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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kooraste rental hut aka bang for a buck

At the beginning of June we rented a RMK house, which was more fun than should be allowed (you can find the blog post about it here). A great way to start the summer, therefore we thought why not to end the summer also at a RMK rental hut. This time we rented a place at Kooraste for only 55 € per day! You might think I am doing a collaboration with RMK as I am obsessed, but I simply adore cheap and amazing things.

Hey! Hey!
It's Adavere Circle K!

Kickin' in the front seat
sitting' in the back seat!
It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday!

Soft ice-cream, Rõngu donuts, Gin long drink and a quality friend by your side,
the word healthy is not in our vocabulary:

The kids are building a bright future:

One does not simply let go of his bottle nor spill any alcohol while diving:

A veggie a day,
keeps doctor away:

55 €, folks!

Laying on your back removes all your wrinkles, but sadly your tits fall back.
There's always a downfall:

Bitch really likes scented candles!:

Ketchup and insect repellent make the summer complete: 

"Let's make another baby, honey!"

We be drummin'
we be jammin':

Just a second ago someone peed on Fred's shirt:

This happens when you borrow too much happiness from the next day:

No time to heal our wounds,
let's go to an adventure park:

Men with broad shoulders and a solid body hair have a lesser health risk, making them better fathers. 
A great physical ability shows that he can bring home a decent meal:

Courtship display at its finest:

Victoria Secret Fall/Winter sexy harness:

I conquered all the five paths, some were physically really hard, some were mentally difficult 
due to the height, but damn, how cool it was!

We were so sweaty and stinky after that,
so a natural bath was a must:

Pühajärve beach party:

The clueless lady was completely wet after the jump:

Don't hate, celebrate!

New crew member arrived from Tallinn
and smoothly swam along:

Upgrade from Tallinn made us complete:

The moment when it's so cold that you can't find your penis:

When someone yells "STOP!", I never know if it's in the name of love or it's Hammertime:

Our extra member was protecting us:

Massive thunderstorm began with heavy winds and bolt of lightning.
We were scared, man!
The car that pulled over to our yard and the driver holding an axe did not help either:

Little did we know that this thunderstorm cancelled events, wiped out trees and went pretty loco elsewhere. 
But we were alright!:

I have a smile on my face, but inside I am thinking about all the scary movie scenarios I have seen:

We survived the night and the house was exactly were we left it:

Embrace yourselves, 
the autumn is coming:

In coffee we trust!

We went to explore Pokumaa and discovered cool creatures along the road:

Mushrooms everywhere!!!

I threw my camera under the bush and started picking more valuable things into my camera-bag: 

Limbo is his new thing,
although his back is disagreeing:

We learned how to look at things and discovered that we actually have some fantasy left is us.

Thank you, Edgar Valter, for teaching us how to see things!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Foals concert in Vilnius

Fred and I really love the band Foals. I mean Fred's celebrity crush is Mila Kunis and mine is Yannis Philippakis, the lead singer of Foals. Nevermind his sex appeal, that guy can sing!
We are such ridiculous fans that a song of Foals is carved upon our engagement wristbands.   

Also one of the most glorious moments in my life was when Yannis stage-dived on my arms during a concert in Italy. I barely washed my hands after that.

For my birthday Erik and Laura gave us the tickets to Foals concert in Vilnius, so road-trip was a must and straight from Epp's and Juss' wedding my hangover self was dragged to Vilnius
to see this magic:

Despite being unemployed girl and struggling student in Stockholm, 
Fred and I managed to see them in Copenhagen year 2015 for the very first time.
Then I was too afraid to fully mosh, but Fred had a blast in the mosh pit:

Year 2016 we flew to Italy to see Foals.
Two major things happened then: Yannis fell on my arms + Fred and I got engaged:

Year 2017 we had amazing Penthouse Airbnb in Vilnius and love continued:

Of course on our way to Vilnius I demanded a stop in Riga so I could shop at COS.
We all four went loco there:

I know a place where I can go
When I'm low down
To your house, down to your house
I will go when I'm low

I know a face who I can show
My true colors
To your arms, into your arms
I will go when I'm low.
Don't you just hate when someone posts some random lyrics. ANNOYING!:

Our couple in crime:

Getting anxious before the concert, hoping to meet Yannis soon:

The wall has spoken "Damn, good shirt":

Suddenly a giant yoghurt appeared:

We jumped, we moshed, I ran directly in, Yannis was so close, I wanted to throw my panties at him.

The next day I was back at being ordinary girly girl:

"Guys, let's go to IKEA?"

The next day we took Erik and Laura's IKEA virginity
and we found tonnes of useful stuff:

Not your ordinary basic bitches:

Next year another concert, another country: