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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mama I'm coming home

Really soon we're packing our bags and flying back to Estonia. That means I have trouble times with knowing what to pack and what to leave behind for almost three months. I need my books, but they're too heavy. Damn you, low-cost airlines and your "Extra kg means an extra million" strategy.

I had a trip to town and enjoyed my little window shopping. This reminds me that I can't wait to visit my family's summer cottage in Haapsalu and visit THE Kingakaubamaja. It sounds too good.

This vehicle is being developed to take humans back to the Moon and potentially then on to Mars. Three...two...one...lift off!:

Hands up, those who are eager for more vegetables:

I want to fly off as a kite.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My 20th birthday

My day began quite early, because relatives from Sweden and Estonia totally ignored the time difference. Still, I was the happiest I have ever been waking at 7 AM. After receiving a bunch of flowers, the 22th of May was so on! Due to our low budget I didn't receive any presents. Nonetheless, I SIMPLY ADORE birthdays (mine, other's). Seems like I am just easy to please.

Few days ago I went shopping and found a dress on sale. HALLELUJAH! I didn't show it to my Mister, so he had to wait after Rapture day was over and my birthday was on. He did like it:

In the afternoon we went out to take a sip of "champagne but not quite yet":

The street:

I cry every time I remember that there's no Savetskoje in the UK. This sentence reminds me that instead of wishing me "Happy birthday" my friends preferred: "I hope you will never run out of L.V. and Savetskoje". Makes you think:

Tyra Banks would be so proud of the Gentleman in the background, he is working from H to T:

Maybe you remember that two months ago Kaur became 20 and we had a sign on the wall. Yesterday he made some rearrangements. K and R are original. KAUR 20 became KRistel 20

Due to our low budget I had to sell my body, just so we could go out in the evening:

Colgate and Twilight comercial:

Restaurant a.k.a. the place that took our opportunity to eat before June (our last pennies went there, but it was oh-so-worth it)

What else there is to say? If life gives you tits then squeeze them together to make them seem bigger:

Now I have to wait one whole year again. Böö

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love b-days

One year waiting has paid off - first hour of my birthday is on! Here in the UK I have discovered the art of postal service. I feel like I'm six again, when granny didn't have a phone and we would write to each other.

Also being a person who never throws things away (I even tried to collect bottle caps, but that was a waste of space), I have managed to hold down this letter from 1997:

Now fourteen years later - the last treats in my mailbox:

From Amsterdam to Rochester with love:

My Mister's mum is a rather nice lady:

"Kristel on kena ja pai
nagu ahjust tulnud suhkrusai"
proska vanaisa ja vanaema!:

"Grattis! Du vet att du har blivit gammal när...du märker att ungarnas historiaböcker handar om saker du själv upplevt" - "You can be rest assured you're old, when...you realize that history books talk about things you have experienced yourself.

Well, I will go to bed now and wake up happy and bright.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation Dress

As I am not graduating anytime soon or, like, never - because for that one must go to school. After reading numerous posts about graduation dresses, I put on mine and became the prettiest girl in Tesco.

Have you ever seen how Russian women sunbathe? They stand and move along with the Sun:

With Vagabond heels, red lips and a right man in my arms - I felt rather pretty on that day:

"She is almost 20 and doesn't know how to use make-up" faces vs. unlimited amount of money I save every month. I am still winning. (the lip colour is natural, I was born that way):

Me and Regina are planning to throw a party that adds together our birthdays and also is a lovely way to meet up with our friends after returning home (me from England and R from the Netherlands). It is held in Estonia in the beginning of July. It makes me giggle already:

Next time more me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The days of our lives

We bought the tickets home. We bought MacBook Pro. We bought Ben & Jerry's and berries. And now we are living our champagne lifestyle with a Mõmmi lemonade budget until we will fly back to Estonia. My birthday is in July this year (party warning!).

*tweedy - showing a fondness for outdoor life

It's that part of summer here, when everything has stopped flourishing and is, like, just green. It feels like my birthday was one month ago. Must say that I miss spring:

It would never have occurred to an English person to stick their tongue into another person's mouth. They would be still just holding hands if the French hadn't invented it:

"Damn you, CCTV" said the girl and ran away:

Note to self: next time photoshop your hobbit legs:

Like you care what I ate today:

The positive side of living in the UK - Apple computers and Ben & Jerry's (I don't even like ice-cream) are ten times cheaper than in Estonia:

Our first Photo Booth moments - worth spending our last pennies:

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Save As

Here we have another set of pictures (with the tunes I love) that in my opinion are worth clicking "save as". I have done enough clicking, therefore my hard drive is giving up on me.

Karlile Anne Veski - Roosiaia Kuninganna

Toodle pip