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Monday, January 28, 2019

From Australia to Estonia. From Liimer to Davies.

My friend Pamela moved to Australia many years ago. Cannot blame her really, because the favourite part of winter is when it's over. Warmer climate warmed up Pamela's heart (she is not coldhearted, but Estonia is bloody freezing) and she met a boy there, who was koalafied to love her.

This is a story about a surprise wedding and 
how Pamela's name finally makes sense.

These three classmates had not been in the same room for 12 (?!) years:

In Australia fireworks are banned with minor exceptions.
In Estonia – fireworks, fireworks everywhere:

Neighbours did not call the police and Pamela got married.
It was win-win situation that day:

Dogs have an important part of Pamela's life,
so I could not imagine the wedding cake any other way:

That moment when you see Pamela in real life not through computer screen:

"So you are trying to tell me that everything is vegan here???":

It needs a lot of trust to manage sharp objects together...

...they were unsure at first...

...but succeeded splendidly:  

99% of child's awesomeness comes from the superstar grandmothers.
Just saying:

The tie was the showstopper:

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Davies! 

12 years ago we were less married and less old.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Šarik's 8th birthday

Our dog Šarik had another life before moving into our house. His birthday is unknown, but the vet and his previous neighbours confirmed that he should be around 7 or 8 years old. In these situations the shelter usually sets the birth date on the 1st of January. Ladies and gentleman, form now on the international hangover day, 1st of January stands for massive festive activities at our house.
Happy birthday Šarik!

When my previous New Year's Eve post was all about glitter and glamour,
than on 1st on January it is all about pyjamas and lazy waffles:

Yes, the shitty towel on the radiator is dirty from Šarik's paws my sins:

Tonnes of people being hangover, doing the walk of shame and promising never to drink again.
That's not us! Who would have known that 1st of January could be so fun?:

No pic, no proof.
(Also, he found out that his balls are cut off):

Thursday, January 03, 2019

My New Year's Eve

The funeral of 2018 was humble and sweet. Firstly, as always I did not lie to myself about making big lifestyle changes, thus no New Year's resolutions for me. I just keep on keeping on. Secondly, I paused the significant pressure to have crazy mad fun on New Year's Eve and just chilled with friends. Congratulation to me on reaching an age where I wake up on 1st of January at the exact time when I used to went to sleep.  

Just seconds away from burning my fingers:

I brushed my teeth and even put on some deodorant for the funeral of 2018:

I got a new camera lens from Santa and
now my dog seems kilometres long, never-ending sausage:

2019 is all about fucking the gravity:

Significant evening needs more than a basic outfit:

He pretends to eat me up and I only have 1 silly face in my manual,
everything is as it should be:

Our bookself is Bitchin':

A tiny fartface before we go-go:

We popped by this fancy setting,
it felt really grown-up:

This is my New Year's Eve coat, which I only wear once a year.

Friends and, more importantly,
crisps (god bless):

I was not a show off, I was freeeeeeezing.
I should have skipped the dress and put on pyjama instead, nobody would have noticed:

We start thinking about new favourite colour, when a darker colour will be invented:

On the next episode of The Bold and the Beautiful –
Ridge tries to marry Brooke again, but Eric is on the way:

Living the fabulous lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget:

Yes, this was were the hobbits lived in the movie Lord of the Rings:

The midnight was approaching and
the weather became worse and worse:

My coat works as a reflector:

Time for haircut and a new tattoo:

Premature evacuation:

We hope that weather stays this shitty forever:

Waiting for the tram like AWYEAH!:

Sparkles are awesome!!!!:

Baltastic romance:

It was so cold, but sparkles kept us warm:

Hello, 2019!
I can now put this coat in the closet for 365 days: