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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mr.Gay Finland

In May I was dazed and confused enough to agree with jogging at SEB marathon. Half way through I took the bus home, to be fair the bus stop was temptingly nearby... I'm not proud, but luckily cruise coupons to Helsinki eased my pain:

I've been to Finland only twice. The word only must be underlined because for an Estonian it means "What the hell is wrong with you". Basically the first thing people say after finding out my lack of experience with the North Pole/Finland is: "How is it possible?" The answer is simple Borta bra men Sverige bäst. 
The trip to Helsinki in June became more meaningful than ever, since while living in Stockholm I met two awesome Finnish gentleman Eero and Juho. Finno-Ugric bonds, yo.
Sadly I didn't meet up Juho as he is a family man now and was probably killing something in the woods somewhere in up north. As I learned from my Finnish course mate in Stockholm uni, he showed us powerpoint about animals he had killed. Simples.

What are the odds that this was going on in Helsinki when I was visiting Eero:

Eero knows how to welcome me. 
He put on his most fabulous T-shirt:

We did some walking around with fellow Finns. 
Never mind the stories I've heard about Finns being cold and slow, on that day they were pretty cheerful and full of emotions:

*honk if you're gay*

"Please, you are very welcome to visit me in Tallinn. You have to come to Estonia anyways when you run out of alcohol." We do get each other.

This time no fuck from Finnish police:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hungry for Hungary

Analog camera does not allow me to do updates on the spot. While the filmrolls were under process, I've done some mad advertisement for Budapest and recommending all my friends to go there. The Hungarian Ministry of Tourism should contact me. Seriously, I should get paid. 

My upcoming vacation is in one week. Theoretical plans to go abroad: n+100; de facto: not happening. 
Let's better wrap up the Hungary post.

The awkward moment when your hostel turned out to be the original Grand Budapest Hotel:

A city without a ferris wheel is like Macgywer without duct tape:

Fred took my hand and dragged me on it. The price cap compared to other city ferris wheels was just enormous (I am looking at you London Eye).  
I, an amusement park junkie, was so scared that I peed my pants twice. I guess here I was trying to find a spot in my bag to puke into:

Meanwhile calm Fred took pictures and didn't let hysterical girlfriend  affect him:

I basically could lie that this is Paris and you wouldn't even spot the difference:

Hungary is an Eastern Block homie with similar history.
Here is the House of Terror, one of the most famous museums dedicated to show the faces of Nazi and communist occupations. Nazi and communist era symbols are forbidden in Hungary and could only be found legally in this house, which used to serve as the Nazi party headquarters and later on was tge communist secret police main hub. Very interesting place, yet horrifying. I just had to grin and bear it.
When we wanted to visit the museum the previous day it was closed, as president of Hungary took his fellow European presidents on a tour. 
(when the sun is shining then a shade saying 'TERROR' reflects on the walls)

Look, how happy I am after the House of Terror. 
BTW the metro is the second oldest in the world after London ('tere' means square):

The contrast between these majestic houses...

...and these old-school trolley-busses:

TV series "A girl is looking for a Turkish husband" - it's just around the corner:

Never mind the historical scenery, but I bought this belt I am wearing at Humana Vintage (!). The price on it was 1000HUF, which I already considered supercheap, yet the cashier wanted only 200HUF. Too little money, cannot convert it, so much fun!:

The Square of Heroes:

Congratulations Mario, princess was in this castle: 

Thank you Habsburgs for making Budapest so pimpin':

"I won't take a picture of you, I'm just capturing these flowers":

Budapest has thermal water pouring out from every crack on the ground. That is the reason it has the biggest outdoor spas in Europe, since warm water is free. In front of the Parliament there are little holes in the pavement, which erect steam after certain time. Marilyn Monroe effect guaranteed:

The ride:

Have you seen so many nils on your money?:

We went loco at the market, especially Fred, who bought three massive packs of asparagus. 
The x-ray pictures of our luggages were pretty weird:

The Danube:

The Danube and I:

Squeeze that hand!:

I was so exhausted from walking up the hill, trying to fake it until I make it:

Surely Hungarians have a nice recipes for making alcoholic beverage out of any random berry.
Although cherries ruled the world there - cherry coke, cherry ice tea, cherry beer, cherry everything: 

Iiiisn't heeee looooovely, iiiiisn't heee beaauuutiful!

He didn't want to live on this planet anymore:

Cooling myself down:

The last glimpse of the giant:

The next day was our last. We packed our things together, 
but couldn't leave without buying one last Hungarian pastry.
 *drumroll* I present to you Kürtőskalács:

Killing time at the Margaret Island. It was +37C degrees and there was never enough sunscreen for me:

Wanted to jump into the fountain:

Me with clothes and adequate water supply:

Me with less clothes and no water supply:

The fountain was a complete surprise for us. 
This took the fountain's decorative effect to another level:

We sat there like an hour and watched Zenélő szökőkút:

I'll just leave this here, so you would get what I am talking about:

We were tempted to trash the airplane tickets  back home and instead buy train tickets to Romania.
Or actually pretty much anywhere, since Hungary is pleasantly in the middle of everything:

Bye, bye our temporary home:

Finnair TV at its best:

The amount of booze and cookies we took with us was TOO DAMN HIGH!:

Probably it shows that it was a very enjoyable trip. The plan turned out really well. 
 Köszönöm, Hungary!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

In the middle of Budapest

The second part of Budapest trilogy.
Considering our early 5am flight from Tallinn, our first day in Budapest ended 9pm with falling asleep while watching FIFA World Cup match. How romantic. 
The morning after we Googled "the most beautiful goals from last evening match" like true fans do.
Ok, maybe we also watched some cat videos...

The weather was so warm and sun was so bright 
that I had to wear this dark cape to prevent myself to get a sunburn. 
SPF 50 did not do the trick anymore

Interesting fact, if not interesting then just a fact - Hungary is a landlocked country, yet it has one of the strongest marine force in NATO. How? Why? What? That said, Hungary has kickass river marines:

On a darker note.
Hungary had one of the biggest jewish diaspora in Europe before the World War II.
During the Nazi occupation jews were massively killed. They were lined up at the Danube bank and shot in the back. These iron shoes represent a memorial for that event:

Furthermore there is a world's second largest synagog in Budapest. 
(this blogpost is turning into reddit.com/r/todayilearned)

A bee. A wasp. Or one of their friends who likes to suck flowers with their butt:

Funicular that takes you to Buda Hill.
My kind of a ride:

The parliament house is too big and awesome to ignore, the girl is ok too:

Awkward couple is trying to take a selfie while 101 Chinese tourist are watching:

Buda castle a.k.a. the Royal castle at a short distance.
It was rather usual that young boys came up to me on a street and offered Chanel, YSL, Dior perfumes.
You named it, they had it. Probably the boy on the pictures had something to offer. :

Imma panorama mama:


Official residence of president of Hungary.
At almost all times guards had Chinese/Korean/Japanese tourist with iPads by their side. 
Annoying job is annoying:

To make them feel even more uncomfortable, here is selfie with a Hungarian dude:

We drank ale before 10am and not a single fuck was given,
vacation = decent time 24/7:

His mom just called from Estonia and told that she put a random stick in the ignition instead of a legit key.
 Thus a broken car was expecting us at home, yay:

After the call we were picking out new cars:


The roof is artwork of itself:

My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps:

Fred's Movember inspiration:

The thrift shopping ended up like it always does.
Silly hat lady:

I found Bonobo shirt for 5€ aaaaaand I did not buy it.
Still hurts a little:

A mess of escalators taking you so far down that you actually go slightly past hell:

Too warm, must sit:

Buying food from a restaurant there nobody speaks English is always a pickle.
Yet the food was sooooooooo delicious that we went back to the mad house 
and ordered some more using only our body language. 
The meat was made with an oldschool iron (the one that is used for ironing clothes)??!! Amazing.
Hungarian food itself was so unhealthy, to even out we took some 'who-am-I-kidding-salad':

That evening we prevented falling asleep while watching FIFA world cup 
by joining other strangers at the main square to cheer altogether.
Germany scored the minute before:

Spread your legs as wide as you can while near a church:

Girlfriend sitting on a stair during boyfriend vinyl shopping:

A well-deserved beer after exhausting day of being a tourist.
Ruin bar Szimpla Kert:

I purred while he grrrred:

This is our understanding of romance. 
Us. At a ruin bar. Three hours. Cold beer. Conversations from magnets to Ukraine to baby names.
That is bliss:

One more post about Budapest coming up!