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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Wilma Circus January 2023 – last month of maternity leave & the personal face of death

Two months past the due date (that I set myself), I have finally decided to return with the monthly "One picture a day" posts. Doubtfulness, existential crisis, Quo vadis? – my very common feelings in January. Luckily my friends Ian kept me afloat. After a year of his strong recommendations and subtle influencing I joined Bereal, which made this whole concept a lot of easier. 

I, who probably inspired the creation of Bereal, will now on mix camera pictures with blurry app pictures. Because this is how I continue to have fun. Because this is how I continue to nourish my mental health and prove myself that after tough times come better days.

January 2023 in short:
• Personal face of death – attended funeral of a legend.
• My last month of maternity leave.
• Addressed breast feeding stigmas in a article in Postimees.
•  Attending probably the best play in 2023 Macbeth. 

1st of January
Dog Šarik's birthday.
Another New Year's day without a hangover:

2nd of January
Feeling superior by playing mind games with the doggo:

3rd of January
Million shopping trolleys and I still manage to pick the one with front wheels 
doing pirouettes like an amateur ballerina:

4th of January
A parent casually chilling at a kindergarten kitchen
to support Pebbles if she spins away: 

5th of January
The minus degrees and squeaking snow sound:

6th of January
T-Lo made the art and I was faking to be part of the art:

7th of January
The mood of sushi:

8th of January
So cold that Šarik's poop froze instantly:

9th of January
Brain food:

10th of January
The best part of the day is taking off my bra:

11th of January
My deskmate Maris would applaud me for 
buying the Beatles book for Pebbles:

12th of January
I make a kissy face, 
but actually Eesti Laul sucks hard in the hands of Tami Rohula:

13th of January
Fred took me out to play
and we made out at the photo booth like we were 16 again:

14th of January
Some are cat people, some like dogs.
Some are Nike people, some like Adidas more:

15th of January
Glad to see Ella, 
but sad to see her in Tallinn for all the wrong reasons:

16th of January
Battery is empty:

17th of January

18th of January
Eva took me to see Macbeth
and gave me a chance to dress up:

19th of January
Wanna be on the top?
Take the elevator:

20th of January
Assembling IKEA furniture brings families closer:

21st of January
This is how we feel every day after 7PM, 
after Pebbles goes to sleep:

22nd of January
At our old hood:

23rd of January
Sick and tired of being sick and tired:

24th of January
Acting all surprised about the accidental boob grab,
but he has my full consent: 

25th of January
Hello Disney+ and Golden Girls marathon:

26th of January
At a funeral of a legend.
May all the flowers bloom for her:

27th of January
Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences (and their moms):

28th of January
The earth is our playground:

29th of January
The annoying girlfriend interrupts the holy Karums time:

30th of January
I'm more automatic, he is more of a manual kind a guy:

31st of January
The day Pebbles got her first bicycle.
And I sneezed: