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Saturday, January 31, 2015

January jam.

My long lost friend wrote me a letter this week and asked how I was doing. While I composed a response, I understood that life is pretty fucking awesome right now.
 Of course there is a lack of university degrees and surplus of female hormones, but that just keeping the reality in and fairy tale out.

First of all it is fantastic to attend a surprise birthday party
 that has the most astonishing serving ever:

Since the birthday boy and co are going skiing in Austria, 
there is only one way of taking vodka shots:

It has been a while since I attended a birthday party 
that had separate table for kids (us) and grown-ups (them):

"I miss birthdays parties that are held at McDonald's" 
that's what he said:

Then we sneaked out to have 2.7% beer.
Rebel is our middle name:

The madame on the picture tried to dance with everyone. 
Here the DJ politely tries to decline:

Few days later I went along to see the Misters' band practise.
Only thing they need and trust is electricity:

They are going to Tallinn Music Week and needed an inviting and exciting profile picture.
I recommended them to take their shirts off, but they did not listen.

I got bored and made more selfies than should be allowed. 
Biggest fan:

"Human, you are annoying":

The biggest and coolest dog I have ever met:

No time to make band pictures.
Dogs before bros:

A little glimpse of Riga and working abroad.
However my winter vacation just started and I'm heading to Copenhagen.

For the sake of dog:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family's Christmas.

Better late, than arrive ugly. Better late, than never.
 Better with friends, than alone. 
The most idyllic evening waited its time on a film roll. 
Now it's out and ready to induce nostalgic feelings. 

Merry Christmas...

Sisters from another Misters,
and brothers from another mothers:

 Idyllic (adjective) - extremely pleasantbeautiful and peaceful.
Look it up!:

A lot of catching up to do.
A lot of news heard.
A lot of googling after.
A lot of muscle pain from laughing:

Bravo to the chefs!
We have come a long way from fast noodles and LV, now it's salmon and fancy cocktails.
Growing up is so awesome.:

The "let's make silly faces" picture,
our theatratical skills are overrunning the place.
What emotions! Amazing silliness!:

Our brother Carlovich was greatly missed, 
at that very moment he was in Kuressaare and doing crossword puzzles with his girlfriend.
But we had a drink for his sake:

The older you get, the more helpful are the youtube videos 
that remind you what you did last summer:

To joy of understanding that life is rather good:

"School is a bitch" he said:

Three girls, four cups:

Until we meet again!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week in pictures (almost BBC, but not quite yet)

No time to explain, jump on the blog wagon.

1.So far 2015 has been quite snowy, thus you're better off with a shovel and a dingo:

2.It's great to be a grown-up. 
Whenever you feel like it, you can take your friends on a two hour long car ride 
to the deep forest of Rakvere just to play board games:

It took some time to heat up the place,
when it got too warm, boys jumped into an ice pond. 
Cray-cray the Estonian way:

3.Jazz Friday and date night:

 NO99 makes you feel the urge to take your clothes off,
or at least show some skin:

Well, still my secret crush:

Glimpse of the music:

Monday, January 05, 2015

The New Year's Eve

Is this another recap blog post? Why are there so many pictures? 
Well, Santa brought me a digital camera and after a long resistance, I promised to give it a try. 
This doesn't not mean I'm going to throw my analog "more quality than quantity" camera away. Although for me, who has some serious difficulties to pick up new things, this is so WILD!
All my favourite things are old vintage(mainly TV shows and friends).
Anyway, here is my absolutely fabulous New Year's Eve 

I'm more pretty, when my head is against the wall:

New Year's Eve means you can wear that one dress that rest of the year sits in the closet.
Even the Champagne bottle got a dandy suit:

Little piece of Sweden is always with me.
Blossa 2014 mulled wined was in that moment hours away of becoming 'so last year':

Last New Year's Eve we made our most liked FB picture,
this year the table and what's on it outshines everything:

Sometimes I get hypnotised by my breasts:

Miniature trout in garlic sauce. 
If this is not the correct level of fancy needed on a NYE, than I don't know what is:

Lady Rose always is in the centre of attention:

The host is pleased:

The greatest pose of the evening goes to a cat (not jelly at all):

Pussy problems that boys just don't get:

My intellectual level is not high enough to write "2015" with sparkles,
so here is a heart as usual:

There's a cat, there's a peace sign, there's a double chin - perfect selfie to end the year with:

No Tears Eve,
simply joyful:

Atheist country blows up churches:

Free hugs:

The 'dinner with four' expanded to 'joy with many':


My fingers symbolise the amount of days I'll try to fulfil my new year's resolution.
After the fourth day I'll just do everything I did the year before:

I'm showing a trick I learned, 
the 'pull an endless shiny ribbon out of your head' trick:

The best place to talk and raise a glass - kitchen.
Nothing's new in 2015:

On our way to find a dance-floor,
of course we didn't leave without the sparkle:

2015, bring it on!