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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vintage Tallinn + the days

I have a truly annoying friend who hits me when I close my blog. Also, she doesn't let me sit alone at home and drags me out for fresh air. Cross! 

The days go by with timer pics in the hallway:

I'm growing my hair until my boobs are covered. Let's see the result in about two years from now:

"Mutant Disko for sho" (I. thought it was Monster Disko):

Now comes Vintage Tallinn:

Despite the flower pattern rehab I'm having, I still like it:

Some people have a serious sailor men addiction:

Triin is pissed because all the prices would make sense in kroon, yet not in juuros:

pyjamas, problem?

At least the toilet is near by:

Trucker edition:

The power of the armpit:

The only Jil Sander that you can find in Estonia is old and three sizes too small:

Several times people have told me that I look like Mary Poppins. So I like flying nanny style? So?

Oy, Triin. Please, make this for me:

Nice rack: 

From us to Reggie with love:

A ja ljubljuu muzõka, panimaješ?

Triin is holding it so elegantly: 

We like warm and fluffy. We live in the North.:

I saw these shoes, I asked "Excuse me, may I take a picture?", she said yes, and a second later I was crawling down on the floor like a horny cat:


Even the tiniest need to be pretty: 

The rehab is not going that well:

The real pimps have a real ride:

"The vintage" is nice, but you must be ready that your clothes might hunt you down.
 Me at the age of 16 and a lady at Vintage Tallinn:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I think there's not enough fashion for all the fashion bloggers. Also I'm not one of those fiishon people (not until I get some Chloé clothes), because owning wardrobe that includes 98% of H&M is not a big deal, it means you are just poor. 
Not really sure why, but I made some outfit pictures in these last days. The conclusion is - I look like a 6 year old girl (actually I'm 20, shiit).

No pic, no proof:

Life in Estonia is same old, same old. After studying history for three months I feel like I can truly outshine some people in the quiz shows on prime time television. Score. Also I've been to several PÖFF movies. Lovely. Oh, and yes, I am moving away from this country, not today, not tomorrow, but next year. YAY!  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to use google.

Nothing much to talk about. Uni stuff is taking my time.
Here is a proof that I also can browse the internet.

My photoshop:

Pink hair!:



Crazy bitches!:


Pep talk: 

Future wallpaper:

Mean boy:

Very Gaga:

I'm horny:


This is pretty

Looks good:

Again pretty:

I am immune:

Inner monster:

The whole winter, please: