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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wilma's 2014 from January to June.

So that everything does not become a blur, 
here is my year 2014 part I (January - June).

1.The last day of the year we dressed up for the funeral of 2013.
Like few years before, I still had his shoulder to rely on:

The New Year's Eve was a proper Noah's Arc with all the couples.
It's safe to say right now, that majority of the relationships survived the year 2014. 
One even got married!
(yet I could photoshop small little bunnies on some of the faces, because it's more nicer to look at)

We were looking back on our achievements .
Watching with all seriousness Tujurikkuja 2013:

It all started with a big bang:

2. Once a year Ella comes to visit the motherland 
and the proper way to welcome her is to dress up (or dress down?) like White Trash:

Desperately trying the steal the thunder from everybody else:

"What 2014?"
"It's 1999, bitch!"

I did not even try to cover the bottle, since this is one of the greatest pictures in my photo album.
I hope my grandchildren will be proud of me and hopefully press will find this, whilst I run for the president:

3. At Kersten's birthday party.
It was Ella's last day in Estonia and we didn't want to let her go:

Also that evening I managed to obtrude H's privacy by inviting all the chicas at his place.
Oestrogen level was too damn high!

4.When my life in 2013 was full of Sweden,
then 2014 I spent there two days altogether. 
It was so little time that I just wanted to jump off the bridge:

In retrospect, 2014 was full of home decorating, since Fred and I moved like 5 meters to another room. 
IKEA and Granit, I'll take a bow! 

5.My coworkers were hipster enough to celebrate Christmas party in January.
The theme was Great Gatsby:

I left my pearls at home and my tan in the closet:

The work family:

2014 I got rid of my fear towards hairdressers.
Sometimes trashy, sometimes classy:

6.In the end of January I did this casual and usual thing...
and flew to PARIS!:

One perfect Parisian balcony is enough to fit one Wilma:

&Other Stories = 1:

My trip to Paris was definitely one of the brightest memories of 2014:

Never will I ever forget, when we entered Chez Georges, a wine bar which was down in a cellar. 
Suddenly Édith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien came on and all the people sang along with loudest voice possible. 
I was blown away. Such. Much. Paris. Experience.:

Cute as a button and fierce as French:

Mom, I saw the Mona Lisa:

Kät and I got lost in the art:

Two places I will never move to is Paris and Tartu. I have my reasons. 
However it was still such remarkable trip and I can now recognise the places in the Sex and the City movie. Knowledge! 

Foremost it was much needed girlfriend time I got to spend with Kät.
We literally watched the whole season of Top Model Sweden, celebrated with dance and wine my first Chloé purchase and smacked about boys. 

7. Then I came back to home and pretended with my friends to be in Mexico:

8. In March Fred had a birthday.
What year would it been, when there wouldn't be any Sleeping Kersten pictures?
At least he is fully clothed:

9. A dollah, makes me hollah.
Most of my 2014 earnings went on plane tickets.
Like in March I flew to Oslo and made a selfie in the front of the Royal Castle.

My list of "Scandinavian capitals I have visited" got a decent extension:

It was mad expensive in Oslo, although living one year in Stockholm had made me numb towards it.

I spoke Swedish and people understood me, but I stopped after I read on a tourist brochure
"We dislike Swedes."
Nevermind, Oslo was bloody fabulous. Definitely would live there:

10. From Oslo I flew to Scotland to visit my Erasmus gang.

It had been a long time since we danced on the tables at Stockholm student housing and fell down from stairs.
Well needed reunion:

How can you not love a country which national animal is an unicorn?!
Also whisky helps to widen the smile:

Truly, madly, deeply Scots are the most friendly nation I have ever met.

Oh, and they can party like Eastern Europeans. Respect!

Glasgow Uni looks like scene from Harry Potter movie.
Harry and Ron here:

Hugs, pugs and drugs.

Hopefully 2015 we will meet again!

As singing Édith Piaf at a cellar in Paris became the biggest Parisian experience, 

then dancing at Scottish birthday party was beyond any of my expeditions. 
Tartans. Kilts. No time to breathe. Such. Much. Scotland. Wow!:

11. In April it was warm enough to take my bicycle Loviise out for a spin:

Flower showers:

The warmer it got, the less clothes I had:

12. My Tri-Lo and Tri-Tra, my centre if I spin away:

The rare moments, when I went out, I went to Ulme.
W.T. Drones giving me "You're the man":

13.The most special party place in 2014 - 
when a friend of ours rented a trolleybus and had a rave on it.
The party route Mustamäe - Centrum - Mustamäe - Centrum - Õismäe - Centrum.

I got to drive!:

14.In April I had three weeks off from work, hence the load of events and pictures.
Grass was green and coats came off:

Melissa had a birthday party, 
there Epp and I failed miserably at her "How well do you know me quiz":

This trio was back together!

Melissa sold her hat for 10€ and saved the party entrance cost:

Definitely best group photo of 2014:

15. This year I looked more mature...I guess.
Sam told me minutes after the shot that he thought somebody's mother got lost at the nightclub, when he saw me:

Our faces, when we hear about our friends Tinder dates:

16. Visiting Mister O and enjoying spring:

2014 he moved back to Estonia and now he is just a phone call away:

17. On a hottest spring day possible Vanja took me to Stockholm 
and the Wilma's blog got a header picture:

Compulsory cherry blossom pictures: 

&Other Stories = 2

My heart skips a beat, I miss Stockholm so much:


18. Nevermind the heavy scarfs we are wearing, picnic in Haapsalu was a must:

The privilege of having this summer cottage is a blessing:

After HÖFF film festival and long nights in Haapsalu,
we went to Dréinu's dreamy forest home and recharged:

Oh, the talks by the pond (last weeks she was single, oh remember the times):

19. Then came May with Tulips and regular obligation to mow the lawn

In May everybody were on heat:

20. On the 22th of May I dressed up, got a balloon and ate brunch outside,
since it was my birthday!:

Tallinn and I:

Free kisses!:

Then Fred told me to sit in the car and drove to the unknown.
We stopped anytime I screamed "Cow" or "Field!"...

...or "Ice-cream!":

After driving like three hours (the amount of stops slowed us down, the bloody fields and cows were everywhere) Fred showed me the extra clothes he had packed along and told me to change. 
Turned out that he took me to an adventure park, so on my birthday I got to slide over trees and lakes like a superwoman:

Such an eventful birthday ended in our Jäneda cottage.
Such. much. romance.:

21. June and apple tree blossoms:

22. It was time for my birthday party - Soviet heroes:

Girls are pushing the beauty and he still looks ridiculously handsome:


On our way to take few branches of birch before heading to sauna:

Mister managed to fell down from the tree, but still had a smile on:

It's not easy anymore to be up until the sunrise, but we did it!

My friends gave me the start-up money for driving lessons as a present, so the year 2014 I learnt how to drive. Now 2015 is the year when I get the actual licence to prove it. Promise!

The pancakes the morning after. 

23. Work wise it has been a crazy year, 
since in June I stopped going to university and jumped into career path: 

Take me seriously, I dare you:

24. Like said 2014 was a travelling year. 
In June Fred and I finally went somewhere together. Destination Budapest:

Budapest was with Parisian and London powerful scenery with cheap prices.
A.k.a. Champagne lifestyle with Tesco value prices: 

Our hotel looked like the original Grand Budapest hotel:

The weather was +35C every day:

History student as I am, appreciated the city a lot:

The most relaxing trip I have ever been to:

Hungary has thermal springs everywhere around, thus open-air spas are quite common:

The richest we have ever been:

Heatwave took the clothes off:

We don't always travel together, but when we do, it's bloody incredible.
Love to the bits:

Just few day after arriving back to Estonian, I went to see Eero in Helsinki.
How to do a proper celebration:

Of course we went to the parade:

I'll take a bow to everyone involved. 
Soon I'll continue with July to December.