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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Wilma Circus in March 2022

It's a moment of time, when my personal struggles dwindle in the current world's context. No, I'm not sweeping anything under the carpet, but I have found fresh power mentally, emotionally and physically. Maybe the wartime activated my mother survival instinct, maybe it's spring, maybe time heals.

Look at this Wilma talking about how powerful she is, although first time ever she heavily photoshopped her skin this month. The pimples really hit hard to her self-worth. 

1st of March
Me and the picture of whisky distillery – Fred's version of PornHub:

2nd of March
Let me just put this night light between my legs
and then we can Vogue:

3rd of March
Leave the baby with the granny and then WÖRK-WÖRK-WÖRK-WÖRK (read with Rihanna's voice):

4th of March
Went a little overboard with my kinky giraffe fantasy:

5th of March
Before and after shower.
A bit cleaner, a bit more hair-clips:

6th of March
It turns out that Pebbles likes to ignore gravity as much as mama Wilma does:

7th of March
still. cannot. believe. it:

8th of March
That one day out of 365
when we honour 50% of the humans on this planet:

9th of March

10th of March
It turns out the comb is not a magic wand:

11th of March
Celebrating Fred's birthday one day early.
He is beautiful. He is kind. He is smart. He is sexy. He is Johannes to my Alma:

The Queen Bee and Mini Bee:

12th of March
Presents, cake, hugs and white lies.
Little did Fred know that Hilton suite with friends was waiting for him few hours later. 

13th of March
My Hilton Suite Mister returned home saying that I had won the Girlfriend of the Year Award (yet again).
Pebbles however had never heard of the term hangover:

14th of March
The art of doing nothing:

15th of March
Don't blame it on the sunshine
Don't blame it on the moonlight
Don't blame it on good times
Blame it on the boogie:

16th of March
Daily two hours of unconditional one-on-one time with Šarik:

17th of March
After staying indoors for 4 months straight,
I left my winter blues behind:

18th of March
Formula 1 season start makes me fabulous:

19th of March
Having 8 hours of free time. Meet friends? Play AOE? Go to spa?
Noup, healthy bitch cycles 30km instead:

20th of March
And the next day I cycled another 30km with the fam:

21st of March
The ugly sleep needs some...:

...beauty walk:

22nd of March
The hetero cringe, we only fart rainbows:

23rd of March
Damn, I look gooooooooood (with a little help from Photoshop):

24th of March
You say it's mustard yellow, I say it's the shade of newborn's poop:

25th of March
Rule #1 = No mini-skirts past the age 30
Rule #2 = Fuck rule #1

26th of March
allakäigutrepp on libe:

27th of March
I got their backs:

28th of March
This is how explaining life to Pebbles goes:
"So Goofy and Pluto are both dogs,
but Goofy can talk and walk on two legs and Pluto, of well, is just a dog."

29th of March
I was done waiting to fit my new body to my old jeans.
So I bought new jeans and the problem went away:

30th of March
Layers are so IN this spring.
The layers of blankets:

31st of March
10 elephants fit on a boat,
but 11 archers don't: