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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snöfritt Stockholm Love

I love being in Sweden - I lost my heart here when I was like six years old. 
Being here is rather relaxing, I have already done all the mandatory activities: taken a ride with my absolutely favourite tunnelbana; waited my boyfriend to try on all pairs of pants at Weekday; walked around in Stockholm with –5 degrees (the coldest weather I have witnessed this year).

My shopping here is rather low-keyed, because I only wanted two special items and I HAZ THEM already. So we just walked around the whole day. 
Story of my life :"This is a one-woman show" + one-man show (he is very handsome):

Oestrogen is going loco when Monki has a REA:

The fitting room joke: trying to take a picture of myself. At the same time desperately hiding the camera and failing miserably at it. Then trying to look fabulous and skinny, because if you're not buying this dress, then at least you have a picture of it:

I would go down on her anytime (dirty Topshop talk, wink-wink):

Swedes know how to make delicious chocolate thingies:

I remembered the smell from Bromley-by-Bow:

Little acid trip:

My boy digs gossip, yo:

T-bana - silent, fast, comfortable, just lovely:

I will be keeping calm on the 18th january and there after:

Stockholm has the best thrift stores. Not like in Tallinn, where even dealers in Balti jaam are asking shitloads of money for just shit. 

This is my Amen in church, my hipster's paradise:

Even choosing school is happy and relaxing here:

To all ya Creepers lovers:

Random dog between the aisle:

Speaking of dogs - they all has them. No chihuahua, no dogs size of a hamster, but real big dogs:

A bulk of seafood everywhere - they has it:

Buses using biogas and ethanol (like Karl Laumets) + other naturvänliga stores and items - they has it!:

For us Estonians a market is a dirty place owned by russian mafia, so we buy our green groceries at big shopping centres. Other nationalities buy their greenies from an outside market where everything is oh-so-fresh. 
Fruits and salesclerks are very colourful:


The Kungliga slottet:

Ultimate winter Norden cold win:

Their bottles are also happier;

They honour the old and make it even more good looking than the new. That goes for everything:

and a bit of me too:

Friday, December 30, 2011


So before I start posting news from Sweden - jag är här nu - I must sum up my last days in Estonia. 
Regina had a party at her house. Despite having a high fewer, I showed up nevertheless (otherwise Reggie would have killed me).  It was nice to see Melissa, whom I last saw in August, and say goodbye to Reggie's old house (I have always been very drunk there and have not payed attention to its beautiful  features, that I first saw now).

Melissa from Sweden, we will meet soon in Stockholm:

Harry had a thought + a boy with one eye:

And Reggie was flipping as always:

Hemma bra, men Sverige bäst.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas + club 2011 (again, really?)

I'm enjoying Christmas a lot more than last year, when I stayed in Rochester alone. This year we ran between mine and his family, ate a lot and received really nice gifts (this time no embarrassing presents, like socks size 4 - I wear size 7.)

Fake tree is fake:

The most loveable gift was a watch, that suits well with my pending lifestyle.
London / Tallinn (soon Stockholm / Tallinn) on my wrist:

Not going to show you all the things I got, but here is my new glamorous drinkster:

It was like SO yesterday, but I finally received all the pictures taken at club 2011 lõpupidu.

Pictures taken by Ti Lo:

Trying to flirt with the boy next to me with a sausage in my mouth. 
Not sure if I'm doing it right:

Hand-in-hand with a hipster:

Arriving to the Red District:

I like when Reggie drinks vodka, enough said:

Anal much?:

Happy to see Rando, he is not that amused:

"Dear lord, thank you for the beats. Hallelujah!":

Pictures taken by the Queen of the Castle of Fashion:


I'm going to bed now, I'm so sicky :(

Friday, December 23, 2011

Club 2011 lõpupidu

Club 2011 lõpupidu with Lil Silva, Dorian Concept and 2562 (!!!) - it was oh-so-good party.
Massive tunes with wicked incomings:

Ready for the floor:

Met up with friends before the event:

We went to Hell Hunt to watch football:

Enjoyed some drinkies:

At the party - maaaad!:

Dance like nobody's watching:


Dorian Concept, he is so good! I'm sad I missed him at KoKo:

Triin is happy:

But not as happy as the biggest fan:

Girls from London:

The beats ate the crowd up:

The only picture of Harri, but he was there:

Reggie met a girl from Amsterdam:

Reggie has a fake "This party is wicked" smile :

Lil Silva:

Happy Paula (from Denmark/ moving now to San Francisco ):

Random pretty girl

Good teeth:

Tantsukingad lõid pilli:

Dance moves:

I had a magic drinky with me:

Dance moves vol.2:

Mari-liiz hugz:

Ott from Birmingham:

2562 - oh my fucking god!:


Kadri  from Hong Kong:

I have very international friends. 
I'm happy.