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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Haapsalu HÖFF

It was the traditional HÖFF time again. Last year's posts are here and here.
Since I've been around more these last weeks, I have more pictures to show.
Starting from Thursday with Jazzkaar + Leikki at Reede.

This is how friend pictures look like, when your bestie has a boyfriend:

The grass is greener and the sky bluer while you walk away from Jazzkaar 
and a hot guy is holding your sweaty hand:

Also it is much more pleasant to pack up your things to Haapsalu, 
when a special Mister from Liverpool helps you iron the clothes.
No pic, no proof - he really was here (Fred sleeping while driving, he is THAT skilled)

Finally in Haapsalu, instead of horror you have strawberry dessert in bed:

Some scary movies later we went to Kuursaal.
More techno than should be allowed:

The serious green man:

Danced so hard that my fingers got tangled up:

Kuursaal at 3am:

A drunk cute night walk home:

Fred takes drift shopping very seriously. 
He takes a stool and his time:

Depressed person from Tallinn walks in to a happy store:

*caps lock broke down*

Google maps street view:

"Hot men?"

HÖFF iz ze best.
The best we saw:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Viljandi Electronic Folk Festival

Your Woodstock is over, hippie. Go home
...or to Viljandi.

I tried to ignore the seniors behind me, who were more fit for the landscape of Viljandi:

The lectures of Olev Muska and Sven Grünberg.
And how did you spend your weekend? #notthatprimitive:

Epifolium. My secret love since
we had his concert at Ott's place (see: "Ott's birthday full of surprises")

"Born in Wales, raised in Canada but with Estonian roots, self-taught musician Iisak Sulev Andreller returned to his homeland for the first time in 2008 to explore his family history and traditional Estonian music. He attended every folk festival he could, including a 5-day folk music workshop where he learned to play the kannel(the Estonian National instrument) adding to the repertoire of other instruments he had already mastered. Learning this traditional Estonian instrument through playing old folk songs planted the initial seed for what would soon become Epifolium."

The couple on the left has been together approximately 1 month = needs to have body contact 24/7.
The couple in the middle has been together 5 - 8 months = writing poems to each other, eww.
On the left we have a married duo = searching interesting places to have sex, aaaaaa yeaaahh.
The couple sitting in the front have been together 5 years = they enjoy each other's company and smile like there's no tomorrow:

Meister Jaan

All I need is double Põhjala Rukkirääk and I'm good:

Trad.Attack and disco ball at its finest:

Trivia of the day: Trad.Attack just came back from Malaysia 
and the warm humid weather made their bagpipe grow flowers. 


Late night walk home.
Jumps. Kisses. Hugs.:

"Hello, I'm two years old and I can speak Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian"
a.k.a. I felt dumb:

Back in Tallinn I look and smell a bit different:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wööörk, girl.

 Contrary to normal people, who have life goals and 10-year-plans, 
I wing it everyday. 
I'm like shit fuck happy that one day I can set up scenery for fashion and bloggers pleasure. And the next day my duties include feeding two little lambs at a museum. Wait...what?
Yes. Wörk, girl.

These bitches do not co-operate, they just wait there to be dressed.
Even smooch doesn't pursue them:

If only I drank coffee and smoked, 
then I would definitely do that on our balcony:

"Who's there?"
"The wedding season"
MOAR invitations, please!:

Suddenly a wild lunch appears! (professional blogging all the way):

 I'm the little unseen dwarf that drags all the prettiness from showroom to Chedi, 
puts it up neatly and leaves before bloggers understand what hit them.

The most beautiful open house I have been involved with.
*high fives herself*

16.04 worldwide at flagship stores.
Go and buy. The little dwarf recommends:

Such. Much. Girl.
Loves flowers shopping:


in next episode "My lambs and I"