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Monday, October 28, 2013

Tour d'ÖÖ XVI - season ender ride

Since I celebrated my coming back to Estonia with Tour d'ÖÖ, I also had to end my summer with it. I still think it was a big accomplishment to cycle 62km in October, never-mind the crash I managed to get into. But everything in order:

Instead of Steffy there was a walrus in my garden:

Grandmothers were discussing the last episode of Õnne 13,
I was so eager to jump in, because the "Mare never forget 2013 accident:

Lampryis Noctiluca:

In the middle of Nõmme I tested my brakes and they failed miserably, so I collided with Virgo's bicycle. My head got massive incoming with wicked tunes and was aching the two next days.
Luckily Pärna is so funny that in the end I had a smile on my face:

Then a massive magnet appeared and sucked all the bicycles away:

Magnet was so strong, 
but Kaur's loves his new hipster bike and was holding on as he could:

Virgo has the power:

Suddenly a wild Liisa appears and makes a duck-face:

Our romantic way back home. 
30sec exposure and Tallinn:

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Now I got some new pictures to show, just I have been so damn tired to load them up. Because the time that is left from work and school, I like to spend under my blanket sleeping. Therefore, I have serious issues with time management and social life. Not really eager to talk with people nor cuddle someone else except my pillow.
Like today, I left home for work before my Mister got home from a night out. New level has reached!
Fuck it, I rather be busy than whining about the weather (which is rather warm for October)

This picture takes us one month back, Ott's final days in Estonia before going back to UK.
Must Puudel and relaxing friend zone:

Never have I ever seen Ott smile so wide.
(I bloody miss him):

We occasionally get together with Triin to go shopping. Usually we wear black and talk smack how stupid everything else is. 
Memmed hoos!:

My neighbour in Sweden could say only one sentence in Dutch:
"Oh, mother, look what a beautiful leaf!":

Last flower blossoming in my garden. 
Presumably frozen:

I don't know what it is,
 but time after time I lay on the ground in my garden, making leaf-angels. 
The view:

We were babysitting Steffy for three weeks - 
she was the reason for moving my ass everyday, because I cannot say No! to that face.
"Takeh mi forr a walk, pliiz!":

Berry nice!:

There was a unicorn behind this bush, 
but it got away just in the last minute:

Oh, and this funny story.
That is to say - my weird and probably very rich neighbour seems to have bought himself a Jaguar.
 "A fancy car?" you ask, NOUP! a chromium plated jaguar. 
Probably a drunken visit to eBay:

Edgariaania from a safe distance:

"Tuli neiu ühelt poolt ja hakkas kiva loopima":

The whole post is about everything else than the usual - vodka shots:

She is not living with us anymore, the house feels so empty
and I feel so grumpy:

Friday, October 18, 2013

The silence and between. Blast from the past.

Lately I've been a rather passive photographer. Anyways, to kill the silence, I'll show the blast from the past that I found on my back-up drive. 
Have YOU done back-up recently? Check, check - double check.

Mia and Ester in Tartu, another primitive theatre camp:

"Seitseteist kiimas naist, kes pole ammu saanud...tütütüü" (Estonian pop song)
I was 17 and running towards the church. 
At the time, I would have bursted into flames when walking into a church. 

Loco Poco.

Last school day in the 10th grade, who-am-I-kidding-ghetto: 

I kissed a lot of tiny boys then, 
very embarrassing: 

I was here, there and everywhere:

My then boyfriend had the cutest dog. I do not recon his/her(?) name and it was like only five years ago. Depressing. What am I going to do at the age of 80, when I have remember things from 50 years ago?:

My rooftop and I in year 2009:

Still is my favourite place - Haapsalu.
Probably one of the first legal drinks I bought at the age of 18:

I cannot talk about these pictures while not mentioning my then boyfriend. He took almost all the photos, because he had more cameras than I had socks. Actually I am truly grateful that I have these pictures to look back on, few years from now I only have insta pictures from year 2013.

Gang bang. 
Only one couple has managed to fuck life and stay together (I guess):

Sexy hipster moments on the grass:

Nothing has changed here, we still drink together and stay up all night.
"Theatre camps by night":

Theatre camps the morning after - hangover much?:

Karl, sa vana parm:

youthful - qualities that are typical for a young person:


In Lithuania.
Bitches be crazy and this is how we ride:

My fringe looks like I did it while drunk:


Big bird in Latvia:

The Cross mountain in Lithuania is so powerful. 

Sand in my crotch: 

Seems like I had a boobjob that year, they look enormous (on my scale). 
Where are they now? Kes vastutab?!:

Summers at grandfather's place in Stockholm.
 Endless shopping and teenage activity:

I never ever took the bus, my grandfather picked me up every day.

Natural smile - veins bursted the next moment:

I ignored gravity quite often:

This is so beautiful, pure love...
...vodka I mean (to be clear):

"Hips don't lie":

Yoga was not popular then, Star Wars and the force was:

Still think it is the hottest photo of me making out,

Still think it is the hottest photo of them making out:

L.V. forever: