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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quick drinks in Stockholm

After making the "Best of 2016" post I became holmsick (adjective; unhappy because of being away from Stockholm for a long period
so I was like hey, you got to use them SAS youth tickets while you can! I don't want to sound like an old lady, but time flies so fast and it has already three months since I moved away from there! Btw on Friday (20.01) Sweden reached the population of 10 million, so celebrations were in order.

On Friday evening I ran straight from work to the airport and I cannot deny that some vodkas were bought at the tax-free. Yes, I am the only idiot who goes to the second most expensive country to party. 
I hate money, but I love the town:

Quick catch-ups later with my sweetest gäris
we were already on the tunnelbana on our way to find some fun:

The only thing I didn't miss about Stockholm were the terribly long queues everywhere. Sorry, not sorry, but we crashed the SKAM FEST at Debaser Strand. No queue. No ticket. No quilt. Just a lot of fun.
(source Debaser Strand)

3am? Home? No!
Blurry taxi-ride after we were at Under Bron, where a lot of guys wanted to be our friends, 
however we only had eyes for the legendary elevator guy. 
He has been pushing the knobs (literally) since forever, what a great job:

6am we were eagerly trying to find Max, but ended up at McDonald's instead 
and found a guy who was in love with Årsta. Such much crazy in love.

The morning after I did some touristy things:

Charged my Swedish batteries:

No long story, just & Other Stories.
So hangover + zipper didn't not close = still hot:

Sture-P, the Posh Spice lives there:

More friends (and yes, I lived at the &OS):

Kungsgatan has a special place in my heart:

Girls just want to have funDAMENTAL RIGHTS!

The future is female:

My girls and I, we went to a gaybar and danced four hours straight.
How very Swedish:

Sunday was time to pack my things together, watch the last glimpse of Swedish TV (we chose Gladiator) and go to & OS one more time:

Cicci Sissi Cissi 
That girl is golden, will miss her så jävla mycket!

Malcolm B - Gäris

Thursday, January 05, 2017

My 2016 summary


Quick questions and answers to sum up 2016.
1. One word that describes 2016? Tank-topping.
2. Something that you hadn't done before? A lot of firsts this year. Bachelor degree. Being a accidental store manager. Getting a new job as a marketing coordinator. Probably getting married soon. Life's so good, it makes me want to vomit.
3. Which countries did you visit? 100 x Stockholm-Tallinn, Berlin, London, Helsinki (lol) and the most amazing trip to Italy (Milano-L'ago-Cinque Terre-Bologna-Venice-Asolo-Como).
4. Greatest achievement of 2016? 1. Actually managed to write my thesis and get a bachelor degree in Modern history and Swedish language. 2. Holding the fort together when I became a store manager, which lead to a new career path, the road to marketing and moving back to Estonia. 3. My Fred and our relationship is ♡.
5. Best purchase? A longboard, tickets to see Adele and Foals and investments that went into Airbnb in Stockholm, Italy and Tartu.
6. Something that made you really happy? The moment when we sat together with 100 Italians and ate the "End of summer" dinner. The moment when I found out the grade of my bachelor thesis. The moment when we understood with Fred that shit is getting serious. The moment when my best gäris were in the same room and we were having so much fun despite me leaving Stockholm the next day. 
7. Saddest moment?  When I found out at Adele's concert that my grandfather died, luckily everyone cried there for different reasons. Also the moment I walked on a plane and left Stockholm.
8. What song reminds you of 2016? Adele - Love in the dark. Foals - Total life forever. Julia Spada - Lägg dig ner.
9. Favourite TV show of 2016? Why have I answered this question every year? Everybody knows the answer, it has and will always be Õnne 13 and as of this year I have seen ALL the Õnne 13 episodes. Should have put that on the biggest achievement of 2016 list. To be fair "Ex on the beach Sverige" and "Paradise Hotel" gave a good competition to Õnne 13.
10. Favourite book of 2016? Embarrassing part is that the bachelor thesis took away my will to read. Now that is behind me and I can start reading again. Unfriend me!
11. Best record and concert 2016? Solange "A Seat At The Tabel" kicked Lemonade ass + Adele "25". Also had the honour to see Adele and Karenn live, that was amazing! And the Foals concert in Italy, Yannis Philippakis jumped on my hands! Best touch down in 2016!
12. How do you remember year 2016? In 2015 I wrote: "To be honest it has not been a great year, no extreme lows nor highs. 2015 was a needed step for something better, I hope." 2016 so kicked 2015 ass. Despite Brexit, Trump and nervous times around the world, my year has been amazing. I worked so hard and cried at times, but it payed off. Missing Stockholm so-so much *bought tickets to Sweden as I was writing this*.
13. Top three events of 2016? 1. Fred's surprise birthday party in March; 2. My graduation in June; 3. Our Italy trip with Erik and Laura in August (this is random order)

I choose this picture to represent the year 2016, I will call it "Sometimes lose, always win".
The (ex) prime minister of Estonia and I:

Monday, January 02, 2017

The funeral of 2016.

We have survived another 365 day journey around the sun, congratulations! 
Here is my New Year's Eve which was full of good company and a lot of glitter a.k.a. the best combo there is. 
(let's play a drinking game: every time I smile with my teeth you have to take a shot)

This dress was a show-stopper and jaw-dropper (I'm so humble today),
the glitter can be turned so that with seconds you can have a completely black or gold dress.
My friends just poked me the whole evening, there was a lot of touching.
*take a half shot*

The years have passed, but the boy is still the same.
*take a full shot*

The moment he realised that I was not wearing a bra.
*no shot, drink water instead*

If you look really closely than you can see my tramp stamp on my lower back.
*another shot must be taken*

The God of tits and wine.
*cheers, you have to take another shot*

I was so shiny that it burned his eyes,
or I was so pretty that he was holding back a boner.
*Fred's teeth are there, drink glass of milk*

The granny with her two favourite grandchildren.
*take two shots*

The years go by and I still annoy my friends with the self-timer.
*hooray, it's shot time!*

NB! This is Fred's gangsta face. He is bad to the bone.
*take a shot while listening rap music*

Our love-life is so synchronised that it is a bit scary.
*let's celebrate with a shot*

Epp does not want to play this drinking game,
so you have to take only two shots:

The premature ejaculation at 10:16pm:

The hot shots that took Fred's pulse away,
he got it back in 2017:

Blossa annual holiday mulled wine and I.
*Sry, I don't know how to smile without my teeth showing, another shot for you*

I love Fred, but I love drunk Fred even more.

Rehearsal for the midnight:

The emotions when the boys thought about Brexit and Trump.
They cried a little:

Few minutes away from 2017!

She celebrates the anniversary with her boyfriend on NYE, 
what a great bang!:

*take a shot and hurray for the year 2017*

Happy new year!
Head uut aastat!
Gott nytt år!

Looks like I'm in Berlin.
*God, you should be very drunk by now*

*Ok, now you have to drink a whole bottle of vodka*

Of course you spend the first minutes of 2017 in a car park squatting:

"2017, come at me bro!":

Drink, love and repeat!

Taukar was on our minds, because
"Vahel tundub veider, kuid su mõttest aru saan."