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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wilma Circus in February

Here's me throughout February. 
Be ready for 28 different fat jokes. 

1st of February
The day I found out that Fred's clothes fit me perfectly. 
I highlighted the outfit with luxurious accessory called 'the noodle pillow':

2nd of February
Made an independent choice to wear heels that day.
Mistakes were made and "Quick, make a photo, before I die" was shouted:

3rd of February
How to make me clean the apartment?
Put me to places where I cannot leave on my own and you'll see miracles:

4th of February
The mattress is bleeding from pain: 

5th of February
Boardgames, guests from other households and staying up past midnight.
Living my life dangerously!:

6th of February
Doggo is worried about my bloated belly.

7th of February
I just puked a minute before,
so I ate the pain away with pancakes:

8th of February
Exploit the systems as much as you can!
I exploited my 80€ dental benefit and felt pretty fly:

9th of February
Blame the overweight on the ruffles:

10th of February
-20 degrees and +10 kilos:

 11th of February
No alcohol, no problem:

12th of February
The glamour happened next to the toilet seat:

13th of February
I am proud over the amount of semlas I have eaten in 2021:

14th of February
Spent my Valentine's Day with the BESTEST BOYE:

15th of February
Giving some extra spin to my basic everyday life:

16th of February
On that day I was so done with being preggo.
I wish I could say that the left one is "after" and the right one is "before",
unfortunately it is other way around:

17th of February
Life is full of endless struggles,
but one day you will find the hairdresser you like:

18th of February
Day full of podcast recording and ridiculous minus degrees.
Basic Wilma wished she could be the sleeping beauty:

19th of February
Met up with my ex-collegues and once again got the confirmation
 that I might change companies, but I simply cannot find more awesome coworker than they were:

20th of February
Day full of sweet nothing:

21st of February
Hospital gowns are very trendy in 2021:

22nd of February
This one picture per day truly pays off, since days like these
(where I want to die from discharge of bodily fluids)
I have proof that I survived and next day was better:

23rd of February
Family celebrations as my brother announced having a kid as well.
We are truly giving our grandparents reasons to live now:

24th of February
Independence day needs a fancier breakfast:

25th of February
Business on the top, pyjama pants at the bottom.
My outfits are framed by the amount you see on Zoom call:

26th of February
Looking at all the clothes that I cannot fit into:

27th of February
Before another lockdown we took our ass to museum and a restaurant.
This is me dressed up? Do you even see the difference?:

28th of February
Tried to be as sexy as Kenza,
but still looked like Tinky Winky:

Extra 500
The fat jokes never get old. 
Yes, I would like to fit into my clothes. Yes, I would like to have less pain in my feet.
In the end of the day it is rather cool what my body is capable of (with the help of science):

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in January 2021

It's new year and my previous resolution is no longer valid. However, I continued to take one photo of myself every day. With no reason whatsoever, but it's hard to stop.

My January = first full month at our new home

1st of January
My sixth sober New Year's Eve meant that the first day of the year is not shadowed by hangovers.
Instead we had better-late-than-never family Christmas, where my granny refused to come.
According to her she doesn't want to die before I have my baby...
Dramatic much? 
My lil brother gave me bag full of Lush bath bombs, so the selfcare princess was happy:

2021 marks the year of jubilees in our family:

2nd of January
Our 'First Guest' award goes to this cheeky little tiktokker:

3rd of January
I was going to do something that day,
but I hadn't finished that nothing I started the day before:

4th of January
Look at this fucking blogger posing with shit paper:

5th of January
It was a big day, I exited 100m radius of my home and went to see the doctor.
Some other people exited their homes to storm the Capitolium:

6th of January
If you didn't have a window, them I am here to update you that it snowed:

7th of January
My new style is to wear whatever fits
(even if the price is cameltoe):

8th of January
We honoured dirty thirty T-Lo with champagne and cake
(also, however old you are is the new 20):

9th of January:
During the day I'm this boring 9-5 employee,
but during the evening I'm Zorro:

10th of January
The mountain is blocking my view:

11th of January
He pooped. I used the last poopie bag.
He pooped again. We did the walk of shame:

12th of January
My family had my full attention:

13th of January
Woke up to the news that prime minister had resigned.
At first I jumped from joy, but as the day went I lost my enthusiasm (it returned in the end):

14th of January
The bougie stalkers enjoy the new glass balcony:

15th of January
-10 degrees of winter joy: 

16th of January
Draw us like one those French girls:

17th of January
Some call it lazy, I call it a hobby:

18th of January
Look at this hetero girl in the closet:

19th of January
Liberty to express my political views.
Liberty to make Henn Põlluaas fashionable:

20th of January
My fabulous doula Paula visited me
and I squeezed myself into that jumpsuit (win-win):

21st of January
Blame my fatness on the ruffles:

22nd of January
Spent three days in the office and it felt like fresh breath of air.
Last chance to dress up:

23rd of January
We hit the studio with the band.
Popcorn, mineral water Groupies, drugs & Rock 'n' roll.
another music hit is coming soon:

24th of January
Please tell the delusional woman that climbing on the bathroom counter
doesn't make her Beyoncé:

25th of January
International Laura Day inspired us to take a family photo:

26th of January
Ironing my clothes is no longer the highest priority in life:

27th of January
*shows with her hands the estimated waist measurement few months from now*

28th of January
Raising my one leg – 
small thing for humankind, big accomplishment for Wilma (gravity is a bitch):

29th of January
The professionals gave us a lecture about child raising.
I said "Thank you" and showed my middle finger:

30th of January
These 10 000 steps come with blood, sweat & tears:

31st of January
Easy like Sunday morning: