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Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Barcelona amb família

If this is not a top secret information then I can tell you that my mom had her 50th and my little brother had his 20th birthday this year. If this was confidential knowledge...then the cat is out of the bag. I cannot believe that my brother was 11 when Game of Thrones started and he is living now on his own and has a girlfriend and a dog. Also, I cannot believe that mom can finally live da vida loca, since all the kids have flown out of the nest.

This needed some time to sink in. 
This needed a proper celebration. 
This needed a trip to Barcelona.

The human, who welcomed me into this world somewhere at Tartu motorway, and I:

Together they are 70, so they have all the right to sit on the elderly seats:

Familia went straight to Sagrada Familia:

There aren't a lot of landmarks that can excite me,
but this one was bitchin'!

It made me hungry:

Locals wore winter jackets, however my Nordic heart started to melt straight away:

I found out that mom knows ridiculous amount of info about plants:

The freedom vibe like Berlin has + warm weather of Barcelona =
me likey:

Gentlemen tourists:

The nature was in bloom: "Hey, winter, fuck you!"

He asked how magnets work
and she told him instead the story about the birds and the bees.
The dad behind them heard the story and his world collapsed:

Arc de Triomf and summer breeze:

"I find your fashion sense very Pinteresting":

I found this famous hippie and asked for his autograph:

Mix and match at its finest:

Barcelona is my new true love:

Little brother is intimidated by the badassery that the older bro delivers:

My mom is a vegetarian, so she had a very lovely trip to the capital of Ham:

It happened to be Spanish National Day and 
Spaniards vs Catalan gave out a big bucket of their opinion on the matter:

Mom is enjoying the little sunburn that was about to happen:

Mister Crab:

Trying to remember were we parked our yacht:

Top manta a.k.a. the blanket sellers. 
The immigrants waiting for asylum are selling illegally 
the most authentic fake products I have ever seen:

Mad visual merchandising skills:

30 € and a luxurious bag can be yours:

Maybe we should burn the return ticket and stay here?

I want to have the same drug that the famous architect Gaudi was having:

I mean, Barcelona is a beautiful city:

Finally it was my first time in Barcelona and 
I had the possibility to conquer yet another & Other Stories store:

Stay chic!

Pigeons look dumb in every country:

So I just ate burger at Bacoa and it was delicious:

Mom loves plants waaaayyyy too much:

My brothers are in the IT field:



My white skin works as a reflector:

That moment when you have just washed your hair,
but the wind just is ruining your life:

The most beautiful picture of Barcelona panorama:

Yes, this is picture of my mom:

We want rich people problems like which pool to use on Mondays:

I am ignoring the fact that winter is coming:

The mom is very upset that we only have carry-on luggage,
otherwise our flight would be truly fishy:

I give you cereal restaurant
and this is for real:

Overdressed and under stress: 

In Spanish the "j" sounds like an "h" so its like "hahahaha" 
but spelled the Spanish kind of way "jajajaja"!