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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Wilma Circus in May 2020

Going strong with my daily documentation of my life. This month includes my birthday and returning to normality after lockdown.

1st of May
Bank holiday introduced a new aspect of my life – meeting friends again.
Thanks to electric bicycle Ampler we made a 40 km tour and felt like superhumans:

2nd of May
Not all days are alike, after active day I balanced it out by
doing nothing and killing some people in AOE II:

3rd of May
Found a place to drink beer and hid it from the police, like back in the youth days,
but now we upgraded the vintage situation with modern 2 metre distance rule:

4th of May
First day back in the office after almost two months away. 
Dead flowers, dustrolls and stinky rubbish – heartwarming experience:

5th of May
The protective gear arrived and DHL courier said that he missed me.
Setting new trends:

6th of May
Park bench, drinks and good company (it felt so 2008).
We got way too close for the sake of this photograph:

7th of May
After trip to the doctor I started taking the mask thing more seriously:

8th of May
Ending isolation step by step and meeting lovely people again (some have grown noticeably, you guess who).
Although social distancing continues and people cannot see if I'm smiling or not, it still felt so liberating:

9th May
Bitches love free flowers:

10th of May
My husband has amazing taste in shoes:

11th of May
I wished that it would snow, so I could complain about snow.
It did, I complained.

12th of May
Met up with colleagues with after exactly two months apart.
Also, this is a rare sight of the frog who croaked fashion:

13th May
First time since 1st of January I almost forgot to take a picture,
but saved it just before midnight:

14th of May
Home office glamour.
I just had to wash my hair for the courier that delivered the groceries:

15th of May
The day off pushed me to take long walk to discover the Mustamäe corona-cocktail:

16th of May
Supported the oil production countries by finally taking our full tank car out for a spin.
Noarootsi, Haapsalu, Kärme Küülik pizza – accidentally bumped into Erik, Laura and Ingmar (!).

17th of May
Rain, rain, go away,
you don't have to visit every day:

18th of May
Showing on my fingers how many years I have left until becoming 30
(it is a lie that I can tell only four more days):

19th of May
After watching Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix
I got some balls:

20th of May
Maybe screaming from madness or maybe yawning from slackness?

21st of May
The birthday preparations took me to the woods
Mul ei ole palju vaja olen Metsamees!:

22nd of May
My 29th time around the Sun celebrations or also known as my birthday:

23rd of May
I truly dislike 23rd of May – the hangover of birthday kicks in and I have to wait another year.
Day before glamour is replaced with Crocs and pretzels:

24th of May
After Crocs & pretzels came shoes & spaghetti:

25th of May
Home alone in urban jungle.
Jane had her alone time while Tarzan stayed behind at the countryside:

26th of May
First day back in the office after birthday and usual mildew smell
was replaced with with flowers that sang "Saaremaa valss":

27th of May
Finally meeting ze ladies after lockdown,
as you see we all have our flaws:

28th of May
April showers bring May flowers
and bitches are finally not wearing tights. Memorable achivement

29th of May
Did everything backwards: spent my day sunbathing while eating KFC, 
but went to the office after 5 PM and arrived back home 3 AM.

30th May
Took the hottest guy in town out for a walk:

31st of May
It was my second time in a grocery store since the corona madness started.
To balance all the shit that I bought, I walked 8 km in the forest:

Everything got so much better in May. 
The daylight got longer, the social distancing allowed to meet some friends and my birthday uplifted my lost-in-deep-hole mood. And I have still managed to keep my New Year's resolution to take one picture of myself every day. Great success.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Wilma Circus birthday festival – camp edition

This year's 22nd of May was my 30th 22nd of May on this planet. 29 years ago I escaped from the womb and started to grow into Circus I am today. I was going to make jokes about getting older, but my ridiculously deep thoughts are an anecdote on their own.

With social distancing and fresh air preventing skin aging in mind, I spent my birthday camping. In the woods. With less glamour than should be allowed. With good company. It felt like a small step for Wilma, but when I received the birthday phone calls, people on the other end were positively surprised of my whereabouts. It felt like I had done something impressive.

I slept in a tent *heavy clapping occurs*

Let's start from the beginning.

I took my IKEA foldable WOOD100% chair with me and 
settled in at one of RMK camping places:

It seems like we are cooking crystal meth,
but the only thing we forgot at home was the lid of the teakettle:

I see your Instagram fancy meals
and raise you down-to-earth potatoes, halloumi and vegan grill:

The moment I realised that it's not only my 29th birthday, but 
it is already my 30th 22nd of May on this planet:

We just saw Fantastic Mister Fox run by, but Šarik did not think that it was that fantastic:

After being two months apart, I asked my dog:

*judgemental look*

Soon our loins predict weather better than meteorologists do:

Summer feeling = the smell of campfire on every clothing item and
 the sound of inflating the air mattress:

There is still so many things I have never done, so I have to live forever to try everything out.
First stop = campfire marshmallows: 

At your pleasure, here is a picture where you can Photoshop a penis:

It was long past Šarik's bedtime, it was long past his normal outdoor temperatures,

I really cannot remember a year like this where I have not thrown a birthday party.
But in that blissful moment I made peace with it:

Princess is "still dreaming" and refuses to come to the woods without a pillow.
#Notsponsored just ridiculous logo placement:

Usually I dress up for these birthday morning pictures,
but now I had two dumplings underneath my eyes:

Fred had even packed a secret piece of cake for me!
(hiding it from me was not a piece of cake):

He was scared of my puffy face, but still kissed me seconds later:

Fred made me feel so special and loved.
My personal radiator Šarik made me feel warm: 

Fred, Šarik, Chin-Chin and I –
the perfect family picture:

Birthday girl, that looked like a sperm cell,
got to stay in bed while breakfast was made:

Rough alarm clock straight from Valga shelter:

Good looking cooking:

I am glad that I can grow old with him,
and that he will always have a head start (having a older man is sexy):

Started from BlackMountain and ended up at BreadOvenMountain:


He carries my emotional baggage:

Girl arrived back to Tallinn and order Wolt quicker than
she could say "I'm first to shower":

The campfire smell was all gone and flower courier delivered my new floral aroma
(Thank you, G-Force!):

I love contrasts – one moment I'm this homeless vagabond and the next
I am your working class fabulous:

Loving birthdays so much that I ignore the gravity:

Birthday picnic essentials and new antiseptic reality:

The biggest difference that age has made =
Circus now rolls on alcoholfree liquids:

The most unaffected by age =
the primitive jokes and challenging the "age-appropriate" behaviour: 

Cheers to whatever comes next!

My only birthday party guest was my little brother,
because we like dogs more than humans:

Thank you all for the warm wishes. It was rather fantastic day.
And thank you mom for giving birth at Tartu-Tallinn motorway, because it's a cool story: