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Monday, April 06, 2020

10th year anniversary and trip to Japan

In the shade of historic events Fred and I celebrated our 10th year together. I can get into deep conversations how 18 year old me fell in love with his classmate, how we never fight and poop only rainbows. We do fight (mostly because I am a lunatic), but during the years I have trained myself to control emotions and Fred has learned to express his. I love him, I respect him and I think he is one hot piece of ass – secretly marrying him was the best decision ever!

To celebrate our 10 years around the sun together, we booked a trip to Japan. BEYOND EXCITED! Few days in modern Tokyo, few days in traditional Kyoto, few days in urban Osaka, a day in cute Nara and few days in historic Hiroshima. Despite the total lock down, we still managed to fly out and enjoyed it to the fullest.

A little nibble before heading to the airport:

We still don't share a common surname, 
but at least we have the same nationality and seats next to each other on the airplane:

COVID-19 did not make our trip easy,
but we washed our hands and said bye-bye to Estonia:

My biggest sin is that I love flying:

Calculating the amount of sushi I will be eating in Japan:


*The secret of being together? We wash our problems away with a smile:

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