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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

T.V.'s place + St.Martin's day + DVPH live

The night full of joy and a morning of hell thereafter - this should be the alternative headline. 
Since I stayed up until 4.30AM and my workday started at 08.00AM, sadly I promised to help out another store . Stupid. Stupid.Stupid. I felt like killing every customer I saw. 

Now let's go back in time a bit, to where I felt happy.

Playing Alias needs a lot of concentration:

This is not a girl on meth, 
it's just a figure for St-Martin's day:

Fist fight, 
because Alias needs victims:

"Explain so that only your partner understands"
"Remember 7th grade, when we were at Jaagup's place and his garden cart burnt down. What was above it?"
"A cloud!"
Not a single sense is given, at least there's loads of clinging moments: 

Very artsy or "fail with the filmroll" - not sure:

Põhjamaade Hirm is not that scary:

PM couldn't find the right rhythm or more accurately incoming, 
then Dragon Volta gave him his hand and held it until it was time.
Bloody friendship, not sex, drugs and money:

DVPH held its live at KUKU club, which has regulars from the time it was opened 70 years ago.
They just come there to get wasted (usually cultural people) and don't care about hip-hop.
Nevertheless they are amusing: 

Surprise guest.
(Scratching came back in action from the 80's)

The future is so bright it burns their eyes:

Tyra would say "Learn you angles!":

To kill the stereotypes. 
People are not only poor, but they sleep on money.
AND they do not get robed, even though Harri had his temptations:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Liverpool and meeting Little Sam.

More than a month ago I had an enlightenment moment 
that in the beginning of November flights to Manchester will be cancelled. 
This meant = quickly booking a flight + packing a 55cm x 40cm x 20cm bag + beg your boss to be gentle with you.
The main reason for this was that our friends in Liverpool welcomed a little creature to this world 
and I wanted to see him before he grows a beard and gets married.
Maybe you remember how we celebrated Samuel's birth in Estonia? here it is. 

Now step by step about what happened during 
our stay in Liverpool:

Trying to avoid my uterus to do all the talking, 
but I got really fond of this baby (Ella might get me here). 
"All the babies are beautiful" is a load of crap, although Sam is a true hunky
 (this picture does not bring out the best of him, but waaaaait for it):

Babies are not to buy on eBay nor do they ship them with a "Users guide".
Totally freaky situations for me, but Erik and Laura were so relaxed 
although maybe before and after our visit they were like "Ohhhh, džešuš, ohhh, džešuš!"

Tonnes of tea were drunk and loads of hours of smooth conversation 
was held on that couch:

Oh. my. God. I. got. to. hold. him!
Actually Erik was like "You want to hold him", I was like "Emmmm....".
The moment of overthinking ended up Erik just putting Samuel on my lap. 
Did not break him - success level maximum.

They see us rollin'
they lovin':

 I am a giant and Sam is normal size:

I have no PhD in babies, but the headline of my thesis would be
"Samuel hates soothers, because he is soothe enough.":

The kitchen and the master. 
The tummy was full of yummy 24/7:

Typical for England
Dinosaur turds everywhere:

My polar bear reflector was melting away.
It was almost summer breeze compared to the East.

Went around and did some shopping.
Did you know that a woman committed suicide 
at Liverpool Primark the week before?:

Domino tiles.
Lots of love seen here:

"I need more space" -
 and he meant literally because later on he shat so manly
 that he needed to be cut out from the clothes.

The only parallel I have  when it comes to raising a baby, is back at home. 
Our family members, who are in their late thirties have a child. 
Quite well-earning. Been together for year. The basics. 
Like everyone, they try to give their baby the best, but sometimes are unnecessary uptight with it. 'Desperately pampering' would be word, maybe?
Erik and Laura are the contrary, they'll wing it. Don't worry, they have read the book "What to do, when poop turns purple", but skipped "How buying a lot of blue clothes will make your baby a successful businessman in the future":

The moment of fear - the ninja cat and I:

Somehow many dear friends of mine are living in the UK.
 Sadly I had to pick my battles, since I only had four days there, hence Aston, Scotland and London were out of reach.
Luckily I have Sean, my porn and tea-loving neighbour in Stockholm (sounds fun, since he is fun).
We met up and freakishly we had SU goodies with us.
Yes, we miss Stockholm: 

This is hard to explain, but I ended up at Sean's father's birthday dinner. 
Many secrets revealed themselves - Sean turned up to be Alex.

He has such a lovely and funny family.
His father: "What is the difference between fucking on a canoe and American beer?"
-"Fucking close to water."

I ate meatballs. 
Att vara helt svenskt:

If all the babies are so calm in the hands of Kaur, 
then I'm a lucky lady:

Erik, Laura, Kaur, Sam and I. (+ old geezer):

Make babies, not war!:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Vanity fair turning into natural fair.

Amazingly vanity fair went on a holiday, 
I'm not on a single picture.  
Frost came without knocking, 
flowers didn't have time to buy winter coats:

While taking this picture I just had a robe on.
If I had any balls, they would have fallen off.

He now has this phone that has no buttons.
NO BUTTONS, madness I say!:

My grandmothers 62 year birthday party.
Too much food, one boy down:

This is taken like 3AM before getting on a taxi.
Virgo was bullying Kaur.
I somehow like the result:

"Nüüd olen mina ka intelligendi tasemel":

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Stiff-Stuff-Staff = A character from the Moomins.

Many people have asked me and finally I did it - I got my film rolls processed. 
Hell, yesterday I even swopped my lunch break just to run to the next door to see the results. 
Worth it, so worth it.

Few weeks ago we took some time off with our colleagues. 
It was well earned, because of long hours of work + annoying Mr. Fireal Aram +
 surprises on every corner.
 But still - and I quote Delfi anonymous comment -
"They are so happy, it's disgusting, they are probably high.":

A wild midget suddenly appears and 
she seems to be very fond of glasses:

Mouthful of wine:

Putting on our passport pictures:

It is always delightful to be checked out:

Ville on the left approves this dance:

Lucky Mattias is almost always surrounded by ladies:

Our department manager was not sitting in the corner,
he was the king of the dance floor: 

I'm a bird and Julia is a plane:

 Modern Classics (phun intended - made a weird inside joke):

Dagmar, don't kill me, but I printed the photo out and put it on my wall.
Positive vibes all the way:

"Honey, don't wait me up, 
I'll be taking glass of wine or two":

This is the difference between man and a woman - 
despite the serious conversation, she still manages to pose to the camera:

A kiss in need, is a kiss indeed: 

Our centres if we spin away:

Feisty mademoiselles:

Ville, our Finnish support = battery for us all.
He manage to learn two sentences in Estononian "Aitäh sulle!" and "Vali reis"
Despite the randomness he had the skill to use them in right moments. 

Two fighting for alcohol and one is like "Naah, I'll skip it":

 I had the opportunity to introduce the famous Russian Cocaine (still no drugs involved).
Suddenly, while taking the shots, the whole room turned red...:

"Hands up, who wants to go to McDonald's":

Meanwhile Tauno is still dancing...

Tight is tight is tight:

It's always to nice to have an extra shoulder to relay on:

"What shampoo are you using"
"Tauno Dance Floor Fully Shine 

Every now and than we are allowed to release some steam.
Since this is how I feel returning to work after several days off: