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Sunday, August 30, 2015


So I moved back to Stockholm. If feels like home, yet less friends, since they all have moved away (damn, you international people).
Ott is greatly missed, since he was my partner in crime here...well, less sobbing and more awesomeness.

Phone number is sorted. Fred's uni is sorted. Home is nice. In four weeks time we should be legit residents. Vi har det bra.
Since this damn country can process analog film-rolls only in one week time (In Tallinn it takes six hours), I have little to show.

Last minutes in Estonia. Luckily we took our To-yo-yo with us, 
she bravely carried my clothes and Fred's technical equipment like a queen: 

especially when I had all my dearest people and items with me. 
Here I was ready to die near the emergency boats:

 I guess I die another day:

Wilma loves his Fred:

I have posh royal garden next door and the ducks are my pets:

Will work for food:

I'm thinking in Swedish, score!
Fred means peace in Swedish and Mr.Fred is literally that.

My week so far:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Hej, hej!
We are in Stockholm and watching quality Swedish TV at the moment.
The description of this blog is again true. 
Better late than never,
but before we moved away, we had some intoxicating drinks with our closest friends.

Estonia - cheap and cheerful:

Sunglasses - I should buy them and later save on Q10 creams:

The confusing face when we don't know the date we'll meet again.
It will happen, but not sure when:

This ridiculously handsome guy,
is a ridiculously close friend:

We kissed passionately 2 seconds later:

Ze best, yo:

Thank you for being a friend:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Haapsalu and Ian's birthday

He was this annoying little spoiled and insecure boy. He made up a story that his house was surrounded by a protecting layer, so nobody would come to steal his computer games. He farted a lot and had a near death experience because of that. He was a regular at McDonald's, so he would get occasional free burgers and was called by his first name by the employees. Somehow I became so fond of him and stuck around. We've made tonnes of photoshoots in her mother's closet until he realised it was time to come out from the closet and move to London. 
10 years and counting ♥.

99% of my friends are born in the summertime, 
Estonia winter nights do not have a lot of activities to choose from. 
It takes 9 months to see the outcome.
Ian is no exception. True work of art had a birthday party at Haapsalu.

Here is a early-bird group photo:

"Hello. I would like to cancel my early morning yoga and all the important appointments.":

Not sure if pale skin or walking reflector:

Sometimes the cosiest place can be sitting on the stone pebbles
and just not giving a single fuck:

group photo upgraded version:

Before trashy we went a bit classy at this lovely restaurant.
With mah bro:

The lovely sisters High and Kite:

A wild pussy appears:

After the fulfilling dinner
a little fan girl wanted to take a picture with the superstars:

Some are natural beauties and some are just crazy eyes.
That's how life works:

On my way to get the kids some plastic cups, 
still some time to make a selfie:

Have you seen this tiger's penis?:

Get the hoe
by her/his toe:

At midnight we celebrated that Ian's birthday was over and 
he sang some serious opera tunes:

A lot was going on:

I had an out-of-body experience:

A photo from the Police News.
"The youth has more fun than should be allowed":

I am beyond amazed that a boy, who had difficulties to touch his toes,
can now dance and drop like a superstar:

"Hello, Queen." 

The joys of reality vs. Tinder:

Then I went to bed, yet it was difficult to fall a sleep, since
total drama arose. I felt like I was 13 again =
someone locked inside bathroom; screaming and biting; puke festival. 
"Who let the dogs out, woof, woof?"

The morning after the little yellow house became peaceful again:

The hangover squad:

No direct sunlight, thank you:

Just two weeks until autumn arrives,

A little brekkie before we go-go:

Yet another fan photo.
Boys were nice enough to make the girls day:

Pics or didn't happen:

The coolest car crew:

Selver, yo:

We got no money in the bank:

Thank you, Ian!
Seems like yesterday...:

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Marta 18

Meet my awesome friend Marta.
She is such a hot girl that she managed to warm up the cold 2015 summer (never forget to bitch about the weather), thus her birthday was the warmest summer day so far. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Stroomi rand greeted us with warmth
and girls had their summer black on:

Somehow Marta had not had a birthday party since year 2005...
1. Viru centre was one year old
2. Estonia celebrated its one year anniversary in the EU.
3. I drank cactus Gin somewhere in the woods and kissed very little boys (I was little too, don't worry)
...so it was a long time ago:

Btw Marta had the exact same hats at her last birthday party.
Very symbolic:

It was more romantic than should be allowed:

Drink up and look at the stars.


Maybe we drank away the gravity 
and that's how we managed to cycle to Marta's place...
Because nobody fell and everybody's alive:

And my Mister gets a golden star for picking me up and taking me home.
Big thanks to my "Going home" CD. We sang louder than Beyonce ever has.
Kati was my partner in crime.
At home I danced and refused to go to sleep.