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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy post.

I'm in a good place right now, happy emotions morph into blog posts, aiaiaiajuhuhuuiii.
 Few hours ago I submitted my dissertation and now I'm packing my bag to go Stockholm with Vanja.
It's so warm outside, that I got sunburned already. #Blond problems.

These flowers are so yesterday, or two weeks ago.

Probably tulip season coming up next week, yeššš!

Loviis is my pink ride:

Well flower pictures all the way:

S P R I N G!

This is not me, by the way:

Good old:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

W.T.Drones (OSM008) at Ulme + with Trammi at NoKu.

Every weekend since February I've had the early shifts at work. Contrary to my 17 year old me - who would have partied until 4AM and still would have gone straight to go to work at 7AM - I need my beauty sleep, otherwise I'm a monster, a very ugly and grumpy monster. Therefore no party for me.
But last Friday it was time to hit the town again. I whatsapped (yes, I'm now in XXI century with my new phone. loco-poco sugar loops) Trammi, because I really needed some girl time. What's the best place for to ladies to do some girl talk? Ironically NoKu.

She just came back from Malaysia and Thailand, 
so I photoshopped her paler:

We so did not hide all the bottles in front us and leave only classy little glass there...:

"He is stupid", "She's a bitch with an itch" - stereotypical va-dšei-dšei talk all the way until my boyfriend joined us and we were  ought to come back to reality.
Look at those angels (emme-issi lumehelbed):

Õllenaut joined us on the picture:

United with best Triins there is.

Threw some panties at my boyfriend:

Oh, well. Forgot to say that we continued to Ulme, W.T. Drones vinyl release party.
He sang upside-down. How the fuck?:

Bang, bang, boogie:

It was dull without Sam, so I called him. 
He came, but not sure if he went to work the next day. Love him still:


Monday, April 07, 2014

Addition to Charlie's wall of photos. Glasgow II.

Our stay in Glasgow was short, yet eventful. 
We started the second morning at Megan's, throats were dry and heads were buzzing. Since the only time for sleeping is while in a coffin (kirstus võid magada), we carried on the hard work of invading Glasgow. 

Ott had a party on his mind that morning. He needed sunglasses as the day was too bright, it burnt his eyes.
The disappointment of Ott's day - nobody had coffee at home. 

On our way to Glasgow university, Ott grabbed like four cups of coffee 
(Charlie lives basically just around the corner from the uni),
 hence the smile.

"Not sure, but I guess Harry Potter was filmed here" - "I mean, where else?" said Charlie:

Let there be flowers, let there be historical and impressive houses and let there be friendship:

That evening Charlie was performing at the Glasgow University Music Club concert, therefore he had to leave earlier to get ready (although he is absolutely fabulous all the time).
Here I gave him a last tight hug before it was time to hit the stage:

As we parted ways, some of us continued to the Necropolis, which is a huge graveyard...emmm grave-mountain? A Victorian era cemetery, which was created after burials for profit were allowed. 
Verrrrrry crrrrreeeeapy place:

Before my arrival, Charlie and I wrote on FB, where he casually just said he has a "music thing" on one evening, but that does not hinder having more fun than should be allowed.
To be fair I expected the unexpected...
The Music club concert was pleasantly surprising and about Charlie's performance I could say - Jamie XX would have killed for some samples.

After the concert Calum invited us to cèilidh, we were like "???". It turned out to be a social dancing, since Scots are so incredibly social. 
And a great chance to see men in kilts! :

A pint of beer before we do some dancing:

Ready, set, go!
Scots are best at ignoring gravity:

Tartan overload in that room!:

It was actually a birthday party of a girl from Shetland, her father gave a speech and the accent was so amazing. For my retarded ear it sounded like Icelandic person trying to speak English.

Ott closely observed how the dance went and hit the dance floor. 
Sadly my low blood pressure did not allow to do any spinning and twirling, but next time I'll drink a lot of coffee and do a cigar before doing cèilidh, I promise:

No time to waste, next club was waiting for us. 

The Twisted Sisters:

It is hard to maintain my cold Eastern self, while everyone is so heart-warming around me. 
Lost my bitch for a second:

Cheers for the next visits in the future!
In Estonia, in Sweden, in Scotland, in *a random place*:

Cutting her thumb tuned Megan's swag so ON, Ott is very surprised (he didn't not know that so much swag existed in the world):

"I guess we have to go to Sweden to enjoy real summer weather."
That's what she said:

Home is where your head is:

A year full of kisses.

The joy is taken at 3AM, minutes before I took the bus to the airport. Bye bye Scotland:

The journey back home was the worst I have ever had. The airport was exclusively for Ryanair and the only morning flight was to Riga, hence I was the only passenger who spoke English (no joke). Men in sneakers and puffy black jackets, trying to buy "Toltše i Kabana" perfume at the tax free - that was the reality.
Whatever, I was sleepy enough (24h without a nap) to shut my mind down, as a result I left Kaur's present from Ott to somewhere in the airport. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Probably the airport security thought it was a bomb and I'm now prohibited to enter the UK.

Also, flight was delayed, because three men were intoxicated like Patsy and Selma on New Year's Eve without the 'fabulous'. They started fighting and they were sent off from the plane. The rest of their friends were seated far away from each other and were not served alcohol. The prohibition lasted half an hour, then the merry-go-round continued with expensive Ryanair booze and Russian curse words. I did not sleep a second.

Riga airport was dreary. I smiled at the border control agent, but she did not like it. In the front of the airport an old man jumped on my way and said "5€ Riga, no problem!". What was he thinking? that I am a stupid tourist from the west? I know my East side, that 5€ get's me the half way to Tallinn. 
I arrived at the centre and needed to use the restroom, before taking the 5h journey to Tallinn. Needless to say, Riga coach station toilet took from me the will to pee ever again. 30 cents for using the toilet, 30 cents for toilet paper..."I wouldn't get out of bed and piss for that amount of money" Patsy said.

Watched "Lion King" on my way to Tallinn and accidentally fell a sleep for 20 minutes. 

Although the ending was extreme, visiting Scotland was so awesome. Missing the people already, thank you all.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Estonian invasion in Glasgow.

From Oslo I flew to Edinburgh. 
Scotland welcomed me with heavy winds, which made it difficult for the plane to approach the airport. No joke, the procedure of landing was worth the clapping and fanfares in the end. Safe and sound, yet I missed my coach to Glasgow and couldn't reach Charlie by phone. Everything had started with an epic chaos, however the moment I stepped off from the bus and saw Charlie's face I jumped for joy! He was planning to send out a search squad for me, while waiting almost an hour at the coach station, but all is well that ends well. 
Reunited once again with Charlie - cannot even describe how good it felt. 
Despite the fact that I arrived late at night and was rather tired, Charlie and I stayed awake some hours to discuss what had happened since the last time we met. And A LOT had happened. We had moved away from Sweden, our significant others had changed their countries of residency, yet Destiny's Child was still the greatest band on Earth.
(sentimental alert throughout this post = "That's not a tear, I've got something in my eye")

The next morning I had a proper cup of tea, from my grandfather's mug, which I gave to Charlie in Stockholm, he took it with to Scotland. Felt just like home!
Later on we walked around a bit and of course I from snowy Siberia had to take picture of the daffodils:

We had come a long way since we last saw each other. Charlie and Krissu had become Charles and Kristel, who started off their day rather intellectually - we went to see the Hunterian Art Gallery. 

This picture is the most Scottish it could ever be, guess it's only missing Irn-Bru.

Since Charlie had to attend lectures at a uni, I had a few hour before my partner in crime Ott arrived from Mordor. First things first, I went to M&S and bought a delicious prawn sandwich.

When I found out about Scotland's famous 'cone head sculpture', I fell in love with Glasgow even more. 
Who didn't love this film back in the golden '90s:

Nevertheless it was raining again in a few minutes:

Once again we ended up at the coach station together with Charlie, however it was Ott's turn to arrive. 
Massive Estonian invasion had begun.
Naturally we took him straight to the kitchen (pure love).
"What's cooking, good looking?"

Charlie and the midgets:

"Friends" series 2, episode Glasgow:

No time to sit at home, whisky pub awaits! 

After seeing this picture my boyfriend became the most jealous he has ever been, I guess this he considers "cheating":

Even more merry Scots came to join us.
Here Calum shows Ott the liquid dinner, the meaning of life.
And Charlie just remembered the alcohol prices in Sweden:

Joyful pirates, one step away from singing and dancing:

I guess you could tell that moving to Stockholm was one of the best decisions we ever made: 

Then we went on clubbing, since you need to dance when it's Claire's birthday!

 On the right is Ott's friend, who he took with him from Mordor. He got a new name 'the legend of Glasgow', since Frenchmen leave the club when lights are put on and annoying cleaning lady comes in.

Megan, the magic lasagne maker (proof), cut her thumb off that day. Like literally. 
Anyways, she needed to dance the pain away and we helped her out. 

"Hi mom!"

We enjoyed ourselves to the max, however one moment I felt like "I. need. bed. now!". Maybe I was still on GMT+2 time? Luckily my super awesome drunk friend Ott took me home. Since I was sober, he had to take everything double, but in Ott I trust and we got home safe:

to be continued...

bonnie wee song: