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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jag kommer att gip härifrån - Last day at work.

I am sitting at Arlanda airport and waiting for my boarding. 
This is it! I am leaving Stockholm for now and new adventures await. 
*fights tears*
This a story about my last day at work and a "Goodbye" party full of so much love that no words cannot describe how blessed, thankful and happy I am to have had the possibility to meet these lovely people. MINA GÄRIS 

"Käraste Kristel, kollega och vän Baltikum väntar och vi får ses sen I livets ryggsäck bär du på glitter Så mycket mer värme än de flesta besitter. När du svär på svenska blir jag helt kär Om du hatar H&M har du en plats här Glöm inte bort oss för vi kommer minnas I kingarnas hjärta kommer du finnas Saknar dig redan bästa du Ikväll ska vi skratta men det är sorgligt just nu." - Linn G

Last morning start together.
Waking up ungodly hour and starting your workday 7am makes the people loco poco sugarloops:

Chocolate cake + alcohol-free bubbly + strong coffee = cray-cray sugar rush:

It felt really strange to have the last day at work.
Tried to say goodbye to my bitches, but they just turned their backs on me:

A small power-nap later it was time to pop the champagne,
liquid dinner was in order:

"One more drink, madame!":

And then they kissed and lived happily ever after:

The moment you find out that Estrella chips aren't 100% vegan:

I can't believe that so many people showed up!
I can't believe how much fun we had!
I can't believe how well my camera self-timer works:

M O N K I !:

Kendall Jenner and us:

One does not simply miss Idol Sverige and Liam Cacatian.
Makes girls happy since 1997...wait what?! how old is he?!:

The silence between chaos and party moment,
Liam made us breathless and our bodies started to feel weird:

Hej, hej.

Norrlänningar have the warmest smile
because it needs to melt all the snow and ice away:

Gangsta rap made me do it:

The moment you remember that you have a day off tomorrow: 

Biting my plastic cup makes me feel sexy:

Monki is one fertile workplace:

"Hmm, moving to Stockholm might have had the best idea ever!":

"I'll just rest my face for a little":

The moment I speak Swedish and people are like "What the hell is she saying??!":

The usual. Rape from Göteborg:

"Oh, I didn't know that the picture is taken.":

Time for emotional speeches:

She delivered a poem she wrote for me (look at the beginning of this post).
Aaaaaaand I started crying. So fucking grateful!:

The moment you try to be as energetic as your friend, 
but you just need that extra drink before:

It's Friday! Friday!
Gotta get down on Friday!:

The beatmaster Chrystal Cunt and the rap queen Cebbe Cash (och hemliga Jonny):

Some snaps were received and sent out:

The moment you forget the lyrics,
however the crowd is still pleased:

Always got her back:

Time to say "Hej Då"!

The last ones standing:

Lucky that my ass fit into the frame:

When it's time to head to the club 
and you look like a queen:

Stay calm and techno!:

Blurry dance-floor with mah göörls!

Then it was time to leave. Ebba and I had a glamorous 4am McDonald's dinner/breakfast. I was a bit drunk as I ordered "One McDonald meal, please". FOOD I NEED DAMN IT! The next morning I woke up to a phone-call from my boyfriend, who came to pick my stuff up. Needless to say I had slept 4h and was probably still drunk (no beauty-sleep, just ugly-sleep) 
Here he is testing if my pulse is still beating:

The love shared that night gives me so much energy now. 
TACK och jag älskar er!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A lot of pictures with Wilma and people.

My neighbours have forgotten how I look like. Seriously I have been here and there, but not home.
When I am not at work...

...I chill with the prime minister of Estonia, Taavi Rõivas:

...I secretly wish to kiss the minister:

....I sit back and relax while my German friend is making pancakes:

...I annoy my friends with my camera self-timer:

...I tell my friends how horny I am:

...I am just cute with my friend:

...I tell my friend I am moving back to Estonia and he really does not want to hear about it:

...I meet up with Madame Cat and try to find a right selfie angle:

...I only wear black and so does my mina kära och nära:

...I take my previous boss, who is on a visit, to &Other Stories:

...I spend my Saturday night at Dramaten being all classy.

...Jag bara lever livet och njuter:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wochenendausflug nach Berlin.

From London to Stockholm. From Stockholm to Berlin. 
And little work in between.
Hello, my name is Wilma and my hobby is booking flights, that's my secret drug. I get especially high when I buy tickets to meet my secret crush. I mean, I think I have to break up with Fred and marry Berlin instead. At least I made a pact with myself: I am so going to move there in my life time. So bloody stupid considering that I'm in the middle of moving back to Estonia right now. 

Anyhow, this is my little weekend Berlin getaway.
 Rooftops, unicorns and lots of drinks (tea, I mean).

Bye-bye Sweden, a short tea-break in Copenhagen and Hello Berlin!
(Luckily no Samsung Galaxy 7 exploded on our way, 
despite the constant reminders the flight attendant gave us.):

After really long approach to Tegel airport, I ran to my friend's place.
Paula did not fail to deliver: she greeted me with popping the German Sovetskoye bottle as I walked in the apartment. Before even I got the chance to sit down, I already had a vodka shot in my hands. 
Felt like home!:

A Finn, two Germans and three Estonians are talking about kayaking...
...or was it sex?...hard to tell:

"I know what you did last night.":

Met another Kristel!
Her family name in Rumanian means 'Cocksucker' and I am the legendary Cunt, 
so we are match made in hell:

She had been sick for a week and it was the first day she felt better.

Hullumaja puhvet:

We tried out the whole Mendeleev periodic table,
the tongues were blue, pink and green afterwards:


The view,
the night in Berlin:

What to you do 4am? You colour of course.
(Paula's future is so bright, it burns her eyes):

Dutch ladies arrived and selfies were taken:

What to we do in the shadows?:

When the neighbours were sleeping, we walked on their ceilings:

I think I died and went to heaven:

Ignore gravity and have fun:

On Friday normal people had to work and I took a stroll around the city.
Ps. Every country has its Trump/Jõks:

The old meets the new:

Ich bin ein Berliner:

After walking around I realised that 4h sleep wasn't enough and returned to home.
Paula's apartment was to die for and it was nice to see IKEA free home for a change:

Liquid dinner:

The night is dark and full of photo-booths:

One does not simply walk away from Berlin without these pictures:

Cycling around the town in the cold autumn air = bliss.
The police didn't even ruin our night, although they warned me. Never ignore red light kids!:

Never dull and never plain:

It was so nice to meet him again (check the last Berlin post):

Some €€€ were spent and some happiness was gained:

Feeling all pretty and shit:

And then you casually walk around and suddenly the ruins of Second World War appear.

Pretzel I love, pumpkin seeds I love,
this was just ridiculous:

"Oooh, I love you so.
But why I love you, I never know.":

Relax to the max:

This girl is golden. The unicorn among horses with fake horns:

Auf Wiedersehen!
Next time I'll come with a bigger suitcase and oneway ticket:

Could watch this forever: