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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Girls just want to have fun

With new travel plans on my mind I will end the France chapter. 
All kisses and hugs to Meowlin:

After I bought the Chloé jacket, we were tripping balls.
OMG, I still cannot believe it (I'm a material girl, all the way!:

The most famous whorehouse:

Like 'The Eye' from Lord of the Rings:

"Being in the ghetto side of town 
and it's getting dark outside...


This is Paris.
Nice to meet you.

The main conclusion of my trip to Paris:
This is the reality...

...but I reject it and substitute with my own.
So Paris for me is:
1. best vintage stores

2.Glamorous life of the privileged:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quiet Sunday + Louvre

I made exactly 108 pictures (three film-rolls) in Paris, which is a rather small amount for you, digital camera lovers out there. 
It's not really a lot of pictures, but sure in blogging scale it makes up quite a few posts. 
I'm half way through, I promise. Stay with me, merci!

Somewhat annoyed that Eiffel is such a cliché, 
on the other hand, "Holy shit, let's make more pictures!"

Paris Men's Fashion week was held a week before my visit. 
Which meant sad, but beautiful children. Happy gay couples. No pollution. Meowlin  working 110h per week. Fashion cares!
This all meant that she seriously needed her beauty sleep and 
on Sunday morning I snuck out, so she could purr-purr-purr:

When I thought that England is crazy with their "everything closed on Sundays",
it's actually nothing compared to French "everything really is closed on Sundays and that's the law".
Only a local market was open for few hours.
Imagine if Balta turg looked like this:

(started to think about how the elevator cables were cut during the occupation of France, so that Hitler couldn't get to the top of the tower)
The grim side of Eiffel:

Then I sat in a café to read a book (how very French of me).
A guy came next to me and started a conversation "I speaky Angliiis." I let him carry on, because if a Frenchman is trying to speak English with you, you let him! A very rare situation, by the way. 
He was interested in my book, which was in Swedish - and yes, of course I pretended to be Swedish, like I always do, because blondes and Swedes have more fun! 
Sadly I didn't have time to finish our plans to go skiing in the Alps, I pardoned myself and went back to my dear Meowlin:

In the meanwhile, Meowlin had woken up and we had dinner/breakfast with croissants and baguettes.

After all the munchies and girl talk, we took a late night walk to Trocadéro. We didn't need boys, we just needed each other.
No romance just amazons!

Every full hour the Eiffel looks like a Russian woman.

Giving different angles of myself, now sitting:

This is lovely, all what's missing is a sleazy text over it in Helvetica:

 Next day, brighter sky.
The first and only time I saw sun in Paris:

Artsy crowded Louvre:

Ironically I made more pictures inside out from Louvre, then inside:

Angles, angles, angles:

"I'm your Venus, I'm your fire!"
Shaved her hands off, I guess:

Contemporary Venus and the old bitch Venus:

The ceiling is the limit:


I wouldn't ask her number, I wouldn't take her out on a date.
It's beyond me how many people were taking pictures of Mona Lisa with their Apple products...

...while this piece of art was just surrounded by children, who had their mandatory school lesson there. 

Eiffel is everywhere.:

Little big people:

Real life ant farm:

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Ooh-la-la! Adventures in Paris continue.

Being absolutely fabulous in Paris continues. 
Overly attached tourist carries on 
with her blog post about Paris. 
Never explain, never complain - here is my Saturday there.

First things first, a very French balcony picture in the morning.
There I realised, why French aren't fat - they would not fit on their tiny balconies. 
The homeland of the skinny:

Metro signs reminded me of an amusement park 
and its Scary House signs.
Gröna Lund was like everywhere:

Notre Dame, a product that Hugo made some good branding for:

They were just minding their own business and taking a shower, 
while hundreds of people were taking pictures of them.
How rude! No privacy whatsoever:

The couple behind me was making babies just a second earlier.
I salute sexual tension in front of the church:

Tea, I adore it. 
My good friends are well informed of the fact,
 therefore I do not have to buy tea before year 2016.
But kettles...MOAR MOAR! 
(I do recommend this shop owned by a cute Chinese family, 

We walked around with Kät, talking about boys and toys - 
the usual girl combo.
Suddenly I stopped and asked "Is this a canned food store?"
Oh, yes it was! A random act - we went in. 
While usual tourist take home cheese and wine from France,
 then I bought canned food. Simples.

 Jardin du Luxembourg:

Le memm ja le taadu:

The luxurious life in Paris portrays a way, where a store, 
that presumably is selling jewellery or cars ( the usual € stuff), 
turns out to be a chocolate shop.
The gorilla is made only from chocolate:

My second love after Chloé.
Must get my hands on!:

"Choco - poco - sugar - loops" - the slogan of Paris:

Arc de Triomphe:

I fell in love with the garden markets.
Only thing missing were garden gnomes travelling (Amelie reference):

In the evening we went to visit Laura, a friend of mine from Stockholm (Erasmus love).
Burgers and wine, OUI! OUI! OUI!:

Laura's view.
Not bad, not bad at all:

The best feeling, when I realised
 that I wasn't an overly attached tourist.
Even the French got excited about the Eiffel, 
although they see it every day.
Ginger, blonde and brunette - they all love it:

East meets west, yet again:

Dj iPad "Ghetto life":

Cute as a button and fierce as French:

Met Karl Laumets doppelgänger Gustav.
Must meet again!

Chez Georges - Levikas with more wine and French people.
I was stunned by how loudly people were singing along, 
when Édith Piaf came on. 
The most powerful moment from that trip, hands down!

I see little hearts...do you?

Merci, Laura! Puss-puss.