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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

22th of May. The day of Circus.

Fuck wrinkles and saggy tits, I will forever and ever embrace birthdays. 
To avoid being too hoggish, I honestly adore everyone's 'When-my-mama-pushed-me-out' day. 
Every year I have a blast on the 22th of May.
  Last year I was in Gröna Lund with Ott and had a amazing party together with Charlie. I will never forget my massive 20th birthday party together with Reggie. Hell, I even had fun when I was in a hospital one year, drugs helped a lot. 

This year on my birthday Fred was at home, so it was rather special. 
Previous year Skype kisses were kind a dull. 
This time we had a day off from work, very hot weather and a new car to carry us around. BLISS!
First things first in the morning I received a card-box full of flowers to plant.
So I put on my comfortable clothes, which make me look like a rapper, and I started digging in the soil.
My flowerbed is pimping, yo. 

A little stop at the Merivälja groyne 
to capture my appearance for the years to come.

Fred wanted to go all fancy and take me to a restaurant, which did not feel right.
I refused, since I am so committed to China Red take-away.
Breakfast at the garden is better than anything else:

Five birthdays now I have received Fred's kisses. 
Not bad, not bad at all:

I do prefer pot flowers to cut flowers, 
but these pink roses made me go like this:

Another successful 365 day trip around the Sun finished: 

One of the best gifts was that I received a new job position on the previous day.
My twenty three year old me has some exciting events ahead.

Fred was very secretive about the next steps.
We drove out from Tallinn in the directions of Russia...weiiirrrddd.
Although I did not have much time to worry as I was too busy of watching fields being in bloom, bugs committing suicide on our front window and waving at every cow I saw:

In rooster balloons we trust!

Birthday wishes from every corner of the world made me ignore gravity.
Loved how my parents congradulated me on Whatsapp and FB, but my dad saved it with phone call later on. 

Found a bit China Red under the seats,

Welcome our new To-Jo-Jo, which is in the right size to hold our bicycles.
Also Virgo pointed out it is perfect for a baby carriage.
So we could choose between Tour d'ÖÖ and Pelgulinna sünnitusmaja, yay.
Oh, the opportunities!

When we had been driving two hours 
Fred told me that we were going to a adventure park near Jõhvi.
"It's the closest to an amusement park we have in Estonia" he said.
I jumped from joy so high that we now have a cabriolet!!

Don't tell me you're still wondering on where your diet went wrong: 

The ice-cream made him even sweeter:

"Another bitch from Tallinn wants to take pictures with us." cows though.
"Hey, girl. YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!" they said.

Finally after three hours we arrived at the Adventure park.
"Look, mom! Without hands!" and then she peed on herself:

He was totally in his own element.
If it would be his choice, then he would go to work like this every bloody day:

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck, gravity!"

Somewhere between heaven and hell:

It was so scared of the water that I forget to enjoy the view:

The next crossing went a bit smoother:

Basically the rest of the day we played Tarzan and Jane.
He chased me with a speed of fire:

No signs left from the deodorant we put on that morning:


We ended our day with a sauna at Jäneda. 
Warning! Romance overload!

My love is like a diarrhoea, I cannot keep it in: FRED YOU ARE AMZING and THANK YOU FRIENDS for sending good wishes and putting embarrassing pictures on my FB wall.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring in Eastern Europe.

Life in general feels like:

This is our face when we are watching 'Keeping up with Kardashians':

Ulme is a new logical end of an evening (Tallinn Marie Laveau).
Wanted to throw some panties at DJ Sam:

Excuse my Narcissus maximus, 
but I am a new woman after I bought the coat from & Other Stories.

Bitches love flowers, yo:

Everyone should have an awesome ginger in their life like I have.
Seems like I am taking over the hair colour:

Every time I want to take a picture of her, she wants to poke her eyes out.
Hint, much?

Oh, I love the spring.
Dogs having sex on every corner and the smell of BBQ:

Monday, May 26, 2014

Vihterpalu. The paradise of Trammies.

Omg. Such. Much. Going on. Lazy. Blogger. LOL.

The last day in Haapsalu started for some of us a bit tiredly. 
For one of us it did not start at all, since the previous day just kept on going and going and going. 
A lot of knocks and fucks were received and given, 
so we were ought to go to Trammi's cottage/home/spa to redeem ourselves. 

My boyfriend's food brings all the girls in the yard, 
damn right, he is better than yours (excluding Erik S.):

The biggest mistake made that day:
sunscream was left home #whitegirlproblems:

His face when he sees your shitty sound-system burn down:

Now I understand why Trammi avoids being in Tallinn.
Nobody wants to go the Mordor, when they have such beautiful Shire:

Rehearsing our Tähelaev interview, there I would be the surprise guest:

New spa treatment = holding-your-head-maybe-it-works:

Great thanks to Ian and Tiiu,
without whom this selfie would not have been possible (Oscar speech):

My friends are amaze balls!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Haapsalu. Wilma sitting on things.

Basically Saturday in Haapsalu through my camera came out pretty weird. 
Seems like I was there alone taking selfies. 
Inspired by Kim Jong Il looking at things, here is Wilma sitting on things:

The house of my dreams needs some sitting on the stairs:

Wait! This is not Wilma, this is a cat:

Checking out how comfortable the bed is.
Looking at the distance and thinking about how magnets work:

Wilma sitting on a cold porch, do not recommend:

It was too cold inside, now back on the stairs
(enjoying my adventures so far?):

Wilma standing and looking at the distance:

Expect the unexpected. 
Wilma standing with a boy!:

Fred's colleague standing on her heels from Samaaria (free of charge!);

United with friends! 
Partying second day in a row makes you tired, so sitting down is obligatory:

Very lovely film we saw at HÖFF: 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Haapsalu day I

The company that Fred works for has a tradition to go to Haapsalu HÖFF every year.
 As it was last days of my holiday, I invited myself along on the field trip. 
It was like the perfect plan, every detail just fell into place. 
A.k.a. perfect asses landed on the back seat and "Hey ho, let's go!"

I lost my heart at Haapsalu.  

This pictures symbolises how life works - some are goofy and some are shit serious:

Actually I should have photoshopped Ian into our peace out session, 
since he was greatly missed. The summer cottage says hi!
Pizza and wine - perfect combo:

Talking trash about bloggers, whose CV is quite empty 
yet there's a big bold text in times new roman: "Famous Estonian blogger".
Our fart smells better than that (snaps with fingers):

Fred's fellow workaholics:

Flash party was rather empty and boring: 

Club Apteek was a true medicine for our soul.
Shaggy makes you dance hard:

B-r-a-a-v-u-u-u-r-i-t-a-r, proska:

Talking about Erki Nool:

"There are crazy people in town":

more fun than should be allowed continues in the next episode.