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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Graduation of talented adults

It is official, Wilma now has a master's degree in Circus!

First, I made a resolution in 2019 and it morphed into 95 pages of smart talk:

Then I had to trick people into thinking that I wrote a bitchin' text.
Here I am, just seconds after my 30 minutes of thesis defence, with my heart giving a flat line:

Then the pulse came back and I understood that the effort paid off!

It turned out that I graduated with honours and 
I GOT A FREE BOOK FOR THAT (such much big wins!):

Actually the big success came on my graduation day,
since I did not fall face first:

"Flowers, man! I love them, man!"

I was so happy that I was farting rainbows:

Planning the next crazy step in my life that would burn all my nerves and will to live:

That is one sweaty photographer:

The paper that says "Wilma has brains":

Hands down, my fellow students were truly inspirational
and we pulled each other through this hell:

The queens of discourse:

The new communications agency KOM ZEN will be offering its services soon.
We will create communications strategies while doing yoga and keeping it chill:

I cried and said "I can't do it"
He always responded "Yes, you can"
He might have dropped out from his master studies, but half of my diploma is his:

Meet Tibi, she has been around since my 6th grade.
He has seen me graduate elementary and secondary school, bachelor's and master's level.

Yes, I am wearing full H&M and I feel like million bucks:

PhD here I come!

A week later, the president invited me over:

I told the president that I thought that barberry and rhubarb are the same thing.
She was like "Why did we invite you?!"

Monday, June 10, 2019

Labour or lovin'! Mini G-force

At first it was amazing when somebody threw their birthday at McDonald's, yet with age the idea of quality party changed. Then it was all about cheap booze and even cheaper fast noodles, but luckily enough that chapter ended as well, after starting to earn enough money to buy 10 minute noodles and middle class corner-shop piss. Now we are at the peak of our lives with people getting married and having sex without protection! WHAT A MOMENT TO BE ALIVE! 
Next big parties will be our funeral, oh the cycle of life!

Jokes aside, my dear friend G made a baby. Like fully made him from scratch and that is like n + 1 amount of grown-up points! We fully welcomed the new quality party – making-a-human celebration:

There comes an age when you start appreciating food way more than you ever thought:

Not your ordinary gender reveal party:

This game included different women's faces.
You had to guess if they are orgasming (lovin') or giving birth (labour).
Yes, G got "MAX POINTS":

Hello, baby!
(and my dog did not have a stiff willy and I did not Photoshop it away)

Everybody now knows that she has had sex!

Few weeks later we spent the last time "washing dirty laundry" just three of us:

Because next time mini G-force joined us.
Welcome, baby!: