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Monday, December 23, 2019

Hans & Maria christmas beauties

It is somewhat peculiar fact that every time (four times to be exact) I looked stunning in 2019 were all work related. During my free time I tend to look pale, tired and with designer bags under my eyes. However this all changed, when I met my colleagues in Helsinki together with four professional hairdressers/make-up artists. Of course that was not even enough, because this all happened in fabulous hotel suite.
Yes, we are that extra! 

This is a sneak peek how I looked after professional hairdresser upgraded me:

We are going through work related divorce,
which meant that gifts were in order (and I think they like it or faking really nicely):

The glasses were never empty:

Chips + make-up + suite = what a day to be alive!

I only share my bed with fashion gems:

That time when I pulled my tummy in and could not breathe:

Everyone had 40 minutes glam time and smiles fulfilled the room:

I jumped on the bed, but my air time was short due to winter insulation on my body:

It's a Lithuanian thing:

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Linkedin profile update: DONE

This is how Lithuanians and Latvians pose:

This is how Estonians pose (you cannot sit with us):

She is whispering into my ear dirty little marketing secrets:

Then these fabulous ladies left the suite to attend the Christmas party.
We were so ready: 

The party theme was après-ski and he nailed it:

A lot of hours, food, drinks and dancing later it was time to go home.

The day after I did my Christmas shopping and came back home.
Unfortunately this might have been one of the last times I visit Helsinki (yes, I am that dramatic):

Sometimes divorce, but always close.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The kitchen "Before and after"

Three months now we have spent all our free time on our kitchen renovation. Now it is time to do the big reveal and show you the results. *Positive feedback only, thank you (lie, bastards, lie!)

Welcome to casa del Wilma and Fred

The new dining table is yet to arrive (out with the old!):


Decent 90s style kitchen with very low efficiency:

It was still summer outside when we started the demolition:

29th of August changed our lives forever – 
IKEA opened their store in Estonia:

We could not bother to be utterly neat, since we are not professionals,
so we left an apology letter to the next occupants:

For quite some time we enjoyed this spacious dance floor
with too many WOLT orders:

We did it all together without filing for divorce:

Real life adult LEGO at its finest:

Occasionally it was 2AM and we totally lost our minds:


This is how it looks today:

We started when it was summer outside and now we are ready just before Christmas:

New window, new furniture, new everything – 
I sometimes just come here to stare this beauty:

Also we have a new selfie spot:

Since Fred now has his own wardrobe closet,
then I could unpack and hang out all my hidden fashion gems. 
Embrace yourselves the hallways selfies are coming from now on:

T-Lo used our home already for product pictures.

Only negative side is that our bathroom looks like a proper shithole after everything else looks so fancy. Must take a break now.