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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stockholm University

 Maybe somewhat boring topic, nevertheless, uni is the main reason why I am in Sweden and surprisingly enough, it takes up a great part of my time. Although I do not give a lot of credit to it. Here we go then.

 It started snowing today, amazingly disgusting weather:

Bitches love lamps. Our landlord loves lamps. Everybody loves lamps:

Me and my History of Welfare assignment. Very, very romantic:

Fuel for life:

In these last few nights I have suffered from insomnia, thus I feel like walking zombie:

It is all about food:

My friend and his hot...chocolate:

This pictures is a fail - I wanted to show how we are browsing Reddit in a lecture, 
but now you just have to trust me:

Last but not least. The most important object is not my lunch, but the invitation to Topshop Winter Fiishon Thingy (massive! big! can't wait!) in the background. After that Ben UFO at Berns - I think tomorrow will be a good day:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Friday night - "Really hard to explain" party

 As usual on Friday we had a dance dinner (a social occasion in the evening, at which there is a meal and dancing). Well, that escalated quickly, and first time ever I had to hide all the pictures. Clicking on "Click to see more Circus " is your on responsibility.

 A little "Ossikükk" before we go-go:

 I will make wallpaper out of it, just to remember that there is some good food out there:

Then we started to give out peace signs:

Sven had a visitor over, so even he was happy and peaceful:

Nobody canna cross it and nobody canna be sad:

If I try really hard, I can fake that I am decorous:

Family dinners are always happy meals:

Hands up, who likes big butts and cannot hide it:

We look after each-other:

Dynamic drinking duos:


Surely we had to play Kings again and Eva was the last King.

It is always good to know, where the emergency exit is:

Russian mail-order brides straight from Siberia:

The night is full of mysteries:

Where do little doors come from?:

Truly a Swiss thing:

The future is so bright, it burns their eyes:

My friends and one freaky leg:

One moment my camera got hijacked, but the bandits were smart enough to make some pictures:

"What should we do?" - "Let's just go up and down in the elevator":

Our good friend - the shovel:

Dance until your feet fall off:

Human hamburger:

Fairytale "Sven and his flying chair":

Heavy weight lifting:

Dear neighbours, this is the reason why your necks were hurting the day after:

One moment this anonymous guy, who we really don't like, came up. We took his clothes off and put my bra on him. Also to end with a big bang, we made the Titanic:

From W to Vogue - I could be a stylist:

Work like the rent is due tomorrow:

Those classes didn't fool anyone:

Sleepless and young:

Tell my boyfriend that I love him. 
This is hard to explain - All in the name of toilet art:

From Korea to Sweden:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stockholm on the Move - at Färgfabriken

 I should not only talk about endless partying, maybe you get the wrong idea of my life. Yes, of course we are the wild youth and little drinkies come hand-in-hand, but there is a lot more. Next week I might give an overview on uni and everyday life in general, let's see. I am desperately trying to use my Zenit, but it is just too hard to fulfill. 

 Meanwhile me and Monika visited an artsy exhibition called "Stockholm on the Move" in Färgfabriken (same place where the How to Dress Well concert was held):

I died and went to hipster paradise:

The darkest, the most emigration:

Stockhome - my home:

Black part shows the percentage of Swedes living in different boroughs:

Enjoy the map:

We even got free champagne, can't really complain:

Living our champagne lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget: