
and that's when parents go all naughty with their pyjamas and sassy reading:

A living garden gnome – Šarik:

Pebbles had the main house all to herself to enjoy her 12h beauty sleep.
The big humans slept at the garden house. Everybody's happy:

Wondering,when the pancakes will be ready:

Without a baby chair, every meal is a picnic:

The bittersweet last days of breastfeeding:

After the breastfeeding debacle and lack of support,
I may only add that
it doesn’t matter what you are doing, when your baby is properly fed:

Popped by the local wonderland:

Moomins exhibition makes tiny feet happy:

Choosing which Ilon Wikland artwork should hang on our wall:

Pebbles at stormy sea:

The face when you have to choose between Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson:

*insert some Swedish gibberish here*

I see your Pühajärve Jaanituli and raise you
warm childhood memories:

Muminmamman och Muminpappan:

Fred went to the drawing board because Pebbles deserves this kind of real estate:

They fish that they could wish:

"So you're trying to tell me that this is not normal Midsummer weather?":

Every day there's new taste to introduce,
this time Sugar Rush Max:

Haapsalu railway track has been removed,
so these are the wheels we can count on:

Human bed:

Pulling some strings:

There are mirrors and then there is THE mirror.
It works like photoshop premium:

Cancel all our Zoom meetings, redirect all couriers,
the family is on vacation:

Taller than a giraffe, 
more fashionable than mama Circus:

"Your face,
I like it":

12 years of attraction. Is the sparkle gone?
Oh no, the dad hotness is another lever of boom-boom:

Darude – Sandstorm

"How to get a beach body? 
Go to the beach. 

You shit bricks when you eat this:

The vacay fart:

New day, new shameless mirror selfies:


Looks all cute and stuff,
but then asks to stick that Moomin book up your ass:

Thinking about all the things I'm planning not to do on that day:

Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day:

It's called premium deluxe spa treatment:

Bitch don't kill my vibe:

Teaching her to fuck gravity:

The stream illustrates the flood of baby pictures running into this blog:

Plastic snack-o:

Climbing the stairs of friendship:

The sophisticated ladies:

Kid is asleep, hubby is at work, Wilma is fabulous:

The house of "and they lived happily ever after":

The late night Väike Viik:

Hop, skip, and a jump away.

She is checking if Šarik has pooped:

"Do spiders fart?"

Maybe returning to Tallinn is not the greatest idea:


Nothing like a nice long bath after day of doing nothing:

Hiding from the heatwave:

Little seeds need water to grow:


Giving her ice-cream opened a door to another world:

When life gives you lemons...

Running away from all the duties:

The house of Wilma Circus:

 Ti-U & I-An ♥