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Thursday, August 13, 2020

The singular Pärnamets went into plural Pärnametsad

It's always a pleasure to receive that honourable wedding invitation. Of course the main thing is the triumph of love and romance, 
but I cannot deny that I FUCKING LOVE TO DRESS UP. 
Okey, let's put that egoistic Wilma aside and let's celebrate 

Päras koerustükk:

Pärna's grandfather called me "Miss!"
Then I turned around and he corrected himself "Mrs!"
He saw from my face that the madame is taken:

It was a hot summer day. All our hearts were filled with joy
and our buttcracks were filled with sweat:

I have been to few weddings, but this was my first Christian one.
Full success – I did not burst into flames:

Grown-up life pro tip = read before you sign it:

The romance that started in the first grade
(or so they will tell the kids):

Yes, I am that bitch that went to stand between the bride and the groom 
when group pictures were taken. Photoshop me out or love me forever:

The beautiful ladies are smiling after pee break:

Traditional tasks before the party
(I must add that it is 2020 and "Kelle jalas on püksid" should not be the main question. 
And I might make a discourse analysis over the word usage of "naisevõtt" vs "meheleminek")

Write it down, so you won't forget any warm wishes:

Bye, bye previous name. 
Hello new and looooooooooong one:

First I thought that terrible car crash had happened.
But it turned out that thirsty relative stopped the car to get some vodka.

Pop that champagne with a knife, because you are a woman now:

He was upset that he did not get the opportunity to have a stag party:


The five star luxurious suites uploading:

Ginger power, ginger spice:

The excitement of food and drink arrival:

The Noah's arc = all our friends are in a relationship:

Three years ago, when we told single him that Fred and I got married, 
he was super quiet and said "What about me?". Now he found out how life works:

Special day, special drink:

Dear lord, I have never seen newlyweds kissing so long with tongue and all.

Bowtie kills T-shirt:

The golden friend that invested in hosting the party, showing us the way
and telling us to drink. Long live the king!

The middle one has a bigger glass, because she is an alcoholic.
Yes, true story: 

"I solemnly swear to blog about this event":

The start of an awkward threesome:

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, 
maybe you can hire...
the Grandpa Uuno team
(what a legend!)

The girls just sitting and chilling:

"How well do you know the newlyweds" game or in other words
"How much Wilma can suck in one quiz" challenge:

They make the thinnest pancakes in Estonia:

The art level of this wedding was amazing!

Don't drink and drive.
Just swing it:

The middle one was first time at a wedding.
The left one had seen these things before:

The battle of Moms:

These gentlemen are true MVPs:

Põhjaka kitchen never fails to deliver: 

Tronden does not always give live performance,
but when they do, it's true private kind of happiness:

Hottest wedding band is taking 2021 bookings:

He is describing how he works around the nipple area:

He loves her more than he loves Hellmann's mayo:

Little did we know that this was the start of the greatest performance that has ever happened on Earth.
The team Father & Grandfather really made magic:

Like literally, they played drums with a wooden dick.
Hard to explain, must see yourself:

The bride was shocked over the quality entertainment:

Kessu & Krissu:

After live performance fans were throwing their panties at him:

Every party, every wedding, every moment of life
needs some Kersten Kõrge sparkle in it:

Let's get this party started:

The joys of being in a relationship and always having a dancing partner:

Kersten Kõrge makes those white people dance:

Actually vodka makes those white people dance:

ACTUALLY, coffee makes those white people dance:

The night was blurry:

The dancing shoes were on fire:

Tartu crew beat Tallinn:

Now starts the afterhours. The colours disappeared and I went to sleep.
But fun did not stop:

The beautiful bride:

Her taste sensors are more fragile than his:

Tearing up the dancefloor:

The master of puppets looking over his kingdom:

My favourite kind of birds, the birds that don't poop:

He cannot wait their first night together:

Winning the dance contest:

Not sure if fell asleep or are just in love:

The blurriness is real:

He thinks about the Hellmann's mayo and that 
after few months he can start eating it again:

Dance hard, so that your friends worry about you injuring yourself:

When a DJ comes with a knife, then you smile and take a picture:

Everyone went to sleep. Drunk groom wanted to play drums. She was her biggest fan.
That is pretty much love, since it probably sounded horrible:

Fastest gun in Texas:

Next day. Next stop at Pärna's grandparents:

I present you present-ball. It actually presents itself:

When father-in-law is a P.E. teacher then nobody's tired:

"Show me how many drinks you had yesterday":

outrageous sin:

The life goal: put that stick into the hole:

Protecting their most valuable body part:


All the single ladies came running and PUT THEIR HANDS UP:

Making quick future plans:

The winner takes it all:

Bitches love barbecue sauce:

Want this picture on your underwear?
Tronden merch out soon!

Day three and showering had become a vague memory:

Breakfast club:

The sleepy. The brave. Dreaming of own bed:

The fabulous car crew. 
Thank you for being a friend!

In the end there's only love:

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