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Friday, April 30, 2021

Wilma Circus in April 2021

Oh boy, the circus is shut down due to corona and Wilma is pissed.

In April I was busy being pregnant and complaining about it. Every day I thought it will be the final day, however I needed to be pregnant the day after, and a day after that, again and again. It just would not stop.

Luckily the unsolicited advice from other people didn't stop either. Comments about baby's gender "Raised it like a real boy or a real girl". Comments about my looks "You're so big" or "You're so small". Random comments about random shit "You will not sleep or eat two years in a row" or "When will you get the next one?". The last one is especially annoying since the commentators knew that it's an IVF kid.

However, Fred has been amazing. Listening, rubbing me the right way and not filing for divorce. Eleven years of love still going strong.

1st of April
No April Fools', just pregnant jewels.
Wilma Circus comes to the rescue after she heard that her friends have zero pregnancy pictures
(SPOILER ALERT: one of these tummies made an exit during April):

2nd of April
Good Friday with a good boye:

3rd of April
First drops of vitamin D accompanied by Barack Obama memoirs.
Look at this bloody grownup:

4th of April
The whole family had to eat Zyrtec so I could enjoy some tulips indoors.
I have somehow dodged the allergy bullet:

5th of April
Our unborn baby's first studio session.
Fred is really determined to play music to the baby and record anything that is happening inside there:

6th of April
After long such-much Christian weekend
I felt truly holy with my glorious halo:

7th of April
Trying to trick myself into thinking that I'm working out
while walking on the basketball court:

8th of April
Worried about the day after

9th of April
The day after came and I checked into a hospital.
The preparation was on point, since snacks and podcasts calmed me down 
and the procedure was a great success:

10th of April
I'm all about buns and bumps:

11th of April
I'm TNT, I'm dynamite.
I'm TNT, watch me explode:

12th of April
I heard that wearing curtains is very on trend this season.
(the spring had arrived, seeing the first tick and a midge):

13th of April
Terrible-terrible day that sucked so hard. I had no energy. I had no will to live.
I wanted to shove meditation and yoga to someone's ass:

14th of April
Washed my hair, brushed my teeth and headed to the city centre.
Amazing one hour spent outside my guarding homewalls:

15th of April
I am the new Michelin man:

16th of April
It's alright, it's ok,
I'm gonna pump air into the wheels someday:

17th of April
Hello MTV, welcome to my second crib.
I'm ready for that building gig in Finland:

18th of April
I went to stand outside to get fresh air.
I was outstanding:

19th of April
Closing buttons is so overrated:

20th of April
Gotta love that the clinic has no elevator and my legs are not made for walking.
Praying quietly to the science Gods that this would be the last visit to the doc:

22nd of April
Our last year's Foals concert got postponed to this year
aaaand it got postponed again. Rather sad, although I cannot imagine jumping
at a sweaty rock concert with all the strangers.
Think about the germs! Think about the closeness!
It felt safer to be rebel at home:

23rd of April
Look at this messy zebra:

24th of April
This bird cannot fly:

25th of April
The moment where your limits of 'high waisted' have reached the new heights:

26th of April
I told Šarik that other dog owners tell their doggos "Come to momma or dadda"
and he just wanted to go back to the animal shelter:

27th of April
The dullness of life and thereof:

28th of April
Heavily preggo lady and doggo with short legs 
really enjoyed climbing those "access friendly" tram stairs.
But we did it, although people probably thought again that I'm pooljota:

29th of April
Look at these redneck that sold their couch
to replace it with plastic garden furniture. Stay classy!

30th of April
I didn't manage to shake the pregnancy off (as was planned for April),
so I turned into human disco ball instead: