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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Wilma Circus in November 2023 – London & new job

November was all about my London trip and double job offers, from which I picked one. The one with more art. The last month of free time turned out to be the busiest of them all. 

My first work days of entertaining people:

My little brother and I at Tussisööjad live:

The call it fashion, we make it babuška:

For me it's a blouse, for her it's a dress:

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

London – suurlinna mimmud

Better late than never. Better late than pregnant. 
After my successful breastfeeding stint, I promised to take a trip just me, myself and I. 

Not enough time. Not enough money. More like not enough willpower to organise something. 
Thanks to my friend IGA (Mr. Plan a.k.a. Mr. Just Do It), I flew out to London. 
(Like year and a half afterI finished breastfeeding, I'm very organised)

How the tables have turned! Thirteen years ago I welcomed IGA to the UK (his first time). Now he lives there and welcomes me. However, I will never get as excited over self-service counter as he did 13 years ago. 

Also, met up with fellow Drunk Girls bandmember Ella (we've done some things together, here & there):

IGA has bought an apartment and it gets 5 stars from me:

Prawn cocktail and gooseberry fool every morning:

Victoria & Albert museum with its Chanel exhibition:

The sperm of V&A:

Look at this fucking hipster:

DIVA celebrates the power and creativity of iconic performers:

The Chanel exhibition didn't have any tickets left until March.
That is one popular lady:

Looks like a basic white girl,
feels like a diva:

The house was growing some beautiful facial hair:

26 000 steps and I needed an Arket café break: 

10 years of &Other Stories.
Still mad that I didn't get anything from 
Vika Gazinskaya or Rodarte co-lab collections:

Since IGA planned a full bathroom renovations just days after I left,
then I felt like I have to capture one last iconic bathroom selfie:

Very controversial subject, but let's start with Christmas magic on the 1st of November.
It's so dark and depressing time so why wait with lights and candles?

My carry-on was FULL of tea:

Hate it or love it – London has a very special place in my heart:

The only Christmas spirit we could afford:

Yes, the food is cheaper than in Estonia.
And I ate like a peasant queen:

Wild kitten in a kitchen:

Tate Modern and the scarf I want, I need:

I bought food for Pebbles:

My little brother, my gay ray of sunshine:

Shakespeare, my lad:

Little talks and little snacks:

The intellectuals as we are, we went to the theatre to see Death of England.
The audience behaviour was disturbing, yet on-stage quality was absurd.
The main actor starred in Dune.

The cover of Vogue UK:

He likes to be on time, that's why he wears 5 watches:


Lavender gin:

ScandiKitchen & Swedish meatballs:

Wizard Gustav Kastan Ellalaurason:

As long as you know that I will always choose my dog over you,
we'll get along fine:

Life lesson from a dog = 
no matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that shit and move on:

No dog was harmed during the photoshoot.
The freewill was strong:

We went to Starbucks only to get the Puppuccino:


Tinder pics 98% downloaded:

 “Please, Sir, I want some more.”

More fun than should be allowed:

The audience had to watch like 30 minutes how the we got absolutely crazy over a dog.:

You can lick my cup anytime:

Team Stine Goya:

I miss her blog Somewhatslightlydazed.
I miss her music recommendation.
I miss her humour and her intolerance towards vodka:

We go together like elevator doors:

The boys are seated, the girls are shopping:

IGA home-station had some interesting quotes.
He didn't want to admit the felony:

Thanks for taking me out to play.
Much needed. Much love: