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Sunday, December 30, 2018

My 2018

1. What describes 2018? 90% of hard work and 10% of fun. Not an easy way to put it, but I disappeared for my dearest ones and I do not even want to know how many hours did I spend in the office or at university. I will graduate in 2019 and I promise to be around more, plan less and chill.

2. Something that you hadn't done before? Not mom, not dad, but I myself walked into the dog shelter and took Šarik home. Our family has first time ever a third member!

3. Where did you travel? I thought I have to put my wanderlust on hold after I started to study at uni again. However, I managed to do some kind of travelling record. I visited Berlin, Stockholm, Riga, Scotland, Berlin again, Croatia, Vilnius, Stockholm once more, Barcelona, New York and will include working at Helsinki office and several brief landings at Frankfurt also here. This is something that makes me happy and fulfilled. 

4. Greatest achievement of 2018? 
  • Keeping myself sane while having a full time job and full time master studies. Cannot. believe. it.
  • Travelling to many amazing places and the opportunity to go on a working trip in New York and seeing Naomi Campell in real life. 
  • Finding Šarik and having the balls to offer him home.

5. Best purchase? Beyoncé and Kendrik Lamar concert tickets.

6. Something that made you really happy? My dog + my husband + my trips abroad + friends + weddings

7. Saddest moment? Seeing how empty my blog was during 2018. Seeing how empty my calendar was from "brief meet-up with friends". Also, my body and mind aching from stress.

8. What song reminds you of 2018? It was all about nublu this year.

9. Favourite TV show in 2018? I will delete this question, because the answer always is "Õnne 13".

10. Favourite book in 2018? I have read only one book that is not related with my studies, how pathetic is that! So I have to nominate "Everything I Know About Love" by Dolly Alderton.

11. Best theatre play in 2018? Ivanov killed it this year.

12. Best record and concert in 2018? Kendrik Lamar, nublu and Beyoncé live. Records I will skip.

13. How do you remember year 2018? Somewhat gap year, somewhat "better and bigger stuff is yet to come" year.

Let's now see what I have done in 2018.

The year started with a proper bang and it's the prettiest I have felt during the whole year:

It was not your mellow "Let's look at the TV and fireworks, after that let's go to sleep" New Year's Eve.

Bitches loved Fred:

The amount of beauty was very high in that room:

Once a year, during New Year's Eve I have the opportunity to wear the fanciest dress there is
and go to Maxima:

We understood that girls need to meet time after time to chick-chat
and talk about how stupid boys are:

Friends found lovely boyfriends and it was a pleasure to introduce them to our group:

In January I took Fred to Berlin for the very first time:

It was rather romantic time together and perfect opportunity to clear my head:

He liked it there:

Accidentally Ella was also in town and we did some shenanigans together:

5% of 2018 I spent in & Other Stores:

2018 Ott moved to Berlin and we had to say proper goodbyes:

Maybe Ott lost his hearing that night:

To this day I still find confetti sneaking around my home:

Fred's dream came true as his friends came together to play games:

I am so happy that we went to Stockholm with the below crew.
This is how Lepik stepped into our lives:

Also, we sat down and were humble...

....since we saw Kendrik Lamar:

I showed them the best places in Stockholm:

Had some stories to tell:

My Swedish and Estonian friends all together in the same place:

The best idea in 2018 = to take the boat back home:

It's good to know that our foreign friends have not forgotten about us
and dare to visit the East side:

Hopefully they liked it here and will return:

Let's be honest, I have been a sucky friend, since I have ignored them the whole year, so I was pretty sure that nobody will show up. It turned up better than expected!:

Just a second on my lips
and lifetime on my hips:

In 2018 I was drunk twice and that night was definitely one of them:

My fat ass got an activity watch as a gift,
it has made my life complete (but the ass size is the same):

Yes, we are in a trash can. No, I cannot explain this:

This year I had the party before my real birthday,
so the flower invasion was intense:

I was working that day or walking in front of the mirror:

Thank you for loving me and still being my friends!

10. Honeymoon in Scotland (1 & 2)

Ott's gave us honeymoon tickets to Scotland and that was definitely the highlight of the year:

Being back to good old Glasgow felt good:

We met up long lost friends:

Some distilleries were visited and some glasses of whiskey was consumed:

I think this is the best picture I have taken in 2018:

The fashion boys:

Scotland was absolutely breathtaking: 

We drove around and discovered Scotland as much as we could:

Fred felt like he was in heaven:

I still cannot believe that I did not pack along amazing dress
and we did not do a proper photoshoot there:

The boys met their hero and were drunk already before noon:

Fred now owns land on Isle of Islay:

Edinburgh at its finest: 

Met up some more friends:

Thank you Scotland and see you soon again!

It all started with some drama and rescue operation,
but ended with laughs and flowers:

We invited some friends over to Jäneda,
but some chavs turned up instead:

This might have been the second and final time I was drunk in 2018:

My ladies, my centre if I spin away:

Yes, I saw the Queen and it was amazing:

Also, it was my pleasure that Ott is now living in Berlin:

If somebody has anything bad to say about this summer,
then their are clearly crazy:

Boss and I at a meeting:

Your basic peasants:

This little cheeky boy turned 5!

We took the car keys, crabbed some Hesburger on the way and ended up in Mustvee:

We cleared our head and emotions
and bought some original Mustvee merch:

Girls just want to have fun:

The wedding season was rather rich in 2018:

Quality time with good friends:

When the bride offers you vodka then you do not refuse:

Neighbours came and had some fun with the newlywed:

In the end there's only love:

Waiting for that magical sunrise and dancing until new morning has arrived:

Another year, another RMK house to test:

No internet connection whatsoever:

Fuck Värska, Borjomi forever:

More fun than should be allowed:

Seeing him once a year is clearly not enough:

Do you spy the photoshopped guy?:

This summer holiday was rather nice:

Sleep, beach, eat and repeat:

Would definitely recommend visiting Croatia: 

Best travel buddy:

Being sweaty and fabulous:

Had some sexy cow:

No stress, no schedule, true bliss:

The second wedding of 2018 took us to Lithuania:

The Lithuanian cuisine was amazing:

My colleagues and the significant others:

The last day of summer well spent:

Thank you and see you soon!:

In 2018 I seldom stayed up longer than 10PM,
that was one of them:

"Hi, mom! We are OK, but it's sooo past our bedtime":

Yes, we spent our first wedding anniversary at IKEA and we liked it:

We drove to Valga shelter empty handed and returned with a dog.
This event truly changed our lives and will be the headline of 2018:

We have now been together for some months and it just feels right:

Ok, maybe he wants to move out, because we are a bit crazy:

We found our true best friend:

Despite some paw problems he is perfection:

My little brother turned 20 and my mom turned 50,
so a trip to Barcelona was a must:

October with degrees 20 and higher:

Fell in love with that city:

My brothers are silly, but so cute:

The mothership called again:

Had some lovely quality family time:

Take me there now!

BA, MA and Ph.D. students and smartest of them all,
our mother:

OMG, my friends are getting married and having kids!
Grown-up stuff to the max:

Just two months later she had a smaller belly and Rasmus has now entered the world:

It was a lovely surprise and I'm glad I could be apart of it:

Got the chance to visit New York again, which was the jackpot of the year:

It's good that I took pictures, otherwise I could not believe it that I was there:

I met Naomi Campell and we are BFFs now:

Love that city, it gives me butterflies:

Trying to meet Dan Humphrey:

My fellow PR team:

Alright, I do like my job:

And I have great support for fulfilling my goals:

I'm glad that I am torturing myself now, 
since I would never have the balls to do it in the future:

I do not have a lot of blog posts this year which makes me sad. 
This blog equals my sanity levels. No posts = bad place in life. More posts = good place in life.
I have a new phone and a new camera lens, so be ready for OOTD, "what I ate" and all that shit posts in 2019.
Until then, this is me at work:

As a tradition, year ends with fellow girls and us celebrating Christmas.
This time we had one penis in the room though:

We had some pregnancy news and educational presentations:

Bad mood was instantly swiped away:

I fucking love to dress up and make some pictures.

We have survived another year and we are ready to enter 2019:

29. To be continued in 2019

Not making any new years resolutions, 
but I am surely doing more blogposts, since I want to capture that receding hairline:

I need to capture those moments before I am old and wrinkled:

...or capture these moments for when I am old and wrinkled (like in "Notebook"):

Wilma's circus tour thanks all the supporters!